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Sometimes when I trawl around looking for pics I find stuff that just leaves me gobsmacked:

Words fail. They just fail. Although actually the words Dee and Snider do pop up, but I'm trying to repress. Repress, repress, repress.

Aha! I've finally worked out why my Ewan alerts always end up in the spam can. It must be because Ewan quotes almost always contain the word 'penis'. For example:
"Ewan McGregor was getting lippy last week when asked on MTV to give his opinion on why films in the US so rarely show male nudity: "You're quite safe from penis shots in America because American people don't have penises." This is becoming an obsession."
- The Scotsman

Not that I mind at all. My father was a foul mouthed, sex obsessed Scot after all. Just bemused is all. Poor Ewan, always falling foul of my spam filter. My wee potty-mouthed boy.

Meanwhile there was definite girlie swoon when I found another picture of Richard Armitage. Oh yes, we're quite sweet on the lad of late (again). There was quite a bit of drooling over Richard when I was watching the RH extras, too. Why don't they let Guy do more sword fights. Just because he's so much better than everybody else is no reason not to play to his strengths. It could be the all Guy show. I wouldn't mind.

Poor Jonas. He really is a sullen little lump. I was prepared to overlook the interviews on the BBC page because I knew he'd been flown over and back for them, and Brits don't do travel well, so I allowed for grumpiness, though Richard was just gorgeousness itself in his. But on the dvds, again Jonas is just like a bad date who sits there and won't make conversation. Sam was lovely, btw, all golden and sweet. Why they have to drag Much through a briar patch backwards and make him the most annoying tv character just to make Robin look good I'll never understand. Even Wes stopped tripping over, eventually. Sigh. Never mind. Pretty, pretty Sam.

But Jonas can be pretty, though usually only when he's in flirt mode or moody mode. But never mind. I found this panting fanboy paen to our blue eyed boy in my Big Book Of Robin Hood (the one I snatched back from the charity box):
"With coat of Lincoln-green, and mantle too,
And horn of ivory mouth, and buckle bright,
And arrows winged with peacock feathers light,
And trusty bow well gathered of the yew,--
Stands Robin Hood: and near, with eyes of blue
Shining thro' dusk hair, like the stars of night,
And habited in pretty forest plight,--
His green-wood beauty sits, young as the dew."
- Reynolds

And you thought it was just us girls with the girlie squee.

Mind you, I'm glad I was dosed to the gills on mellow yellows when I was watching the dvd extras otherwise when the Wankers That Be started wiffling on about how they were going for a "realistic approach" I might have burst something vital, otherwise. Even then, anaethetised as I was, I was in mortal danger of terminal eyebrow strain, as they damn nearly pinged off my forehead. Realistic? Don't get me started. And no, I won't mention the Trip, though that is top of my list. Somebody slap them. Hard. (I'd like to hope that perhaps they'll do better next season, but considering they were gagging to cast Matt Lucas as Friar Tuck, I'm thinking no).

Speaking of Troughtons, several paragraphs ago now, before I was sidetracked by Arrow Boy, I finished off watching The Invasion. There was one episode where Jamie and the Doctor where all over each other, grabbing at each other, leaning on each other, the whole time, and I wondered what on earth was going on. Fortunately the dvd extras revealed that they were filiming in the Guinness factory, where free samples had been laid on in abundance. Thus the lads were completely and utterly bladdered as they attempted the necessary running down corridors bit (well, it is Doctor Who, there will be running down corridors). Heh.

It was a bit like playing spot the Robin Hood episode filmed after Keith drank them all under the table. Boys will be boys, I suppose.

Anyway, loved The Invasion, and it kept me happy as I was not, actually happy at the time. Yep, hot water bottle hugging time again. So I had yesterday off, just not up to it, and dozed in front of the Sci Fi Channel, which wheeled from The Thunderbirds to Buffy to Farscape (I'll get the bloody bug burned into my screen), then I really fell asleep and woke up only just in time to catch Dalziel and Pascoe on UKTV (the disappointing WWI one) and Time Team, digging up another Roman villa.

Then I watched Heroes. The first three episodes did not grab me, but I persisted and I must admit, though I'm still not moved to squeeness, I was certainly hooked enough to have to watch them in one block. Future Hiro was a much needed hint that Hiro would not remain as annoyingly slastick as he has been thus far (heh, maybe I could have Future Much to prove same) and now that the characters are starting to intercross and interact it's starting to become much more interesting and intriguing. It's still a rather simplistic and very American plot in so far as we know what happens but not how we get there (kind of like those old Columbo plots that weren't so much whodunnit but howdunnit journey) and kinda simplistic (mission: save New York, though they say "save the world", I presume to American viewers the two are interchangeable).

I was however impressed that, like Lost, they were actually brave enough to cast non Californians, though they seem to have made up for this brave leap by making it All About The Cheerleader. Oh well, baby steps, eh?

