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Yesterday was Australia Day. Not that it means anything to anyone, but it's the 219th anniversary of my ancestors being dumped here in chains and not dying. Personally I think the whole not dying thing is something to celebrate, but every year I am sorely disabused of that notion by arsewipes folks who are prolly still on a tourist visa, but I digress.

Oz day is important to AP and thus, despite not getting home until Rome time last night and feeling exhausted and very flu-ridden, I took her in and we made a day off it: watched the ferry races off the end of the passenger terminal, found a lovely cafe in the Rocks (as my usuals were closed/full). Up a tight alley like Venice, then into this wee shop that really looked like the shop I adored at Herculaneum. So glad they saved this from the developers in the 70s. So wouldn't happen now. Had tandoori chicken wraps with garden salad, wine, pineapple juice (it was baking) and coffee. Then onto the Gardens via the big white thing for icecream and watching the boats, the Navy and the Tall Ships race (Bounty came second to James Craig, and deserved to, carrying way too much sail). There was a Prsicilla boat that sailed past booming out disco tunes. Must compose stern letter to the editor over the yoof of today not being able to do the Time Warp. I loathe Rocky Horror, but still. One must keep up standards or it's the fall of civilsation, etc, etc.

Also, no magueritas. Once upon a time one could crawl from bar to bar...but that's a night that became the stuff of legend to those who remember (later, there was an ick factor).

Came home, collapsed before Buffy. That's pretty much it.

Oh yeah, one more thing: enough with the LOTR picspams. Loved the fillums, appreciate the loyalty, but change the damn record already. Sorry, but the time had come to say something.

Was hoping to watch some dvds today (sunburn makes me an indoor kitty today) but I feel another scorcher coming on, alas and Dell Boy is whinging...

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