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Quote of the day: "If Gene Hunt is ever transported forward in time, he will fit comfortably and without comment into the Top Gear team." - The Guardian.

Oh dear, silly day (boss away, mice at play). Discussion has ranged from Mr Simm and Vincent to boys with floppy fringes (with Milo as poster boy) and a myriad of other inanities.

Re the Vincent thing, yes, I'll watched but while my friend is mad for it, I'm afraid just looking at the postcards in the gallery (that's all we ever get, postcards), had me making the brussel sprouts face again. I've been making it for nigh on twenty years and it'd be disingenous to try to pretend any different now. The only VG I've ever coveted was the sunflowers done as a shaggy 70s style throw rug, and that was just for the amusing debasement of the form.

However, watching JS play yet another mad bugger should be a treat. Why, asked my friend, is he always playing mad buggers? Who can say, but he does it so well.

Re floppy fringes, it started off as a snidely snipe against the preening young chaps on the upper floor who think they're so the thing when they're still doing the Tin Tin cowlick (so gay they even made an episode of Coupling about it) without realising that it's the floppy fringe that's now the fashion (a show and tell with pictures followed said discussion):

Then somehow we went from will it rain to whose frogs are the noisiest (mine, been banging for four days straight, day and night, and the fish pond is full of sago pudding) to evening bird song and how jungle-ly it sounds. Just last week I was wallowing in Attack of the Alligators and noticed that they'd decided that rainbow lorikeets actually live in thr Amazon (a clue: no) and, further to my bemusement, they were all making the stranger danger call, no doubt taking umbridge at whatever sound recordist had stood under their tree. They make good guard dogs, them birdies. But they always use our raucous feathered beasts in soundtracks. I remember hearing a kookaburra peeling from the soundtrack of an old Tarzan film, once.

Hey, just phone me one evening and I'll stick the phone out the door, then you'll believe me.

Meanwhile, and here there be spoilers, I watched Heroes #11 last night. More wrong touching from Nathan (and, I dare say, some wrong touching from Pete, cause I got spoiled re that plot point). Loved the feedback loop - too funny. But I gotta say, that end bit, well, for a minute or two I was actually worried until I remember all those scans I done (my friends are careful, but I spoil myself).

Elsewhere, I've been having a roaring discussion of the dearth of either quaility or quantity of WWII film/tv slash. We wondered why. Too soon? Too much RPS? Respect to the Greatest Generation, a lack of source material or a lack of interest?

Certainly I can't see a lack of source material: Enigma, Enemy at the Gates, Band of Brothers, Memphis Belle, Great Escape, Dirty Dozen, Guns of Navarone, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Das Boot, etc. Enigma and Enemy at The Gates are particularly slashtastic.

Then again, there's not much WWI around either, not even for one of the greatest romantic films of all time, imho: Gallipoli. Oh my, how my little head turned when I saw that - at school, no less. Poor Frank's wrenching scream as his beloved Archie goes over the top. Weep.

Okay, so there's probably something some find distasteful about playing with war films and heroic sacrifice, despite the oodles of intense male bonding on screen. I do wonder why though, though perhaps it won't be long, since everyone has now stopped sniggering at cowboy films and war films, well, there's a lot of manly men being manly men together.

But there isn't a lot of military slash out there, which I find surprising. Warriors is a good one for Bosnia. Another non WWII war film which is very slashy, imho, is the Heath version of Four Feathers, in fact a lot of British Empire films/tv I find very slashable, just because there's usually a lot of fey young lords scampering about together in dusty climes.

But that's just me. Anyone else got any favourites?

It also depends on the war on film, I think. Not a lot of love for Korea or Vietnam, but WWII abounds with treasured cinematic bonding moments, where the later films do not. Though to my mind the 80s and early to mid 90s were wholly lacking in slashiness, on film and tv. Notable exceptions, yes, but nothing like the smorgasbord that was the 70s (and 50s and 60s). I wonder why. AIDS? Conservative gorvernments? Gay rights making folks raise eyebrows at men being manly men together? Again, it sort of follows on from the 'more innocent age' stuff re WWI and all those love poems between friends.

At least, I never saw any of those 'Nam films as sexy or slashy, they were usually either a little too soap boxy or gung ho for that. But it could be my age, though I had little problem with the whiffs of ze slash in Three Kings or Jarhead. But that could be an 'out the other side' knowing nodding wink kinda thing on the part of TPTB. You know, the way tv shows pander these days.

Ah, the great ages of tv slash:
50s-60s: sly winks at those who care to know but sailing over the heads of the masses
60s-70s: Campy macho ultra male bonding as a response to feminism and the like = The Golden Age
80s-90s: No sex please, because sex = death. Greater awareness brings back a strict Hays code re buddy interactions.
90s-00s: Explosion of net slash results in greater community awareness and I'd never call it tolerance or acceptance but an increased put up with-it-ness by dint of volume that results in knowing winks, shameless pandering and, in the UK, actual on screen snogging.

Okay, I'm rambling (and rehashing like the hack I am), but you get the idea.

Okay, all I really want is some Enigma slash to read. Now please.

And can I not read any article, anywhere, that doesn't manage to squeeze in a mention of Billie Piper? Boggle.

Gah! One of those preening pretty boys from 'oop stairs just dropped off a disk because he just knew I'd be working back late.

Look of death. LOOK OF DEATH!

See me zzott!! him with my glare of malcontent.

Taken for granted much?
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Milo Ventimiglia in Flaunt
Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) / Flaunt
Robin Hood
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Baa Baa Black Sheep (TV series)
Foyle's War
Enigma (2001 film)
Enemy at the Gates
Frank Hurley

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