mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

smallville vs metropolis

This is from the NY Times, but it's a good real life model of the essential tv premise of wholesome country lad vs evil city slicker (oh my god, she's being serious again, somebody stop her!):
True Blue Americans May 7, 2002

And while we're on the subject of inequity, let me refer you to the Seattle Times article on burger-nomics that has the good grace to note the the Australian dollar is undervalued by 35%. Add a 10% sales tax and that's me paying a whopping 45% more on everything than my American pals, while only earning 75% of the wage, and having to pay for my own health insurance on top of that, plus shipping, currency conversions, you name it. Do I wish more politicians and money men could be smited? Too bloody right I do (qv celtic goddess).



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