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much binding in the marsh

No, nothing to do with woodland deviancy (per se) but apparently an old radio series, discussed at length recently in the Herald. Apparently set in a RAF base where silliness abounded, it sounds like a precursor to MASH.

It also sounds like the sort of lunacy I endure here. Though today I was given the stationery catalogue to go through and draw up an order. I think it was meant to be a punishment, but they weren't aware of my stationery porn fetish - until now. Weird stuff in there, too. I had no idea one could order one of those green shaded desk lamps so beloved of American law shows. "You could stay back late at night and eat takeaway from those American paper containers, but never just one, it has to be at least three, and feel you've arrived," said a colleague, thoroughly versed in the conventions of the tv law show.

Yes, we'd all like to sit at a big desk in a pencil skirt with American-style Chinese takeaway and feel we've finally arrived. Suave.

Failing that, I amused myself on the bus this morning with thoughts of further forest frolics (though why reading poor Jane Austen should inspire this I shall never know - was it something Mr Knightley said?). The Clannad nearly got loose though, but I've managed to chain it back up in the dungeon. If it gets out again I shall have to give it to the sheriff as a plaything.

I've also been searching around to try and convey that I liked episode three of Life on Mars, but...but then I read the "..and I would have got away with it if not for you pesky kids" line on TRA and that just about finished the episode for me. Sadly, all the subtle shades and tones seem to be missing this season. It all seems just a bit clunky and heavy handed, like the line about Irish not bombing pubs. Gee, I wonder what on earth they could be referring to? [/sarcasm]

I mean, I know the whole football violence episode could be described as subtle as a sledgehammer, but it was made personal by Sam's experiences. That's the problem, I think. Everything last season related in a deeply personal way to Sam somehow, where as this season, not so much. Also, last season was litle local crimes, this season, it's big fancy stuff and Big Issues that tend to swamp the show with The Message. It never used to be so preachy, it used to be more take it and leave it, you know?

Last season we got the Hillsborough speech and Sam pressing his hand against the cold chimney stack. This year we get goats and Irish jokes. I don't think I'm wrong when I say it's not as subtle and sophisticated as it used to be.

I mean, I get the whole point about marginalised minorities resorting to bomb making, the way I got it when watching Gunpowder last weekend (see, I was paying attention to the plot as well as ogling nekkid Sam, and it's on ABC this Sat - nekkid McKidd) and I didn't quite need the teleprompts.

I also get that there was a point to be made about Gene going about it the wrong way by extracting confessions under torture (ala Birmingham and Guildford) but that seemed to darken Gene's character too much. He was desperate and on a deadline, and they do the same sort of thing in Spooks and 24, though I note there's been a lot of comment in the US press re tv torture and 24 so I think the envelope might have been pushed to far, certainly as far as the media commentators were concerned, but it just seemed to paint Gene as the reactionary brute we know he isn't (deep down, at least. Deep, deep, deeper down he's still a bit unreconstructed). In fact, whatever happened to Gene's many layers?

And prissy Sam, always right, even when he's wrong. Even if he was sure there was no bomb, pratting about like that was extraordinarily unprofessional and, and I can't believe I'm saying it, very unlike by-the-book Sam (Sam is behaving more and more like my out0of-control fic Sam, except for the whole sex with Gene under and over the desk thing, but not at all like the prim Sam I was told was the correct and proper reading thereof in S1, and I don't know why). Perhaps it's still all a joke to him, but in that case his callous disregard does him no favours.

And whatever happened to desperate to get home at any cost Sam? And why are the phone calls now propping up a Harsh Relam/Matrix scenario? I'm all for expanding ideas but it's like they've swung a hard right and gone up a cross roads.

Speaking of which, last night's Supernatural (a tale in three parts because I kept getting interrupted and the fact that I managed to get right back into it each time I think proves that when the show does what it does best, it works).

Either that or I'm just a shameless Dean and Sam whore now and those boys have finally hooked me. Damn, I think that might be it. I even grinned at the obligatory Wincest at the top of the episode. Things I really enjoyed about this episode where the clever use (and tying in a bow) the old cross-roads legend (explained to me fortunately while watching O Brother with varina8, so that was at least one piece of American folklore I didn't have to google) and our old favourite: devil dogs. Somehow, the episodes where they mess about with old myths rather than trying to rip off last month's horror flick work much better, imho. Throw in some serious Dean angst, and I'm one happy camper.

Poor, poor Dean and his survivor's guilt and daddy issues.

Which brings me back to Sam Tyler again. Just been reading the rest of the thread on TRA (alas by the time I get there they're all onto the next one and reply prissily too that they're done with that topic) but there were good points made about the red/yellow theme throughout the episode, which again I thought was a bit obvious, and the further ticks in the box for the old purgatory/already dead theories. There was also some discussion re the St Christopher medal, but since I'd already posted stuff on that and was ignored, I can't be arsed jumping back in. Interesting about the purgatory/walking dead stuff though, if one adds in the dead guy showing up in CID from the previous episode. Plus S1 was all about Annie's apparent murder (if only, eh?).

Anyways, one of the reasons why my Supernatural viewing was broken into sections was that I was phoning rellies, shamelessly schmoozing for sofa space. Heh. Yes, I bought a new suitcase on Saturday. I said I never would. I said I'd never go anywhere ever again, and especially not near people. But I always talk a lot of crap. Besides, my hard sacrficed savings, I get to blow them on me me me, just this once (okay, twice).

It's a big pink bag, too. The sort of bag Barbie would be embarrassed to be seen in public with, but I only had a choice (in my third would souk) of doll pink or spaceship silver, so pink it be.

I also indulged in a few travel books. Usually I rely on the net and whatever brochures I pick up along the way plus seredipitous tips, which has served me well enough, but as the first half of my holiday is all mine and nobody elses I'm gonna treat myself to a good wallow.

Of course, it'll all go horribly wrong (and is starting to), but what else is new?

Oh, and apologies for the late running (again) BNW. What can I say? Unpaid overtime, pc melting temps and two pc frying thunderstorms. Last night, at risk of much reproachment, I even left early to get it done but I saw the dark clouds forming during the long trip home and the moment I stepped off the bus last night it was CRACK! SPLOOSH! (which is the sound of a mighty air rending crack of thunder and then a cloudburst which dumped about two or three olympic sized swimming pools on me before I could get to my front gate. Then I had to put the rubbish out).

By the time the storm had finished it's sturm und drang there was no real time left before Supernatural (and I was too knackered once I'd finally watched it). But I did squeeze in another episode of Rome. Yay! How much do I love my soldier boys. At least Rome hasn't let me down. Vorenus is still a brooding bastard (and not so much with the people skills) and Pullo, well, how a man can be so brutal one minute yet so gentle the next, well, it fair makes me weak at the knees, so it does. That's the sort of man you want on your side. I just couldn't tell you how much I love Pullo, how adorable he was by the fireside, how steadfastly loyal he was tracking down Vorenus, how practical by not leaving a good knife behind stuck in a slave owner. Pullo rocks. He just rocks. I love him lots. I think he's my fave tv character. I know he is. He's just...perfect for all his flaws.
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