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even cowboys get the blues

Yesterday morning started off with a couple of Torchwood eps, and you'd think that'd be the slashiest thing I saw yesterday, and you'd be wrong.

No, that honour is bestowed on Bonanza. Apres Buffy (it was Angel, another favourite episode and why must they ripoff latter day Buffy, especially the Yoko Factor, rather than Buff when it was good, because there is much to please me in Angel) i was flicking around and was forced to pause, fluffy creature in the headlights style as Adam flaunted his new boyfriend, none other than Robert Culp. RC was apparently an ex-gunslinger who given it all up to sew curtains and tables clothes and cook and clean and wear aprons. Clearly doting on each other, Adam and his new BF start wearing matching outfits, defending each other in fights and, oh, to post it on YouTube, serenading each other with guitars.

Sadly, this being Bonanza after all, it all goes horribly wrong and Adam's BF dies v. romantically in his arms. But wait, there's more. Yes, Adam sends off his dead boyfriend with a tune at the funeral, then leaves the guitar on the the grave. Awww.

I was gagging to tape it but alas, I was on the TV1 repeat channel (our cable is so lame they repeat the ten channels to make them twenty) and so no recording of this delightful excursion into cowboys in lurve. Brokeback eat yer heart out.

I swear, it's almost enough to have me scouring Bonanza box sets just for this episode.

Anyways, tv (as I decided to have a day off) also included Sharpe (fortress), The Professionals (the faux arab one with Tinkerbell), The Sweeney (the one were Haskin's wife goes barmy) and some Doctor Who. Mr Tennant this time, including his video diaries. You'd better make a cup of tea and ensure you're sitting comfortably for these because unlike the usual thirty second soundbite these go on and on and on. This is what happens when you let a fanboy loose with a camera.

Yet they are very amusing and startlingly intimate, including footage of his family watching the Christamas special with him, and bagging him out, as families do). I tried not to look too hard at the dvds on the bookcase behind him, but it was hard to miss the 007 set, and the bit where he's trying to show off his dalek to his girlfriend and she's making the football face (ie strained interest in BF's obession) is priceless. David is very, very funny and earnest, and the scenes of him sprawled in pillows talking intimately to the camera are worth capping just for that, but I suspect someone has already done it so I'll nae bother. Best dvd extra ever, imho.

Okay, I was going to work on the LOM fic now but alas, Dell Boy is making the "mummy, I'm hot" whiny noises so I'll have to rough out the re-writes long hand.

It's kinda getting hot here and I know it's not just me because the birds have got quieter. I was hacked off with them this morning because they were pestering me too much, but at least somebody has been eating the spiders in the garden. Either that or it was still so dark and pre-dawny when I watered it I didn't see 'em.

Oh man. I forgot, I gotta sort all that stuff that crashed to the floor last night. Damn subsiding house.

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