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No, I've not been off doing anything exotic, anything but, actually. Thursday involved just work and sleep. I didn't even watch any tv. Friday was spent running about trying to do stuff, but, frustrated with hidden passwords as yet unrevealed to me and hidden sub sub sub sub sub sub folders (why are IT sections always like some frelling D&D game - frelling nerds!) I just gave up in disgust and spent the last two hours of my day - hold onto your hats - writing SNAFU part 2.

Fully intended to go home and write more of same but it was housework, houesework, housework, sleep. No tv, I even set the tape for Farscape, I just couldn't stay awake another minute. If you want SNAFU #2, I'm thinking you'll have to send me a cheap illegal immigrant maid. Because lord knows nobody else is going to give me a hand.

I'd intended to do, well, things, on Saturday, but when I woke up (Thunderbirds and cocopops for breakfast, whee!) I could hear the insects and feel the trees sighing and I knew it was not a day for doing anything. Turned out I was living in the hottest spot on the planet (I checked) and as my sweatbox lil garret is 15C hotter than outside, well, my main activity was evacuating tapes to rooms where they were less likely to melt. Dunno about the dvds, should have worried more considering what the heat in my room does to lps - it melts them Dali style. The floor was too hot to walk on, the door handles too hot to hold, my tapes burned my hands when I picked them up, my remotes were too hot to handle and the couch felt like it had an electric blanket on it turned up to the max. Not good. The wind that roared up was like sticking your head directly over a campfire (which I've done to hang up the kettles etc). Lots of dumping of buckets on the poor garden and watering the birds, who were all very distressed (and blaming me, as usual).

Of course, we got off lightly compared to Canberra. I bet the overseas press never even mentions the fact that entire suburbs of the national captial got razed, insular arseholes that they are. I'm very sad about the loss of the observatory.

No writing but my friend in Melbourne will understand my sentiment of it being too hot to write. Really, the only thing to be done was to sit on the veranda in huge rattan chairs under swirling fans, swat mosquitoes and demand that the servant boy fetch more G&Ts, and be quick about it. Lacking servant boys, swirling fans and sufficient G&Ts, I opted to sweat into the fu-couch again and melt my least favoured vcr by catching up on a week's worth of tv before things got too insanely hot in the afternoon.

Watched Homicide, Andromeda (Tyr's still really working for me, only took me one and a bit seasons) and the X Files. It was the Brady Bunch episode and I adored it to bits. Too frelling funny. I just loved the way they made the Brady Bunch so creepy and the long suffering looks poor Doggett kept shooting his girls, and Greg's groovy pad! Oh joy! I'm gonna miss the X Files. I don't care what anyone else says. I love the Doggett and I'm going to miss him lots. Definitely a keeper, that episode. Brady Bunch - bwahaha!!!

Then it was watching The Great Escape downstairs (frell, I love that movie, one of my faves) then two episodes of Angel, couteresy of Fox8, then much bumming about until Andromeda, with an actual been there - that glass house thingy in Vancouver and starring the guy from Queen of Swords. The non-Highlander guy. Anthony Lemke. Kinda cute, in a sleazy, cheesey kinda way. And Tyr got all jealous, bless. The plot was very Once a Thief. Pretty much a search and replace character names job, but never mind, I enjoyed.

Sunday was ten degrees cooler so we headed off into the city to see the Chinese Dinosaurs, which was more of a creche than an exhibition. I was expecting some rugrats underfoot but not an entire daycare centre full. Fortunately it was free. Just one room of dinosaurs but impressive and scary nevertheless, and yes, I did see my reptilian little magpies reflected in those savage glass eyes. Especially when I walked outside with the chicken bits the other night and they all ambushed me. Eeep.

Did the indingenous art hall after that (still in with the flora and fauna as per the 60s, snerk) which was rather good and I realise belatedly the little boomerang my Dad had brought back for me when I was wee, while twee, had been reasonably authentic in its manufacture, complete with burnt wire patterns. Ooops, shoulda taken more care of it, though I had tried to preserve it between two books.

Alas, due to choosing to wear girlie shoes on a hot day my blisters prevented us walking to any favoured shops or resturants so I just hobbled on home. No more girlie shoes, cause I think the blisters burn just that little bit more than the insults. Oh, and I just don't get blisters, I get BLISTERS, huge weeping bleeding, gaping wounds where I can lose up to half the skin on my foot. I really hate girlie shoes.

Collapsed in front of Michael Biehn on the telly - Asteroid. Hello to the arse shots in those nice tight jeans. Happiness. Realised I'd missed a Man From UNCLE movie - damn and blast. Watched the end of Terminator 2 (evil Robert Patrick, and so young!), the end of Lara Croft (nekkid Daniel Craig) and then housework housework until Hornblower. It was the very, very, VERY slashy Archie and Horny in a Spanish prison together episode. Did I mention it was slashy? Hurt/comfort up the wazoo, bedside scenes a go go - what more could a girl want? Dark hints of Archie's abuse at the hands of Simpson, Horny's loyalty to his best friend, Horny dragging around a surprisngly well fed looking Archie in the rain. Ah, luverly stuff. Young sailors in love. And to think I wrote Hornblower slash. Really, as if it needed to be any more slashy than it was. Broke out my liquified birthday chocolates, licked out the box (it was all syrupy up the sides) and enjoyed.

Zapped across from Horny to Farscape: Green Eyed Monster. Yes, the one that Ben wrote. Talyn goes all bunny boiler on them, seeing Crichton as his rival for Aeryn, not to mention Crais also vying for a spot between the lovely thighs of Ms Sun. Aeryn wisely picks the blue eyed boy. I mean, who could resist that Southern charm? Makes me as melty as my chocolates (well, my former chocolates, now sticky goo in a box).

Then it was back to early 19thC Spain for Queen of Swords, sans Petey but still with other cute guys and much swash and buckle. What can I say, I like it, and I somehow always manage to stay up for it.

Monday. The network has gone kaput and I've got all this work to do. I'm the only one in so I should be writing more SNAFU but the system is so unstable - I've lost count of how many times my PC has crashed - that I dare not risk it (lost a few fics to PC crashes previously) so it's blog instead and reading the papers. Of course tomorrow I'll get blown up for having all this work on my desk, but what's a girl do to? Ain't nothin' workin', not even Word. Shall have to post this tomorrow. Adieu.

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