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Take a look at the lawman...

You'd think last night's Simm and Glenister fest, by way of State of Play, would be enough, but all I want to do is watch Life on Mars. Lots. Sadly, at work so no can do unless I dial up a clip on YouTube, and that would be very naughty and wrong and the bastards will all be in any second now anyway so poot.

Nor can I promise myself a peek when I get home, because while the city is remaining in the twenties, where I live is promising to get up around forty degrees today, and I've no real desire to test the melting point of my dvds or player. Certainly I've ruined several vhs tapes that way.

What I really want to do is finish that fic o'mine, but that, sadly, is also not on the cards, with the whole being at work thing. Oh well, at least I have it in my head, for now (the number of stories lost to the ether is about, roughly, six per week, I just never get time to jot them down).

At least I can thank Ghost Squad for something, as I wickedly snaffled a few ideas to plaster over a few large cracks in the narrative. In fact there's now a whole 'nother story about what went wrong that wants to wriggle free. I might try and slot it in as flashback. Then it can be the B Plot as Gene tries to sober up Sam and give him that slapping he's been so desperately needing (and again I ask why must I make these fic far more complicated than they need to be).

[pause to investigate what manner of long leggity beastie is crawling up my leg this time]

Okay. Back. And still puzzling upon the whole B plot. Heh. Lookit, it's Jonas fic in 70s drag. Tsk. I'm mangling my fandoms again. The Robin Hood fic is nowt but Queer as Folk in bad Sherwood livery, kinda, sorta, when it's not being the worst M&B fic I've ever written. Oh, Much. Less of the simpering and more of the Girl Friday, if you please.

Meanwhile yesterday sucketh in extremis, except for a brief chat about Bronte-ism, and, feeling somewhat put upon and hard done by (when I said I was going on a diet of stale bread and stale water I'd hoped I was joking, but no) I naturally turned to Jane Eyre. Too tired for the book, and my books decided to heave themselves onto the floor anyway, damn you cheap bookshelves, I reached for the Emergency Toby. I didn't think I'd find it as I had strong memories of putting it away in one of the boxes that are now all higgly piggly after my last 2am desperate disk scramble but happily, no, it was still on the bedside pile of stuff to watch/re-watch and lo, I sank happily into gothic BBC bonnet bliss. Didn't get to see all of it mind, with many interruptions (what does a girl on her sick bed have to do to get a bit of peace), just 1.5 episodes, but it was enough.

Also watched Buffy on SciFi, and this time when I say I saw new stuff, I really mean it, because a) I wasn't watching it on old Picasso telly and b) I wasn't watching the cut up local tv version. Suffice to say that certain scenes suddenly made a whole lot of sense that they didn't before. Also, one of my fave episodes where again they really push the evil Angel envelope. Even now that degree of wickedness in a mainstream American teen soap is deliciously shocking.

More so, the seemingly pointless death proves that no character is safe (a bit of a cliche now but very shocking then) and it demonstrates that Angelus is very much a random and deadly threat and that he does actually follow through with actual action following threats, which makes the show emotionally more real, even if it is about vampires (otherwise you have situations like The Sheriff and Guy openly mocking Robin because they know he's not going to go all mediæval on them in a pre-watershed timeslot, mores the pity - and no, I've not seen the finale yet).

Sigh. More work. I can't even think about Undercover!Sam going all horribly wrong. And should I elaborate or just hint at it, or let Gene imagine it (which is weird, a dream within a dream). I wonder because Gene already feels awful over the whole killing Sam's dad bit, and if I make Sam be awful, well it just seems to lessen Gene's self reproachment, somewhat. I dunno. I'm confused. I really need to write it both ways and see what works, but I don't have time. I think I'll just hint at fleeting real or imagined flashbacks. Maybe. If I can think of any.

Gah. Help. Brain go splodey. And there's still that work I'm supposed to be doing. But rest assured any undercover work by wayward Sam would hopefully not involve false moustaches, even if it was canon on The Sweeney.

Oh, and further to that wtf pic yesterday, a quick search of YouTube dug up the clip here.

Sigh. It's an unfortunate side effect of liking Brit thesps. Yes, there will be nudity, but there will also be drag. Wot a drag.
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