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salad days

Okay, oysters, red wine and Rome don't mix. This much I have learnt.

They were surprisingly good oysters though, picked up from the local chip shop (usually a dubious enterprise). The wine was a disappointment though. I was impressed that in the last year the bottleshop had expanded from one single shelf of red to a bookcase and now an entire wall. So much choice, but, alas, I chose poorly. Well, there weren't any of the labels I usually go for, so I had to take a punt.

I went with a Shiraz from SA that promised much but delivered little, and it was on the second most expensive shelf, too. I was hoping for something light and fruity but it tasted exactly like a Californian wine (to the point of having to re-check the label), with that horrid strained through potting mix aftertaste. Bleuch. Mind you, it got me legless with just one tiny Kraft krystal glass, so perhaps that's where the priciness came from.

I shoulda stuck with something from NSW though. At least then I know it's gonna taste like paint stripper and if it leaves the enamel on my teeth I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Also bought some very expensive steaks, seared and peppered them, and, yes, okay, a prepackaged caesar salad, but it at least was only a week old, not a year old, and thus edible (no green grocer for kms, alas).

I was hungry 'kay? I've only had three proper meals so far this year.

Whilst doing all this shopping and cooking (I'd been promised that someone else would do it, but they didn't, again, and I wasn't having beans/noodles/toast/cereal again) I missed 95% of Top Gear (grrr) but I did catch Amber Benson playing the vampire with a heart of gold on Supernatural. Okey dokey then. Once again Dean greets the news that he is a) still roiling with unresolved Daddy issues and b) may have been a little too orthodox in his kill crush destroy revenge mission with a look of mild, soft focus constipation, as though the poor fellow has to put up with the 'dinners' I have to and finds this slightly troublesome.

There was some cute Winchester action though (the insistence that they will be a pain in the ass [sic] to each other did make me raise my eyebrows, just a bit) but I was less thrilled that whiny Sam was the winner in this argument, mainly because he whines so much all the time and is thusly very annoying and deserving of smacking (all Sams are like this, apparently). Whine, whine, whinge, grizzle, sulk, pout.

Which reminds me of the Tooheys ads about whinging Poms that were banned, possibly because some folks can't take a joke (who is to say, though I never said a word during the Ashes, even though the ad where they were microwaving the beer to warm it up had me in stitches - that Mr Jackman is wicked, for it was his company that made it). Mind you, if you click on the link about the whinging Pom ad here, whose picture do you see? That's right, it's Sam Tyler, and he's not very happy (colour me surprised). Snerk! And QED.

After that it was Titus time because I needed the comforting sight of the big lug battering some fool after the day I'd had (which had already driven me to drink). It's amusing how the overseas reviews are mostly very good, but the local reviews call the show a confusing, disjointed mish mash. That's because we're watching the EvilChannelNine edits. My goodness, do not attempt a viewing without a fistful of primary sources to guide you through the missing plotty bits (fortunately I have those old books, so old I was shocked to discover the flyleaf of several had an insert, an award - I'd entirely forgotten I'd topped several subjects, I really had, so used to being treated like a moron am I. Once, I had a brain). But anyway, yeah, forgot the plot (because there isn't one any more) and just watch the Titus, or what little the Polly Walker fixated EC9 goon has left of him (fortunately I have more complete versions but even then I go huh as a couple of times there are scenes in my EC9 version that aren't in my other version. What gives?).

But beware the Titus, red wine and oysters, for skull fucking dreams shall ensue. And is it wrong that Rome is far more scary and shocking than a show with, say, vampires? Just wondering why it should be so.

Two pics for today:

I usually don't go for men in kilts because that way lies WrongBad, but this pic I liked.

And this is just gratuitous OTP, really.

Meanwhile, work: arrrgh! (and arse! and fek! fek! fek!) but poor fic is: 0.

But, and this just in, remembering to double check the tv guide and I think, I hope, I may yet score some Armitage action tonight as I think they're repeating his Cold Feet episodes. Okay, now I gotta get home on time.

And finally, is it too early for a fatwa? See below:
Britney Spears Offered Role In Dr. Who
Tooheys ad pulled down under for negative use of Pom
BBC 'Life on Mars' by Red Bee Media
Pommy-bashers found to have overstepped mark,,2-2571986,00.html
For your size only . . . fabric of British film industry up for sale
Rome: A PicSpamRecap,,2000888,00.html
Imelda: the nightclub years
Stand-alone Veronica is better than no Veronica.
Egypt frets Pyramids could lose top-7 rank
Commuters in cages
Reef 'facing extinction'

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