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OTP quote of the day:
"There's a massive conflict but we wanted them to be a partnership. It does grow into a really lovely relationship. We lived next door to each other in Manchester - we were married for two years - and Phil came round to watch a rough cut of episode two. There's a bit at the end, and we stood up and hugged each other. It was really sweet."

But, from the same article comes the highly dusturbing:
"a nod to another famous double act - Morecambe and Wise."

Oh, please, no. Not the fighting international terrorism with flying fish from series four of The Sweeney? Oh dearie me. I said no M&W - weren't you lot listening? Good grief.

Compared to that, the news that Derek Jacobi will be chewing the cheap scenery in Doctor Who is a doddle.

No, cancel that. I'm in dire need of a Bex and a lie down.

And if they must stunt cast, then, in the name of all that is holy, can you please gimme some Brian Blessed lovin'? Ta. (I know he's been in Who before but I'm of the firm opinion that one can never have too much Brian).

But enough of that. Now I want to wonder again how I could have forgotten those Speedos the last time I endured Cold Feet. Yes, endured. I really can't stand it, bunch of cashed up yuppies moaning about their lot. Oh, look, I've got a penthouse with shiny floors and a tv that covers an entire wall but my life is so devoid of meaning. Oh, go swivel, as my beloved Shirley was wont to say in Taming of the Shrew. Try my horrid life and then count yer blessing, you bunch of useless tossers.

But I digress. I must have been a mighty one eyed Sean Pertwee fan the last time I sat through this, or, as I suspect, f-fwding through the non Sean bits and thus, the mighty Speedos eluded me. But not last night. There, in all his glory, was Mr Armitage, leavin' nuffin to the imagination, I can tell you. Oh. My.

Words fail, though that crack about tight clingy Speedos in the papers the other week and being able to tell a man's age by counting the rings (never mind discerning his religion) did come to mind (and yes, there's a shameless Speedos scene in my stalled LOM fic, which I'd be working on now if not for the fact that folks are busy yelling at me for doing exactly what they asked, more fool me).

More Mr Armitage tonight, though, alas, fully clothed, in Ultimate Force. His last turn, I think. Hopefully poor Guy won't come to quite such an ignoble end. Those boys play rough, and follow the Sharpe edict that a bad officer is better off on ice - literally.

Actually watched Ultimate Force last night, too, on UKTV2, and was treated to the sight of poor Toby falling out of the window like a girl, because he's the techie (ie, girl) and not a hard man like the rest. Poor baby. And hello to the chunky equipment. Sadly that's one thing that really dates shows, even if they're just a few years old. Mind you, I've not had a new PC in four years so I should talk. But it was fun to see poor Toby picked on for being such a girl. It was also very much a Spooks episode, which bemused me.

Forgot to watch Bodies because I was so wrapped up in Brideshead. Ah well. I didn't realise it was made in '81. I always think of it being later, on account of when I saw it, that old delayed screening thing (bear in mind that Life on Mars still has not screened out here, fer instance). Charles is an enormous wanker, and far more self obsessed than most other Waugh characters (unless they're obvious caricatures), to my mind, but the pretty art deco scenery was nice and I was happy to let it flow over me, as it gave me some pleasure and I really am having a shitty week (in fact, this morning's nastiness has made me want to go sob in the loo, and I might be off to do just that, in a tick).

Update: made myself a cup of tea instead. And indulged in some retail therapy. I'm not usually one to go mad in shops but I decided to wander up to Bay Swiss, since my errands took me almost to the door anyway, and look for something pretty for the loo since aside from scouring the grouting on my hands and knees I'd also thrown out bags and bags of half used handcremes, shampoos, free samples, soap and naff bathroom gifts long since past their time, etc. So the bathroom was bare, for three days at least. But Bay Swiss were having a sale of faux exotic crap and now the poor bathroom is about to suffer a severe bout of orientalism, but never mind. I figure it kinda goes with the so 70's brown decor (if anything ever could).,,2001320029-2007040780,00.html
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