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Pretty in Pink

Very busy today, alas, with a cranky cms, oh so sensitive legislation to be posted and various degrees of managerial pressure. Just think Yes Minister meets Drop the Dead Donkey and you'll not be far wrong.

Got home late yesterday, natch, and with daylight saving extending my productive serf hours all I watched last night was Farscape. Twice. Once on Fox8 and then again, after the cricket, on EC9 (Evil Channel Nine). Which is of course while I'm a tad bleary eyed today, and I was still up for Buffy at midnight. If I don't get home early enough to see it, I'm still up for the midnight session. Guess I just have a set six hours of tasks that just have to be done no matter what. Of course it doesn't help that all the housework has to be done by hand (no dishwasher, etc), but that's another grumble for another day. Fell asleep half way through the Buff though. It was the idiot nightmare one anyway.

Okay, Farscape, Look at the Princess and Eat Me. Poor, poor John, he must think somebody's taped a 'kick me' sign to his back. First he's pummelled, nearly disintergrated, kidnapped, frozen in space and turned into a statue. It's never poor John's day. One thing I missed the first time I saw it was the absolutely perfect Hudson (Aliens) he does when the cargo barge is about to be blown to pieces. Too frelling funny. This happens moments before we get our first big arc plot point - the first hint that John has Scorpy in his head. After that it's more JC angst and the wedding to the bona fide Princess with a capital P. Poor John, talk about political marriages of convenience. Gotta say though, our boy, isn't he just so pretty in pink. Nice screenprinting on behalf of the wardrobe dept. I also liked the bit where John's asking dear DF to shoot him and tells him to shoot his hand off and kill his sex life. That wasn't in the EC9 version - smirk.

Crichton and Chianna. Pic rarely wickedly nicked from the Beeb - -  because it was the first one I found and I liked it

After an extended interlude we move forward into season 3 and a rather dark story that seems to be the bastard child of Alien and Night of the Living Dead, with a bit of classic Trek thrown in for good measure, and probably some other stuff that'll occur to me later. Some of the gang (including the needs to be shoved out an airlock ASAP Jool who reminds me waaaay way way too much of all the precious princesses I had to share my uni with so trust me when I say I really don't like her and I cheer everytime Chianna smacks her one) find a diseased and derelict leviathan in the nick of time, as they seem to be needing urgent repairs to their pod. So they land to salvage stuff and find a bunch of zombiefied flesh eating peacekeepers led by an alien Hannibal Lector who then proceeds to prey on our heroes by way of twinning them, eating one and saving the other for later, which is how we end up with two Johns at the end of the episode (insert inappropriate Anya-like kinky sex comment here). John doesn't seem at all happy to have an instant twin, either. At least John is the only one who actually can take the high horse about people cutting off the arms of pilots, the poor beast. Nobody likes to see a pilot in distress.

</p>So that was it, two hours of JC to drool over last night. Now, back to my coding. Sigh. At least I got to read some fic for breakfast, including a good Hicks one.</p>
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  • What kind of Bean addict are you?

    What kind of Bean addict are you?



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