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I got nuffin today. I will have something, as plans are afoot (too many plans, I fear, as it's one of those weekends where everything is on at once and I'd much rather curl up and watch dvds and dream but no, must go out and do stuff) but right now, no news.

Last night it was sort of a fridge dinner, ie I'm cleaning out the fridge (one of those jobs delegated and never done) and thus there was defrosted meats and not yet wilted beyond redemption veggies (though if you knew the standard of my local mart you'd be horrified at just how low my own standards have had to sink, once I wouldn't have fed pigs the slops I serve up now). See how boring it all is?

Had more of the red wine, which has not improved since opening but still hits like a hammer, and more Titus, with the last two episodes of Rome. I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to say Caesar gets it (if only local politics were more like that). Poor Vorenus finds himself in want of a risen mitten and dear Titus is off for a picnic in the country, which means there was at least one big moment in history he wasn't there for.

Other than that I've just been engaging in highly amusing dialogues re uptight do-gooding mopey gits in desperate need of a really good seeing to by someone who knows how and emo boys with floppy fringes. Not writing like I should, alas (everytime I open up notepad it's like poking my head over the battlements) but I have many ideas and scenes swirling around up in there like a veritable soup of hard cops and men in black leather.

Mind you, the whole Rusty as the Sheriff thing? Wtf? I mean, I knew something like this was on the cards because studio execs are entirely kacking in imagination and the new series was sure to bring forth a cash in fillum or three, but still, I wasn't quite expecting that. No, actually I was. Because I was bemused that anyone could have anything good to say about RH in this day and age of extreme law and order. So I'm not surprised that the Sheriff is now the good guy. This is definitely one for the books, though.

And finally, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has a series. Squee!
Crowe to play Sheriff of Nottingham,0,6308110.story?coll=zap-movies-headlines
Robin Hood Redux: Crowe with a Bow
Crowe 'linked to Robin Hood film'
Crowe to tackle Nottingham
Universal Bets $20 Million That Russell Crowe Can Rehabilitate The Sheriff Of Nottingham's Image
What About Man-Bob?
HEROES' FLY GUY - Milo Ventimiglia
Milo Ventimiglia, Once More with Feeling
Milo Ventimiglia Flaunts It
UFO TV Show Opening Sequence
Ken Adam
Da Vinci sleuth invited to find lost masterpiece
Air pollution raises risk of heart disease in women, says study,,2003096,00.html
By Zeus!
The leaning tower of Venice
'Terror birds' never met humans{E42021B1-45B1-4229-A23A-68F282A237BD}
Smallville: Your Burning Questions Answered!
Revealed, Monet's first impressions
'Amsterdam' mapped out; Coster-Waldau cast
Orange snow falls in Siberia
I was faking it: Sienna
Welcome to the selfish city
Rail boss sorry for inconvenience truth

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