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oh dear...not very happy

Even Puppet!Sam is angsty. Snork!

Meanwhile, there was a large package waiting for me last night and within was a Rome t-shirt (Squee! Well worth the effort of getting it out of HBO, I'm wearing it right now as I type), more Steve McQueen than I can poke a stick at (roll on wet weekends) and a book of 70s men's fashion, if that's not an oxymoron. Happiness and joy and ternal gratitude. there was much unseemly wallowing last night.

Especially as the 70s book and LOM trailer inspired a trip through a Top of the Pops dvd, amongst other things. Watching Brit telly circa 1973 certainly puts the trippiness of Life on Mars into context. Man, but '73 in the UK was way trippy. Just check out the Top of the Pops titles.

Meanwhile, as much as I'd planned to spend today musing upon Sam and Gene as I went about the daily drudge (the muse was up and at 'em, and just as well, with the 13th Feb deadline) but no, calamity and catastrophe (and a mighty dose of finger pointing) so you won't hear much from me today.

Which is a pity because it was my last chance to make some real strides on the fic, and I also had more thoughts on Robin: this time wondering if one of the reasons why Guy hates Robin so is Robin being a spoilt rich brat (and he is spoilt and he is a brat) while Guy seems to be a self made man, and bitterly aware of his lack of social standing. But no, no thoughts other than calamity and catastrophe. Oh well, worst case scenario and I'll have plenty of time to write.
LOM starts 13th Feb
We can be heroes L8
Old Boyfriends Fw
Take Me Home _w
Tom Waits and Bono read Charles Bukowski Ro
Step Right Up 40
New Orleans 4Q
Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda),,3-2564368,00.html
Australian giants killed by bushfires, not Ice Age
Caverns give up huge fossil haul
Yorkshire clan linked to Africa,,1997234,00.html
World's worst sound? Take baked beans, a bucket and Saturday night,,1997388,00.html
Charles goes to Hollywood
2007 Sundance Film Festival - "Waitress" Portraits,,2-2564774,00.html
Scientists tighten security over germ terror threat
Gentle sex and free money

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