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Mimsey is not only back, but she posted a link to my beloved Brian (and some other bloke) here. Amusingly enough, it's not a Robin Hood free zone (there is no escaping the meta).

I wish somebody would cast Brian in something. Shame on LOM, 'cause The Brian was in Z Cars and The Sweeney (and Doctor Who and Randall & Hopkirk and The Avengers and Blackadder...). Do they have no sense of tv history (given the quality of the season thus far, I'm thinking no).

And just when I thought this week was going to be easier than last week...

Tea. Chocolate. Wet Fish. Well, lacking fish for slapping with, I'm limited to harsh language, but, oh boy, I'm having a day. How dare they expect me to prostrate myself on his lordship's carpet for the unspeakable crime going home after a mere 9.5 hour day (I only get paid for 7) when I had stuff to do, including feeding the AP, and I didn't get home until after 7pm anyway, and I worked over 40 hours of unpaid overtime last month and they never said one peep about any impending shitstorm from on high. Screw them (but I suspect that red X I was imagining painted on the back of my chair is no longer quite so imaginary). Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. Tugs forelock and doffs cap.

It wouldn't be quite so bad if I wasn't in the red zone re t'pms (as I heard it called on a train to Yorkshire one night - t'wife had t'pms, apparently) and have had only two hours sleep (on account of having to stay up late to post the damned and blasted BNW, and okay, yes, and drooling over Richard Armitage in his allotted thirty seconds in Cold Feet, but still).

Didn't watch anything much last night, though I tried to watch Ultimate Force and put together the BNW, but without much success with either, I'm afraid. Richard Armitage should show up next week though, as we say bye bye to Jamie Bamber.

Btw, did I mention Gunpowder is on (ABC) this weekend? Squee and phwoar.

I also worked through Time Team, but was bemused to see the found a needle that had been lost for a few millenia. I can always imagine the poor person saying: "Damn, I knew I'd put it somewhere". I swear that's what's gonna happen to all the crap I lose. Especially all the paperwork that wafts through the 1.5mm gap betwixt floorboard and skirting board in my very badly made house, into the Gap Of No Return.

Okay, now I know I'm losing it, but at least not by myself as we were all just singing "Happy Talk". Out loud. Yep, it's full on MASH style insanity au go go here today.

Oh, just managed to awe somebody with my ability to find obscure docs that never pop up in the el cheapo search engine. Yeah, well. Just call me Oswald.

In fact, go watch Shooting The Past. Then you'll know exactly what life is like right now.

Oh, and I think it was the Special Branch episode "Red Herring" that Life on Mars 2.3 was reminding me of, though a friend pointed out the Die Hard similiarities. Oh boy.
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