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John Inman is dead. It makes me a little sad because for better or worse and whatever it says about my parent's tv habits, I did grow up watching Are You Being Served and thus he was part of the tv furniture.

I also did actually meet him once. It was on my first trip to the UK and I was so excited but I said the only British actor I was ever likely to bump into, knowing my luck, was John Inman, and sure enough the only British actor I bumped into was, indeed, John Inman.

It's a long standing joke and he remains the only actor I've ever bumped into in the UK.

Ah well.

But speaking of Brits on telly, caught the David Tennant episode of Who Do You Think You Are? on UKTV last night.

To be honest, I would have liked to have seen more of Scotland, though the Derry connections were obviously the more dramatic, and I would have also loved to have seen his Mum bag him out some more, because that just cracks me up every time (in a blood sports kinda way). But David was just lovely, absolutely lovely and funny and poignant and at least I know now exactly what scarf he's wearing here. It's Derry City and his grandfather used to play for them.

But I'll tell you why I love British actors, aside from the ability to act and the inability to keep their trousers on. It's because they do stuff like this. American actors are so focus grouped and pre-packaged and vacuum sealed they're just product, really. But British actors are people, real people, and they'll do stuff like this and it's just so natural and unaffected and nice.

I can't imgine American tv actors having us round for tea and bickies in their Mum's kitchen or Auntie Jean's front room. I just can't. It's all so sweet and terribly intimate (and I hope that was a rental because they didn't even fuzz out the plate, and you know what Who fans are like).

Anyways, it turns out wee Davey is a Macleod (on his mother's side), from the Highlands, no less, but his family ended up in Glasgow on account of the clearances. Then the story switched to Derry and his famly on both sides of the TRoubles and David angsting over it all, the dear little "liberal Guardian reading" poppet. I swear, if I didn't love him absolutely to bitty bits before, I would now. I just want to hug him and pet him and call him George...

Ahem. Just trust me, David was adorable and it was insightful, educational, entertaining and deeply moving.

And if TPTB must only make cheap reality shows in Britain these days, can we have one where David is just bagged out by his mum every week?

Also talked about the Robert Lindsay episode again, and how odd it was to watch something on Gallipoli without the usual sacrements, but I was also reminded of a line by the great John Clarke in The Games (which you all must see) where, being belittled about the military disaster and landing on the wrong beach, he merely replies "I know, that's why I don't have any great-uncles."

'Nuff said.

Oh, the hula hoops photos just popped into my inbox. There's one where we're all posing with our hoops and it looks like some women's gymnastic group from the 1920s. Seriously. I'm hooting with laughter here. And no, you are so not seeing them.

I am pleased to report that I am not seized up, though perhaps I wasn't wiggling enough yesterday (I was shocked at how ossified I was when I started off yesterday) but I am wall to wall bruises like a leopard has spots.

What else? Also watched a bit of Not-Angel last night. Well, that's what I call it as I can never remember the name of DB's character in Bones, but if I'm watching something that formulaic is usually means I'm travelling in cruise control mode anyway. I missed half of it, but fortunately I'd seen it elsewhere (thank you).

Not much else to say. I was hoping for a quiet day, as the muse was ready to go, but alas, no, it's a full on no time for a cuppa kinda day. Pout.
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