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So, last night it rained. This is because I went to the art gallery It always, and only ever, rains when I go to the art gallery. I should do my bit for the drought and walk there more often, but alas, I rarely get the chance.

This time I was going to see the Tezuka exhibition, which consisted of a lot of reprints but also contained several panels of original work with liquid paper and glued over dialogue and all. Some stuff I was very familiar with, like Astro Boy and Kimba, from the old dubbed animes, but later stuff less so as America came to rule the airwaves. One series that I just adored as a very small child but had completely forgotten about was Princess Knight. I loved that as a wee chubby bairn, I remember tiny flashes of it, but I'd entirely forgotten about it, so it was a surprise to see it again and have it shaken loose from buried memory.

What was really, really cute was his Crime and Punishment, especially the scene where Raskolnikov throws himself on the bed in deep distress post murder (tanty central), but he's all anime cute and it just so funny. The scene where he broods also bemused, if only because I know I'll never be able to watch the Simm version now. Heh.

What I want to know is why I had to sit through all the anime crap those creepy comic book boys foisted on me, but they never gave me the cool stuff. Especially Mu, where the pretty psycopath seduces the priest, who then tries to kill him by stabbing him. So my cup of tea. Must try and track down.

In fact, despite all the other folks wandering about muttering about all the sex, death, revenge, complicated and dysfunctional love, the lonely loathing of the outsider, the alienation and the ultra, ultra violence, I was loving it. I really should have kept on with his work because as I grew older he grew darker, and that would have worked for me. But I might try and track it down, though t'internet as so far let me down entirely (which explains why I wasn't aware of the later works - they're just not accessible here).

Anyway, deeply inspiring, espcially all the nasty sex/death/revenge stuff. Oh, hello, Sir Guy. I've been trying to go Kurosawa, but I might go Tezuka as well. Hee. Oh, to be able to bury myself in my notebook and just scribble down ideas. And yes, I think this is the right approach to Guy, as he is ronin afterall.

Not that Guy gets much of a look in, but that might change...(though Much is so the cutsey hard-done-by manga sidekick).

That's what I need: Hood manga. Only no unicorns, 'kay?

So, I raced home in time for Heroes, because I thought it'd round of the evening nicely, though the Tezuka influences were non existant to my unsophisticated eye (unlike Buffy, where the panels from Vampire seem to have served as a frame for frame storyboard for certain episodes). But nevertheless, Heroes does worship the manga, and thereby Tezuka and I suppose the big kaboom painting on Isaac's floor would be an obvious homage, now that I think upon it, and I'm sure I saw a panel just like at the AGNSW. Okay, so there is Tezuka in there. The cutsey cheerleader. The outsiders. The rather graphic violence on occassion. Okay, totally Tezuka. I'll go smack myself now for saying different.

So, a night of sex, revenge, superpowers and ultraviolence. Does it get any better?

How about some giant spiders?

Last night I re-enacted a secene from Dr No. I mean, I knew, I just, even in the dark, that the enormous spider that lived in my akubra had gone walkabout. My spider-sense was tingling, you might say. Alas, the house rules say no hanging above my bed or doorway and no nocturnal strolls across my person. So it was rubber thong time. Poor spider, but he was just too big and creepy for me to live comfortably with.

Still, they got their own back because I walked into a web this morning so there was me squealing in the middle of the pitch dark street trying to shake off the spider which was scampering all over my head and shoulders. Eeep.

Bit miserable over the whole doomed to be retrenched thing. it's a dead cert now and I'll not get another job because no-one hires retrenched govt employees of a certain age. Not that it'll mean much to you, except no magazine scans, but, personally, I'd grown rather used eating and a roof over my head. Okay, perhaps too used to eating. Oh well, lots of time for my fic, I suppose.

I still feel so upset though, all my hard work, punished for the mistakes of others. Always punished for the misdeeds of others but if I ever do anything good other people always take the credit. It is so unfair. Much more of this and I'll be conjuring my own demon of despair, like in that Tezuka manga.

Sigh. At least going with the mumsy twin set was the right choice for today, performing menial tasks for the mandarins as I was (short notice, fourth choice).

So much for Sam/Gene or Guy/Robin. Much has the stage and he's not giving it up until he's told his story. His life story. Mind you, I've not got amny ideas for Robin/Guy that couldn't be summed up into something rather too like that Blackadder II montage and that's not really it, is it. Any ideas, fic, manga, film etc that I could use to kick start my imagination? Otherwise it's The Story of Much, and I am so not kidding.

Oh dear, whenever I have sugarplum dreams of going home early and actuallt committing fic to notebook, nuh uh. Not gonna happen. And who thinks sending big projects at 3.50 pm is okay? Grumble.

Oh well, at least a quick application of Nestles Club chocolate got me over the worst of the pms blues, because I was feeling so unappreciated I was ready to walk under a bus at lunch time. Fortunately this is Sydney and public transport is scarce on the ground.

Oh, and you know you're working with folks all of a certain age when they all know who Precious Pupp was. And why doesn't Wiki have an entry on cartoon dogs? Now there's a niche: Precious Pupp, Muttley, Dynomutt, Astro, Scooby Doo, Scooby Dum, Scrappy Doo, Hong Kong Phooey, Huckleberry Hound, Deputy Dawg, Goober...

Yes, I've wasted my life :)
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