Okay, so it's not my fave show, but I'm hooked, alright? I admit it. Hooked enough to want to know what happens next. But it's a show I'm going to have to go to great pains to avoid spoilers over. I can see that, as, like Lost, it's very much about the surprise reveal (obviously less a surprising reveal when folks start posting blurts and icons all over the place).

That's pretty much it, other than watching Bodies, and wondering if Keith and Tamzin swap upstaging Jonas tips, heh.

You know, I'm always being told to get my bits ripped out (and, had I known I'd have no use for them, I would have done so at 19 and saved myself so much bother, but I erred on the side of foolish optimism) but watching Bodies I'm thinking no way. I'll deal with this monthly torture, ta.

And in keeping with the theme, it was the episode of Buffy where Oz turns into a werewolf.

Oh yeah, I also caught a repeat of Queer as Folk, sometime after Shameless (fell asleep in one, woke for the second, what a segue). I was wondering how the man who gave us Stuart/Brian could have given us Owen, but then, sitting at the bus stop this morning, I began to think that they are actually the same character pretty much, only Owen is far less pretty and less charming, and, as he screws around with girls, somehow far more threatening and horrid. Somehow girls bounce back less from such caddish treatment that blokes do, at least in the RTD worlds, so it seems so much nastier.

Nevetheless it was the episode where Brian tries to stop Mike humping his leg by being outrageously cruel, and it gave me an idea for my RH fic, as far as trying to work out some motive for the character's actions, because, lawdy, it ain't in the texts.

So, there's me, cribbing from RTD. I think I may have just bounced down onto another ledge of low.

Unfortunately I also have to do some serious re-writes to the next LOM installment, and I didn't much chance yesterday, but here's the pre-credits teaser for you, if you want: clicky.
XTC "Making Plans for Nigel"
David Bowie - Boys Keep Swingin
David Bowie- Boys Keep Swinging
Sixty things about David Bowie
Adventures of Keira Knightley's Jaw,,2087-2524408,00.html
Science told: hands off gay sheep
Croc attacks snorkelling cop
Judas a nice guy, judges Archer
Flash: Keith's joining jumping Jack
Gallaghers are back, but future is bleak for Chatsworth estate
First chick born in captivity raises hopes for survival of Asian vultures,,1985094,00.html
The weekend's TV,,1985151,00.html
Ancient City charity bridges the centuries
Scooby-Doo's creator dies aged 81
Beyond the pale
The featureless buildings that stole our humanity
'Miserable' Morrissey may cheer up Eurovision
Actor cracks a tough market
Bollywood star spices up Dirk's life

Title: Ashes to Ashes
Pairing: Sam/Gene
Summary: Sam hits rock bottom. Sequel to Serpent's Tooth
Rating: M - Mature Adults only (may contain drug references, violence, nudity, coarse language, sexual references, adult and supernatural themes)
Warnings: Loosely based season one
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended

Gene kicked open the door and charged into the room, waving his gun at anything that moved, but nothing did. There was just one junkie lying strung out on a stained mattress, rubber band still wrapped around his arm, needle by his side, a little vomit drying on his rumpled clothes and a week's worth of beard. He was about to kick the filthy little shite on the floor when he saw who it was. It was Sam.

He'd found him, at last. Quickly, he fumbled for a pulse, and found it, after several terrifying moments. Just a run of the mill mild overdose then, nothing lethal.

"Chris!" he bellowed from the doorway. "Chris!"

Chris came running up like an annoyed schoolboy taken from his games.

"Chris, stay on this door. Nobody comes in or out without my say so. Got it? And keep the door shut, for fuck's sake. Don't give me that look. Just do it."

There was no arguing with the Guv when he had that look on him. Those that had tried had ended up sucking their food through a straw afterwards.

It was only once the squat was cleared of every rat, human or rodent, and the last copper had shuffled off in the paddy wagon, that Gene returned to where Chris was still standing guard. Good boy.

"Guv?" Chris had to ask, as the Guv walked right past him and inside the room. It was then, when Chris finally had a good look at who was lying on that bed, did he understand why the Guv was so worked up.

"Help me get him out of here," was all the Guv said.

"What's Sam doing here?" Chris had to ask as he helped Gene carry the limp body between them down to the Cortina.

"Undercover work that went tits up. I'm not taking him to hospital and I don't want anyone knowing anything about this, you got that?" he demanded of Chris once they'd heaped Sam into the back seat and slammed the doors shut. "I'll get him straightened out, then I'll get the bastard who did this to him, but not a word, you got that?"

Chris nodded, frankly terrified of Gene at this precise moment.

"Right. Off you go them, and be a good lad and keep schtum."

Gene watched him trot off and hoped that he could trust him. He didn't know any more. He didn't know anything any more. He leant on the car roof, just for a moment, then summoned strength up through the ground and the soles of his shoes, stood up properly, shouldered his burden and carried on.
Tags: dalziel and pascoe, david tennant, doctor who, ewan mcgregor, fic, gene hunt, life on mars, robin hood, sam troughton, sam tyler, slash, torchwood

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