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It's international women's day, and my friend and I have synched up, hear us roar. It's always worse when we're synched up because the snappiness just escalates to towering levels of inferno. Heaven help any hapless fool who walks into the dungeon with stupid questions today (or how to get your bollocks ripped off and rammed down your ears in one easy lesson).

Ah, just what I needed the day my tickets arrived. Apparently the pictures are particularly up close and gruesome this time 'round because it was chokkers with Aussie journos. The poor bastards.

Meanwhile, precious little Peter Petrelli to keep a girl sated last night. I'm not sure, but are Seven cutting it so it's the All Nikki All The Time show, or is it just me bored with my least fave character and hanging out for what seems like mere glimpses of far more favourite characters.

Oh yeah, the silly superpowered telenovella has me well and truly hooked now.

That's about all I watched, though I did fall asleep and woke up to find McQueen on tv. Took me a few groggy moments to realise it was just 24 (on, as always, way past my bedtime, or what should be my bedtime).

Weirdly, my door had blown open which kinda spooked me, but whatever. The other night I woke up to find my shoes all over the floor.

Meanwhile my attempts to re-read Emma faltered again as I was too tired on the bus and there and back again and my mind kept drifting out through the window and away. Robin has gone totally Dawson on me now and I really need to wrap up that part of the story (though it is important for means, motive and opportunity later on) and get onto the hopefully more fun business of those two preening A Types, Robin and Guy, having at each other (and thank you, sleeper_frost for that image of mutual mirror licking and the whole samurai 'you're the only one worthy to challenge me and I admire your mad martial skillz so much I've written your name in texta on my arm' thang). Hit me baby one more time, indeed.

At least I'm supposed to be writing mad and bad Robin, but sadly only completely clueless Robin ever shows up. He's particularly insensible to the clue bus sailing past with streamers flying during the whole Potters Barn incident (or a lamearse version thereof).

But never mind that. I really should be writing LOM fic, especially now as it seems my only outlet for the Sam & Gene sparkage. Well, not quite, but not as much on tv as I'd hoped. I'm actually in deep, deep LOM withdrawal this week, so I do still love it, I was just hoping for more of the same, but better.

I suppose this will be the test of how true my fandom is: do you take this show, in sickness and in health, for better or worse...etc, etc. (Or do we file for a quickie divorce?).

Speaking of Robin Hood fic, as I was before I was sidetracked yet again, I was rather taken aback to see someone stamping their foot about a lack of historical accuracy in Robin Hood fics.

Now normally I'd be going 'Hear! Hear!', but not this time. If one were writing fic based on a show that goes to some lengths at historcal accuracy, then certainly, you owe it to the show to try and keep to the same standards, though I must say I reel from fics that are written solely to showcase the author's extensive knowledge of historical minutae. What would one call that, glass-case fic? Like street directory fic, cookbook fic or how-to fic, it's more a work of non fiction than fiction, you know, the 500 pages of mind numbing, foot-noted detail that you will be examined on.

But to demand it of Robin Hood fic? Consider the source material (but not too hard or you'll lose brain cells). That's like always expecting proper hard science or complex characterisation in a Torchwood fic, especially when the source material sets the bar so very low (was Torchwood actually written by children whose sole prior experience was bad Harry Potter fic, or just the usual room full of chimps on a particularly off day?).

I'm all for a bit of research (it's fun) and a bit of historical accuracy (however subjective that might be), but I think that horse has well and truly bolted over the hills and far away re RH. TPTB can't even bother to google the simplest and plainest of facts (dates and places), so why should the fans (see, it sets such a bad example)?

Why bother when the sheriff flops about in thongs and Marian dresses like That Girl? Never mind the carrots and the mongolian bow and, well, everything (that uncommonly funny Dead Ringers sketch got it exactly right).

It's just not that sort of show, so why on earth get publicly pissy over the fan fic? Seems a bit unreasonable to me. Better to shrug and sigh and just read something else.

I mean, they were jumping up and down about the clothing, especially. I just have to roll my eyes here. For one thing, I'm not sure the natural vegetable dyes available in the 12thC quite ran to the fluro green top Robin sports in several episodes (close, if it was silk, but not quite that neon, at least on my tv), but I could be mistaken. But still, have you seen what the sheriff swans about in? And that doesn't look like authentic LOTR certified chainmail on the guards either. But that's just me (and also, had I not thrown out all my Hood notes last year, I coulda so jumped in with an actual reference which would wholly dispute one of the points of the argument, so there).

As I said, if it was any other show, fair comment, but Robin Hood? Grin and bear it, I think is the only solution. Its not quite fair, I feel, though 'tis noble, to expect far higher standards from the fic writers than the show. Well, it would have been a noble ideal had it not been expressed quite so tartly - which is why I thought it an unfair criticism.

To be honest, I think TPTB over at Robin Hood think Historical Accuracy used to be the name of a punk band.

I'm 'avin' 'oops. Or rather 'oops are 'avin' me. The local women's group organised a lunchtime hoola hoop session for International Women's Day and we signed up for a lark. I've never hooped in my life before and I was hopeless. Beyond hopeless. A laws of physics defying gravity sink when it came to hula hoops. But I was starting to get there at the end, while everyone else was into the tossing and twirling fancy stuff. Ah well. Much bruising, but I had fun. We did it in the park and collected quite a crowd, including Japenese tourists with cameras (humilation cubed, I should think) but it was such a lovely day and besides, I was too busy concentrating on not killing myself, my mates or any innocent bystander.

This is what we looked like staggering back from the park. Well, what it felt we looked like. Who knew hula hoops could be so brutal and result in so many walking wounded. But it was fun.

Btw: David Tennant on UKTV tonight 20:30.
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