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First of all, the fic's gone all Dawson on me, which can never be a good thing.

Second, bemused at the Top Gear fanwank a friend sent me. Not, as you might think, on issues of safety or safe driving or anything reasonable, but upon an episode where (I gather) the Southern Fried States of America where given the TG treatment. Heh.

To all the complainents I can only say again, have you ever actually watched the show, which was our standard response to the furore the other week over Jezza and Capt. Slow mercilessly picking on Hamster re The Crash. I mean, really. SOP for Top Gear, I should have thought. Ditto all the ethnic and cultural slurs. I would have had to have had one of those clicky counter things to count all the snarkiness in last Mon's episode which was a repeat of the one we saw on BBC on my birthday (I was taking down the Xmas tree so it was afixed in my mind) where they raced truffles from Italy to London. It's that kinda show, 90% of the wicked hilarity is the complete lack of anything approaching PC at a distance and if you really don't get it, then perhaps it isn't the show for you. I'm just sayin'.

Much like Gene provides guilty pleasure by saying and doing things we just can't in real life (because there are some folks just asking to have their head repeatedly slammed inside the top drawer of a filing cabinet, I can tell you).

But I do wonder what these folks would have made of Jezza's infamous Sir Douglas Bader comment a few years back. Snerk.

Oh, look what they've done to my page, ma. Sorry, but sometimes it's just too distressing. I start out with something sleek, streamlined and well ordered and by the time that bunch of amateur hacks have done with it it looks like the worst sort of MySpace page. Sigh. Small wonder I don't have a portfolio. But I digress.

Hello. Back again. Completely knackered and only one brain cell remains, but what I have left of me is yours.

Anyways, watched some stuff last night because I left early, or rather, only left two hours late. It's funny how I'm subconsciously keeping up with Buffy episodes in my head because I walked in just in time to see where the scene in my fic had devolved from. Ah yes. There it is. (And I'm sorrry, I don't mean to be absorbo-plagerist girl but when I'm tired ideas pop into my head sans citation).

Drooled over Angel (it was the prom one). Want to watch Bones tonight. Can't stand the naff plots, but the things I will endure for a bit of televisual totty, well, it just doesn't bear thinking about.

Watched Heroes #10 last night. I think it has actually hooked me. Yep, it has. Lure me in with the pretty emo boy and then keep me there with a clues and symbols plot. Wicked.

Speaking of emo suck boy, my, those Petrelli boys sure are...close. At least it looked like they were literally stuck together with some sort of silly glue they way they seemed to be unable to move without some physical contact, like that Telstra ad. Perhaps that's the way Peter's 'powers' operate, but still.

Bummer on playing the Sylar card too soon, though (everything you wanted to know about Sylar but were afraid to ask). I reckon that had a few more episodes of tease left in it but I suppose Lost has made them skittish re the patience of the average viewer re plot prick teasing.

I do like the way the characters keep changing shades though, or rather, relieved to see it handled a little more effectively than the old "I ate my evil cornflakes this morning" (and funny how folks knew I was talking about Smallville when I said that, re Lex and Lionel playing catch for several seasons).

Also watched House. I'd read some vague comments (avoiding spoilers) about the unwelcome new tone of the latest series, and boy, you weren't kidding, were you. There's something just not right with it. It feels off kilter (in fact so off kilter I keep wondering when House is going to wake up). Weird.

Oh, and I've realised that only one of the folks I hooked on LOM last year is still around. One. That's dreadful. And it's not because I let loose with the 'why don't you practice getting lost' speech like I did in 2005 (though not without some considerable provocation), but because they've all gone elsewhere, such is the state of things. Sigh.

And no, back to work. Sigh.

PS. According to my texty book, As You Like It could be considered the Robin Hood play you have when you're not having Robin Hood. Or maybe they're drawing a long bow (ahem) re the forest setting. Just amuses me, tis all.
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