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Okay, what kind of an arse backwards world to we live in when Jonas is rated above John? Okay, so Jonas is broodingly fetching in that teen mag way I've long been conditioned to accept as society's current ideal of male beauty, but as far as actual acting chops go? You must be joking.

I mean, just compare and contrast John giving it up over an old tv set and Jonas supposedly mourning over his apparently dead girlfriend. No contest as to who was distressingly angsty and heartbreaking to watch, and who was just cringeworthy.

I'd console myself over the obvious fact that this was a poll of the MySpace generation, but I just know John is going to be entirely overlooked in the BAFTAs again. Ain't no justice in the world. I think John's problem is that he is just too subtle, delicate and fine a performer in this panto day and age, and unfortunately when he goes for the big moments he lives them out realistically, without a big neon sign above him flashing the word ACTING!!! on the screen, or tossing out Minties to the audience like, say David Tennant. I mean, I love DT to bits, but nuanced is not a word I'd apply to his turn as Dr Who. Not that Dr Who is that sort of role, but, well, I'm carried along Sam's narrative by John's acting, entirely lost in Sam's world, but for the others, I'm just watching (and waiting for the Minties).

It's a travesty, is what it is. Oh well, nothing in this life is fair, I suppose.

But back onto the topic of long conditioning, last night I took receipt of several cds of 80s 12" remixes. Not the hideous 80s stuff that pollutes film soundtracks, unless you're talking Donnie Darko, in which case, exactly that for yea and verily there is the 12" version of Killing Moon, which I just adore, though right now I'm stuck on the 12" of Monsoon's Ever so Lonely, once more the hideous ear worm it was when I was a young and flossy thing skulking in the shadows of the school corridors. Don't care. Despite giggling at the covers ("Scary. Scarier.") I just love these cds to bits. They're very hard to get, though (and currently 50km away so I can't give you the name of the package), alas). Ah, happy retro songs. Especially as it had a few 12" I'd been desperate to get at the time but only now, as of yesterday, did I finally get my mitts on them. Success at last.

And, since I'm already quoting Buffy, I should mention that I caught it last night since I went home early (headache, week ten) and it was the fish monster one with Wentworth Miller and Shane West in it. Took me far too long last year to figure this was where I'd first seen Wentworth, and as for Shane, I'd entirely forgotten his two lines (and he's vanished off the scene or is he just doing stuff I wouldn't watch if you paid me?). And since I seem to be watching the show from a Xander-centric viewpiont this time around (I blame Much, because everything is obviously Much's fault) I note that even though must mocked, disregarded and never appreciated, it's Xander's little moments that save the day, like saving Buffy, being the first one to spot the monster, going undercover. Though Willow had her moment's too. Her interrogation of Jonathan, lifted directly from the school of Gene, was tres amusing (though I think it was meant to be more Homicide or NYPD, it's all branches of the same tree).

Meanwhile, I broke my resolution last week. Tsk. And I made it a stupid 'near impossible because I'll never get the opportunity to' one, too. Just asking for it, apparently. I suppose this means I might as well just go with the flow and be an utter bitch for the rest of the year. I was going to go with no more buttmonkey, but they do kinda go hand in hand as all my attempts at assertiveness come across as megabitchy. You know, trying to say: 'no', 'why don't you try doing it yourself for a change', 'I don't have time', 'I'm busy', 'I don't want to,', 'not now' or 'I'm not interested'. Just can't win. It's buttmonkey or bitch. Alas, today, we seem to be erring on the side of bitch. What can I say, the headache racheted up a few notches this morning. (Oh, and I know assesrtiveness is all in the careful phrasing but I'm dealing with complete and utter morons here and by the time I've had to repeat myself for the twelth time my initially polite request will now be screamed in blunt and to the point language, possibly followed up with threats of violence and blunt force trauma as they continue to blink at me stupidly in their bovine idiocy). Hmph.

It must be something in the air though because everyone is prickly today.

I was filling out forms again, once again asking me if I'd ever been a terrorist or committed war crimes. To the best of my recollection, no. It reminds me of the discussion I had with mates (now 6 hours away by plane) about what on earth soldiers would put on such a form, which then devolved into an outloud wondering as to whether or not the Doctor would tick the genocide box if he ever had to fill out a US Visa form (considering he just committed same in the Xmas special), though fortunately this is an entirely unlikely scenario. Still, it's the sort of rubbish I used to talk about over coffee when I actually had friends living within the 10,000km exclusion zone. Sigh.

I know it's upset me because, the whole all by myself bit, because I've not been sleeping and when I do, it's all about trying to find them or get to where they are (cue LOTR FX saga). So that's an undercurrent of distress I've tried to shove in a box, but it seeps out, a bit, I think.

I should be writing, it's damn nearly finished, but it's just a little too, well, fraught to write right here, now. I'll be back into the sixteen hour days by the end of the week, I just know it.

One bright spot was finding a Robin and Much video. It's not great, but at least it exists in amongst the complete mire of Robin/Marian (and, please, I've seen more convincing couples on the red carpet at a US awards show, and what are they going to do at those shows if Brits start turning up with their legally recognised in the UK plus ones?) vids. Of course I'm still distressed over Robin starting the season by telling Much he loved him and ending it by telling him he hated him, but more on that later (secondary sources only, alas).

Skipping over some stuff I really shouldn't post on an unlocked lj, I'll wiffle on about last night's tv.

Top Gear was back. Sort of. Well, this being the arse end of the universe we're only up to 2005 episodes, but it's better than nowt, and hysterically funny as always. Besides, I could care less about the cars. I'm just in it for the snarkiness, and on that they deliver, in spades.

Then Supernatural was back. The old stuck in a coma plot, but at least they tried to be new and different, with Death sitting down for a chat with Dean, the ouija board and the quote of the week: "Dude, I full on Swayzed that mother!"

I also have some new found repect for the show, with them having realised the whole Dad plot was actually underwhelming in execution and not really going anywhere that was dramatically satisfying, killed him off (though how dead he stays on a show like that is debatable, and no, don't spoil me, though dead dead would be uncharacteristically brave). So definite points for having the courage to prune a plot that was going nowhere.

It possibly had the faint whiff of studio retooling, but whatever the case, it seems to serve the story more as the lads move from lost boys with daddy issues to actually growing up and becoming men in their own right. At least, I hope that's what they're up to (though I copped the clanging hint that it's only Dean's Dad who's dead). Not sure about the evil clown plot next week, though. It doesn't seem very seemly for two boys who should be grieving hard (having spent one whole season of hero's journey searching for Daddy and then losing him), but what would I know. Perhaps they're follwing the Buffy rule of comedy following angst as day follows night. (Every show seems to be borrowing from Buffy these days, which is bemusing, if only they'd borrow the bits I liked).

You know, I had to have the whole evil clown thing explained to me a few years back. One of those rare pieces of American culture that hasn't filtered down (evil clowns on tv there were, but the source material remained obscure and elusive).

Btw, the whole evil clown thing led back to...Test Pattern Girl.

Okay, now I am creeped out.
BBC Drama Awards
MONSOON - Ever So Lonely (Top of the Pops)
Echo and the Bunnymen - Killing Moon (live on The Tube)
Evil clown
Test card special
Life on Mars
12th Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Red Carpet

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