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never could get the hang of thursdays

The only good thing today is a lovely bit of Sam and Gene-ness.

And it's prolly the only Sam + Gene I'll get as it was fic interuptus this morning and last night. I just have to try and think of one of the boys and someone taps me on the shoulder. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I'm wearing the penis skirt. At first I thought it was a half-arsed attempt at fleur-de-lis badly done at some poor Asian sweat shop, but upon the third wearing of the skirt I decided that no, what it really looked like was a line of rampant cocks poorly picked out in pink embroided thread around the hem of my cheap brown skirt. I'm not sure whether I picked this design consciously or unconsciously or if it was just the shiny sequins that explode from my, ahem, fleur-de-lis, but I think it makes me love it that little bit more.

Besides, it's entirely appropriate to wear today, a salute to the King of Goats, if you will, as it's the last two episodes of Rome tonight. Sigh. Titus deprivation may soon kick in and kick hard.

Last night we had Richard Armitage, again. Alas, his last little turn in Ultimate Force (though he never got a montage so perhaps he'll return, Shaun of the Dead style). Okay, perhaps not. Apparently after this the show sadly jumps the shark in every way possible: change of cast, change of writers, change of production. You know, one of those times when you almost think maybe they should have thought about going with something new rather than trying to recapture the past, and failing. Anyway, it sounds dire, but it might not be as bad as the reviews say (mind you, I was told Troy and Torchwood were brilliant, so my expectations of peer reviews are rock bottom, and I'm afraid to find out what they consider really dire).

The other thing on tv last night was Heroes. Surprisingly uncut Heroes at that. It was good to see it again because the copy I'd watched, while grand and very much appreciated, played a bit murky on my tv and Heroes is one of those shows where everything counts, including and especially the smallest piece of set dressing, so it was good to get a second look and, also, being further along, I can see what bits will be important later, which is kind of cheating, but there you are (in fact I worry about how S2 of LOM will utterly change my experience of S1).

But mainly I was just there for Peter Petrelli, emo poster boy, and we know he's a sensitive young chap because he has a floppy fringe. That really was enough for a girl who grew up in an era where tv characters were described by their action or fashion accessory, but they also throw in the whole being kind to his mother, the elderly, unable to make a bold move on a chick he ikes and big with the over-sharing. And the big brother worship. Whoo-boy. Enough with the declarations of an intense bond, 'kay? I was starting to squirm a little.

Hiro I've warmed to, but the rest still leave me cold (the two blondes being the first out the airlock in any scenario of my choosing) but I don't care because the Petrelli brothers intrigue and entertain me enough to carry the show. For now.

Normally I'd expect more (or want more), but for a US network show (bound by rules and regs and coporate sensibilities) I must merely be amazed at some of the casting and characters (any attempt to break the old WB template must be saluted even if it is very clumsy and childish compared to 60s/early to mid 70s tv), the flagrant use of comic book sensibilities given the first serious prime time treatment in ages (which I deeply appreciate because nothing I hate more than an adventure show treated as a joke, and yes, Robin Hood, I am glaring at you), and a plot that gives some evidence of at least one meeting having been tabled. I also really like that the characters are all flawed, some to an unlikeable extent (but not to the extremes of Brit telly, where sometimes the leads can be monstrous) but it makes them interesting, even if most of the flaws are somewhat off the rack (addiction, family issues, bad boyfriend, peer pressure - do they get a bulk discount?).

But given that I will be desperate for something to hang onto once LOM wraps up, I'll shut up and be grateful for Heroes, which at least seems to be aiming to fit the bill re flawed characters, temporal paradoxes, big secrets and reveals and clues scattered about the narrative for the obsessive to obssess over. And also, of course, the classic hero's journey which is the backbone of any great story.

And yes, a nice nod to the fact that comics books are very much the old myths just clad in spandex. I got that, and that's why I used to devour them (somewhat less keen on the spandex, but one must suffer for one's reading pleasure). I remember gobsmacking someone by referring to the Argonauts as the SuperFriends, but if Jason's little gang isn't one of the oldest surviving hero team up stories then I just don't know (ah, for the days when you could just bung Hercules into a story without having to hash out the rights with lawyers first).

So yeah, I liked. (Edit: Scrub that. Just after I wrote paras trying to be nice to the prog I hear its sinking in the ratings like the Titanic, so, so much for that).

Boy, those Brits don't mess around with those FOAD letters. It makes me seriously re-think the whole attempt at trying to work over there for a bit because I forget at times just how direct (ie cruel) the English can be. Ouch.

In my (limited) experience, an Australian would never be quite so, um, 'upfront' (ie, rude) to a complete stranger during the formal job application process. Or maybe it's just me. We are fresh peeled after yesterday and a tad sensitive.

And I so wanted out of this place. I know no one, nobody talks to me but the cleaner and I find myself again the meat in a bad manager sandwich.

To quote Mr Finn: "I'm gonna move to a new town where the people are nice."

Well, that was the idea, anyway. Works in theory. The sad truth of it is that the arseholes have inherited the earth, alas. Sigh. Pout. (Oh, so we're going to be writing Much fic today, then?)

No, we're writing Gene (well, a few paragraphs only, alas). We're in that sort of mood.

Edit: I have cake. And an apology. This is good because a) cake and b) it proves I wasn't being a petal and they really were being a shade on the harsh side yesterday. Okay, so I can be bought for custard, but it's better than a poke in the eye.

Also, had very giggly chats with friends, post sugar rush, squeed over Sam + Gene again and dribbled over Sir Guy.

Also, we had protestors outside work. Always evil but rarely boring, working here.
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