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Blessed are the air cond. makers. I know that's not very green, but I'm so happy not be to melting in the stifle right now.

Mind you, this is where air cond. apartheid really comes into work, as everyone else arrives fresh as a daisy and I'm completely buggered from suffocating heat, no sleep and despite two showers this morning I still wouldn't want to sit next to me on the bus.

Also, the thing I had to be in here at 6am to go live had to be off! off! off! by 8am. Argh.

Ah well. The Petrelli Brothers are decorating the cover of this week's Guide, so that's something, I suppose, as I find myself suddenly quite needing another Heroes fix. I didn't think I was that into it but I was dreaming of the brothers yesterday when I managed a brief exhausted nap yesterday at midday (before some bastard from Mumbai woke me up with some inane phone deal).

I also saw an add for Dalziel & Pascoe on tv last night which made me squeal. We're about one or two years behind, maybe even three, so squeal.

I hate being so behind though. Like Life on Mars. I'm so glad I had alternative viewing options, because if the ABC hang onto it much more, Sam's 'present' is going to be so much the past it's going to be as unreal as 1973 may or may not be, thus distorting one's viewing perspective. Also, I'd have missed out on a whole year's worth of fancies and wild speculation, which has been enormous fun, because if the ABC ever play it, I doubt one could avoid being spoiled up the wazoo if one tried to find out more about the show, even casually.

Even now I'm not sure how I'm going to do it. I'll just have to avoid TRA once it starts screening until I've seen the episodes. Tricky.

Meanwhile I made my tv make burnt toast and melty plastic smells by turning it on yesterday.

TV highlight had to be Rufus in the Taming of the Shrew last night. My, but he's pretty. He did the eccentric artisto very well, almost scarily too well. (If you ever want to know about some of my ex's, last night was Exhibit A, oh good grief, yeah).

Once again the modern setting did nothing to harm the core story, and I liked the whole bit about if you need a pre-nup you shouldn't marry, though the whole submit to your hubby (no matter how mad he is) seems to have been sidestepped into a more palatable message of tolerance, acceptance and understanding. It kind of niced up the darker aspects of the play, where Kate is pretty much reduced to a Stockholm Syndrome acceptance by virtue of her treatment rather than honestly won and worn down (though I suppose an opposing argument for drastic measures being required could be made).

Still, I like it because it's another play where the less glamourous, more spiky B couple have the more interesting and deeper relationship than the lesser Ken and Barbie couple. I like that. That's probably why I like Shakespeare so much. Here, too, the mouthy chick can get a guy (unlike in real life).

Which is probably why Vicar of Dibley amused, for all its extreme unreality, but mainly I was just watching for Richard. My, but he's purty, and I gotta get my Dick fix one way or the other.

Also watched New Tricks, Spooks (need my Rupey fix, even at 1am), Sharpe (including Justice with the Gene Genie), Sea of Souls (hard to find on Sci Fi as it's never on as listed but I stumbled across it this time by accident) and Buffy, which featured the net demon one. Oh, that has dated a bit as they're all menaced by Win 3.1 (though we're still using it at work) and my PC does that anyway, the whole smoking, fitzing and random mischief thing. Never mind, they tried.

I also finally managed to catch that Sean Pertwee episode of Waking the Dead. He was looking good, if somewhat psychotic (copies available in R4, with ads alas because the dementia patient decided to unpack the fridge in the middle of it). Can't tell you much about it without spoiling it and he's not in it quite enough imho but I was compensated with Jason Hughes, just a bit.

Meanwhile, I've distressed a friend by asking if the Gene Tufty mufti pic had anything to do with that CSI plushy episode. Heh heh heh.

I don't see why I should be the only one stuck with that mental image. Keyword: Mental.

Oh, and I finally found some good Robin Hood vids. Go here, get the pwd and get the Robin/Much one, which is very byo hankie and sums up everything I wanted to say on the matter, and the very darkly mexy Robin/Guy one which is pretty much everything I wanted to say in my second fic. (And weirdly, I still want to write those fics. Must finish Sam/Gene etc before the muse moves on.) I had so much fun playing them on Sat morning before the sun came up (why is it that Robin Hood works better sans dialogue?).

Less fun watering the garden before the sun came up on Sunday. I was black with mozzies. Ouch.
Also, haven't in days due to heat and home situation. Oh yeah, aside from one insane and one unhelpful (refuses to do anything) dickweeds to deal with, I've got them dropping the water pressure so the hose and all the washers, plumbing etc have gone bung so I've got to get the plumber out asap to fix everything (I have buckets everywhere), all the bulbs burst again last night and there are spiders everywhere and I've had enough so I also have to book the exterminator, too. Here's me ripping up the plane ticket I was only dreaming about. Sigh. This is just so as you know the smile I wear is a rictus grin and I'm pretty sure another wheelbarrow load of merde, easily loaded with the ever increasing work pressure right now, will be enough to ferment an explosion, so if I go boom, you'll know it wasn't for want of repressing or trying. One of these days I'll remember to factor in sabotage when I make my five year plans.

Brits to watch this week include Jambie Bamber and Sam Troughton in Ultimate Force (Tues, UKTV), the now second last Sharpe on UKTV, ditto Spooks, Bodies on the ABC, and Bill Paterson in Sea of Souls on Sci Fi (just about the only non Vancouver show on there).

Okay, so there are a few non Vancouver shows on Sci Fi, but sometimes one can go hours and never leave BC. Or, as I like to call it, festivals of puddle porn. Yes, thouse evil Canadians flaunt their puddles at us and splash through them with unseemly abandon. Sigh. I remember the last time I saw a puddle. It was 1986 and we were young and free with bad hair and worse music (cue bad 80s teen flick...if that isn't a tautology).

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, further to being unable to get the Walkman function to work on my phone (the usb will not connect/install to any PC I have access to), I've yet to master the phone. So it was a bittersweet moment to spy two gorgeous tall ships gliding under the bridge, heading up river, on Friday. So that's what the river looks like with tall ships gliding up it, like a 19thC watercolour. Lovely. But sadly no can do on the tech so I had to settle for gawping. Given a choice between gawping and wasting the moment fumbling with unfamiliar buttons, I'll choose gawping every time.

Oh yeah, I should be working on my last LOM fic but my poor heat frazzled, sleep deprived, dehydtrated brain is just white noise today. Sometimes when I get this tired I get flashes on insane and intense imspiration, but today, we're talking test pattern, alas.
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