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Kidnapped finished up last night. I've restrained myself from commenting because I always get a bit SNP on the subject, but it was one of the first books I ever owned (sent to me by an earnest Scots rellie), and I was holding my breath to see if they did it justice. They did.

Note to morons who make bad tv shows for the BBC: this is how you do it. Adventure without the pratfalls. Suitable for children without being childish. Drama without the amateur dramatics. Bold historical tales, without the need to be "ironic" or "on message" or indulge in ceaseless pop culture references which will date the bloody thing within a year.

So yes, Kidnapped was, as advertised, actually fine rollicking adventure of the kind they used to make but had me afeared they made no longer. The guy playing Alan was spot on (all seedy charm and bravado), and poor Paul. All that slimey wickedness and then such a quick and perfunctory end. Ouch.

Of course that's not to say that some of the spectacular scenery wasn't masticated by some of the supporting cast, but that's how the characters were written, as sort of heightened almost Dickensian tropes, pulp style, so I was completely on board with that. Like I said, it was pretty damn faithful to the source material. Which is an impressive feat in this day and age.

I was hoping we'd go into more such serials, but, alas, no.

It was also the last of the Shakespeare Retold thingies and this time it was Midsummer Night's Dream's turn. Oh, I loved this. I really loved this. It's one of my favourite pieces and I've never seen it done well, until now. This is exactly how I imagined it. This is how I've always wanted it. This was just perfection. This almost wiped that American atrocity from my mind. And bonus points for Bill Paterson. Just adored this. More please. Not that they will, but I wish they would.

Very similiar in mood, I also watched Philadelphia Story, which I adore anew upon each viewing. I think it owes at lot to MSND, and even the Taming of the Shrew, with a pinch of Janes Eyre and Austen. But basically, it's just brilliant, and I can't believe they said some of the things they said, Hays code and all.

I was also thinking about Cary donating his fee to the Blitz fund, and Jimmy signing up (and not trading on it afterwards) and wondering how many feckless Hollywood stars would do that these days. I'm thinking none. Ah, for the days when men were men and quietly heroic, Jimmy style. And suave, Cary style. Sigh.

But basically, I just love the wordplay (the day they started hiring actors for looks alone is the day they stopped writing clever scripts, alas).

Also watched Spooks (S3 repeat on UKTV2), and, well, that was pretty much it, really. Oh yeah, and Inspector Lynley that I found while digging through disks for someone (yes, I should have them all organissed on a HD but I just ain't that organised these days) but it didn't have RA in it as I'd hoped.

Argh. My lord and master just took the credit for the ten hours of unpaid overtime I sacrificed from my life on Thurs. Kill. Crush. Destroy.

Further to the whole buttmonkey thing, or for the want of a Y chromosome so I, too, could lie around listening to music and watching dvds, but no. Instead of writing fic we had two fishing expeditions for friends, cooking, cleaning, washing, watering, shopping and, oh yes, trying to make the bathroom a shade less biohazardy before the plumber arrives. Yes, I've let it slip, and despite my best efforts it remains merely less spots rather than spotless. I tell you, some of those bloodstains were proving as hard to shift as those found on National Trust properties, marking the scenes of grisly murders. Yeah, I know I shouldn't let the stains lie about, but since I'm told it's all in my head, I assume the pools of blood are also figments. Hard to remove figments at that.

So that was my weekend. So much fun.

Meanwhile, there's this: US urges scientists to block out sun

Okay folks, you do realise that you're now getting your policy straight from The Simpsons, and this pretty much makes the GOP a barking mad super-villain, right? Or is it just me who thinks this is all very odd.

Sorry, I appear to be a bit snappy this week. Can't imagine why. I'll prolly be pink slipped before the week is out. Also sunburnt and knackered, still.,71613-0.html
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