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the wisdom of a fool won't set you free

Lookit, I'm being spammed by Sam:

Too cute. Too friggin' weird, but also too cute. I vaguely remember stuff like that from when I was small, but, well, it's just the silliest thing I've seen all year (and I suspect they've set the bar rather high).

Also, too freaky that it was emailed by "Sam Tyler". That's just freaky icing on the freaky cake. Okay, yes I know they're about to launch a viral campaign (launched, I should think), but, well, freaky. (Especially the whole the BBC are spamming *my* lists thing).

And you know how I said I was going to avoid spoilers? I am so very, very naughty.

But anyhoo, based on the curent spoilers, my top theories of wtf is going on for today are:
1) Sam's dead. The Jacob's Ladder theory.
2) Sam is a head in a jar (or a brain, or a bit of brain, or an algorithm). The Cold Lazarus theory.
3) Sam is actually sectioned and this is all in his head (pick a show/film).

Meanwhile, I sit a little deflated at the stony silence my fics received. I was at least expecting a thrashing on certain elements of plot (my defence: it's totally a 70s cliche, including French Connection II, Starksy and Hutch, The Professionals, etc) and I was really expecting somone to kick me up the backside and point out that HK heroin didn't really start trafficking in the UK until '74. Tsk. I play fast and loose and no one takes me to task for it. I guess all the pedants must not read Sam/Gene. Phew. Also, if anyone had found any really unforgiveable blooper I was going to wave the Sam as Unreliable Narrator card, because he totally is, both textually and in my fic (he even lies at several points, the naughty boy).

Speaking of stuff ups, I forgot to mention my fave wtf moment from Supernatural: when they told us the only thing that could kill the demon was a dagger of pure brass. Okay. Even AP had to point and laugh when I told her that one. Come on, at least boot up Wiki before going to print, guys. Guys?

Last night's tv? Well, funnily enough it was Beauty and the Beasts, which I'd been quoting from all day. It's a little clunky re the whole bad boyfriend issue (but Buffy always was) but it's still worth it for the Angel moments. Yeah, shameless, me.

Then, by now thoroughly abusing the IQ (which has been cruelly nobbled for the Oz market so I can't copy off anything I record, nor will it record certain stations), we watched Time Team, digging under an old Normam church this time. They went down to a house, which ended up have a partially decapitated Saxon dude buried under the Norman era oven. Do not eat the Evil Scones, obviously. But, ew. Okay, so I'm pea green over Brits digging up Roman pots when putting a new rose in, but I'll pass on the dead Saxons under the kitchen, if it's all the same to you.

Then I fell asleep (see sleep deprivation) and a clap of thunder woke me up in a timely fashion for Bodies and Ultimate Force (I'd set the recorder for UF anyways, if anyone wants a copy). A few moments of pure Keith in Bodies, but for the most part he had it turned right down, to the point where I actually had to turn the sound up. It's a squirmy show to watch, and not just for the hard core squishy bits, but the poisonous office politics. So brutally true to life. I've actually had to woke with dickwads like that, especially the report everything nurse and the teflon boss. Watching it is like being scoured with a Brillo pad, and yet I can't help myself.

Heat and thunder (but no rain to speak of, I could have plotted by hand the drops that fell) kept me awake for Ultimate Force. Yes, it's very cheesy in a Professionals Boys Own big guns bang bang bravado kinda way, but it does have a certain swaggering charm and the stories and execution are almost on a par with Spooks (to the point where it often looks like, for S1 at least, a slightly lower budgeted spin off).

And I'd forgotten just who was in the pilot episode. Check this out for a winning match of six degreeness: Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Galactica/Hornblower, Tobias Menzies from Rome/Casino Royale, Sam Troughton from Robin Hood, Liz White from Life on Mars and Tony Curran (from half my dvd collection).

So I was meant to be watching for Sam, who playes the fey wee chap Jamie has to rescue from a cottaging incident gone badly wrong at the end of the episode (I'm not smirking, really I'm not) but I was happy to see Tony Curran again, La Bamber and Tobias (not carrying M's handbag for a change). Again I wonder whatever happened to Jamie Draven. The boy can act, he really can, lots of angst from the lad, but I suspect the near unintelligible Mancunian might be a hinderance (I mean, I've sat through enough ropey Mancs accents, but Jamie requires SBS subtitles). Ah well, I was happy enough to watch him last night.

In fact his angst fest was what drew me to UF in the first place, when it was playing at 2am on Nine or wherever, aside from JB's impressive checked shirt which is what made me pause in my channel flicking. Missing the start, and having the sound turned down low, I initially thought he was cut up over the untimely death of his slash buddy. Even now, I'm still not entirely sure I'm watching it wrong - grin. But yeah, if you're after sensitive young SAS chaps, then this is your show (and try and ignore Ross Kemp as much as you can).

Btw, still haven't seen the Robin Hood finale proper, and damn but I forgot to bring in all my clips to I could convert them to a dvd (because my el cheapo dvd player takes the heat far more stoically than Dell Boy). If anyone needs any RH files, I might be able to help. Just sharing the love. Ah, roll on a cool change so I can watch Robin flirt with Guy again. :)

Poor Much.

"Every time I think of you
I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue
It's no problem of mine but it's a problem I find
Living a life that I can't leave behind
There's no sense in telling me
The wisdom of a fool won't set you free
But that's the way that it goes
And it's what nobody knows
While every day my confusion grows
Every time I see you falling
I get down on my knees and pray
I'm waiting for that final moment
You'll say the words that I can't say"
- New Order

My second fic is set firmly post breakup (and it's sad, because they were best buddies at the start) and though it's meant to be Robin/Guy there seems to be a lot of pouting Much (but fair's fair, my Much story kept being taken over by scene stealing lusty snarling sneering Guy). Poor Much (at least Sam picked up a tasty SAS treat in Ultimate Force).

"One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday
Why live life from dream to dream
And dread the day when dreaming ends"

Edit: Ha! I knew it. Nothing like me expecting something paper-based from the UK to bring on a sudden flooding rain. but I've been on the phone all day and they've been rescued from the post box, no danage, aside from grubby thumbprints even though I told them at home not to touch 'em once inside and dry (in fact them at home have just swiped my K-9 badge and had the cheek to tell me so). But I have achieved the Sam & Gene issue of SFX. Scans asap.

Also caught The Walk yesterday, if anyone needs that. It's dire, everything that you've come to dread from a Hallmark feature, but PG is pretty.

Weird. My email (amongst other things) is playing up, so pretty much the only messages I'm getting are from "Sam Tyler".

Dear Sam,

Piss off.



Also, if anyone knows any good image capturing and video editing software, please, please drop me a line. I know that everything is better on a Mac, but as I can't see myself getting a rich sugar daddy before Xmas I'll just have to make do. Besides, sometimes even having all the best buttons means nothing if you don't have the heart. Not that I could do any better (frustrated vidder, you bet) but I've seen some stuff that while technically good, it lacked poetry, you know? But mainly I just want to cut 'n' post a whole pile of actors talking rubbish.
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