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Sigh. The headache lifted, Sam Muse was actually on board and it was looking good. Sadly, Real Life had other ideas. Real Life needs a kick in the balls.

Remind me that Gene's imagination was going to run away with him and he was going to drop a few of those all seeing all knowing quotes of his.

And Sam was going to stop being such a big girl's blouse.

It came to me in a flash night, that I'd turned Sam into Sebastian. Why I will never know, but oh boy, suddenly I knew where I'd got that scene from.

I've not seen Brideshead in yonks, but they started playing over Xmas and as I had no shiny new dvd box sets (grrr), it had to do, and do it did. It really has been a long while since I've seen it. I first saw it at what science has now proven to be a very impressionable age indeed, and I do think perhaps it might have clawed its way into my still forming psyche somewhat more thoroughly than it should have. But yes, I think it set down the template for my viewing, reading and even writing habits far more than I'd care to closely examine (the endless conga line of fey British chaps that followed my fancy might be a clue).

Ah, but what fun, all that doom and decay.

Anyways there was that, Bodies, which was mainly on as background noise (I keep waiting for Keith to go all Sheriff on them) as I was working on as yet unresolved tech difficulties (this luddite finally bought a mobile phone but it doesn't work, the little turd, so we're still in the stone age, only $200 lighter and six wasted hours on tech support so far).

Before my trials, I wasted time watching interviews dowloaded from, especially the Soccer AM one where there's a clip of Jonas getting completely and impressively arse faced the night before. Which explains all those strained interviews. Not sulleness. Delicacy. Heh.

There was a little bit where Sam said that Much brought rabbits and cowardice to the mix, the poor wee bubby (actually, no, because I think Much is more brave, in the way he often saves the day by some small, overlooked act, very much like Xander, and that going to battle with fear is far more heroic than Robin who goes without fear because he's a lunatic).

But then I thought of another literal translation: Much as bunny boiler. There's another rabbit for the pot/plot. Inspired last night by Sam saying that Much had a lot of problems sharing Robin, which he does.

Another wiggling plot bunny wonders if Much had whispered, Iago like, in Robin's ear that he should follow his King to the Holy Land (and away from Marian), which amuses me as an idea but I'm not quite sure I could convince anyone Much was that arch or cunning, as much as I would wish it. (Oooh, Evil Much, playing the fool, spying for the Sheriff...)

Then there's the whole Guy/Robin/Marian triangle which could go places they just won't take it. Okay, sure, go the tradition, which they'd recklessly abandoned for everything else, but they could have played with it a bit more, doncha think?

I mean, Guy does keep mentioning how he's gonna think about Robin while he's ploughing Marian in Robin's bed (o.0), which always makes me think of that LA Confidential quote about 'screwing her isn't the same as screwing me', at least, it went something like that (Google let me down!). Heh, it'd be so cute if Guy and Robin teamed up, you know, good cop, bad cop. Okay, let's smack dat plot bunny dead right now.

If I wanna write good cop/bad cop, I know where I should be, but who is the good cop? Sam or Gene?

And now they updated the website I'm stull half dread/half squee. Especially with all the doom laden portents hinting that Sam may well be, in fact, passed on, no more, has ceased to be, has expired and gone to meet his may-kar, is a late Sam, a stiff, bereft of life, resting in peace, if you hadn't nailed him to the perch he would be pushing up the daisies, has rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisibule, is an ex-Sam!

Well, that sort of thing. Only, being naturally suspicious, I wonder if these hints intend softening us up or are misdirection. The latter, the cynical side of me thinks. I'm just worried that all this talk of explosive last episodes will leave me deflated, not unlike the somewhat underwhelming conclusion to #8, which was only saved from its wtf-ness by dint of the fact that I knew they had another season with which to explain themselves. May I remind them, again, the fate of Mr McGoohan, regards the unsatidfying conclusion of series that relied too greatly on their mystery and hidden meaning.

I shall just have to sit tight and watch it as a plain vanilla cop show, and hope for the best (but prepare for the worst).
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