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Headline of the day: CAPT JACK'S HUGE PENIS

There are no words...

Meanwhile, a good friend is one who slips you a bit of Titus after a terrible day.

Which is why I just feel awful about forgetting to bring in the City Central disks, especially as I'd spent most of Supernatural looking them out last night. No great loss as the plot was mainly ripped from some recent slasher flick (that I think was written by Aussies, unless I'm confusing it with Saw) and they had a blonde (of course) XX third wheel along so there was precious little in the way of Wincest moments to be had, which is a pity because I've started looking for them, just so I can be morally outraged and tsk a lot.

Good grief, I'm turning into one of those sternly disapproving wankers folk that infest TRA. I'll have to start sending myself nasty emails, the sort that start along the lines of "Now I don't believe that Sam or Gene have seen each other's underpants...etc", which they have, canonically, anyways (and more), and even the British broadsheets have clocked the slash, so it's not an entirely invalid reading of the text (so there, ya boo sucks, etc).

But I digress. And how on earth am I going to sit through Ultimate Force tonight without thinking upon, heh, certain aquatic scenes (no, no, not that acquatic scene, though he did manage to get the aspidistras, which is better than the local male pop might manage). Never mind, it was a much needed treat.

Yesterday was extraordinarily shitty, and if I wasn't trying to cope with enough on my plate: no sleep, too much work, getting the exterminators in and, worst of all, dealing with "Crispin". Yes, another Vicar of Dibley moment, oh dear. And I digress again, sorry.

You see, as if my woes weren't enough, and as if my manager wasn't impossible enough to start with, she's seen the Devil Wears Prada and gone "Yay! Role model!" so now she's decided to treat me like shit and openly punish and mock me for everything from my hair to my shoes to my work and has decided I am a worthless employee if I can't do exactly what she thinks she wants without being told or even given a broad hint.

And I wish I could, but I've got Asperger's, so that just ain't gonna happen. I ain't wired that way. That's why I got pushed into IT, because it was thought I'd be better off dealing with 1s and 0s than people. I never know what is required of me or what I've done wrong without a memo, so you can see how misery inducing this situation is, and how it is only going to get worse. And she's really, really mean with it. It's going to be tear stained pillows until she gets another shiny new obssession. Sigh.

But never mind, old big ears himself has just been cast in a fillum of one of my favourite books, ever (from childhood, this its luster can never been extinguished). I'd heard about the film and groaned, but it looks a tad more promising now and no Will Smith or Ben Stiller in sight (thus far). But I'm still pretty certain they will eff the book up beyond my wildest expectations (casting Yanks? Purlease and groan) but these things happen (I'm still gnawing on furniture and muttering over Hellblazer). Nothing worse than a Hollywood agent stumbling across one's favourite childhood opus in a remainder bin. Sometimes I wish fatwas weren't just for religious militants.

It's funny that it popped into inbox, though, as I'd been trying so hard to avoid dropping a mention of it in either the LOM or RH fics, though it would slot nicely into both (and it's really hard, as these books really were childhood favourites and thus hugely influential, even when I forget or don't mean to). A sign?

Meanwhile, I forgot to mention that while watching Time Team and roasting vegies simultaneously, I was intrigued to learn that carrots were only introduced as far as Spain in the 13thC, therefore there is no way Much should be mucking around with carrots (and tatties and tomatoes) in Sherwood Forest, but I'm repeating to myself it's just a woefully written show and I really should just go and read a book or something, etc, etc. I'm just waiting for one of the guards to roll his own, Columbus be damned.

Perhaps Djaq carried the carrots and other non euro-vegies along with her superior cookbook and eff knows whatever else, shoved in her pockets, as her MarySueness knows no bounds. I hate Djaq, btw, mainly because she robbed Much of any role he might have had, save that of clown, which is neither fair nor useful (he did survive the crusades and back again, after all).

Grumble, but enough of pushing that barrow as you're all no doubt tired of it now. I can't help it, every time I see Robin be mean, I keep thinking of that episode of The Tick. What can I say? Human rights for mistreated sidekicks, now, please.

Sadly this morning I missed the Big Boat sliding into the harbour (I was already at my desk), but I did see the small flotilla of bumboats head off to meet it across the liquid violet waters of the pre-dawn. Might see if I can run away for a quick squizz apres work (scanning be damned).
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