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people for the ethical treatment of jonas

It so unfair. All the papers are picking on poor wee Jonas, while letting those folks over Torchwood walk around free, and that's hardly fair. And even as far as Robin Hoods go, Jason Connery, any one?

I'm thinking of forming the Jonas Protection Society. Or maybe the Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Jonas. My poor, shat upon little baby. I always did love an underdog. I could make up Jonas Amnesty badges and sell them like the charity ladies in that Ridley Scott directed episode of Adam Adamant...but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Never mind. I finally got to see his look of death. I've seen his look of severe slapping and look of serious maiming, but last night he unleashed the look of death. Now see, he can't be that bad an actor if his pissed off face has at least three levels of intensity.

I do like him when he goes into mad, bad mode. That is fun, at least. Especially as they've tried to hint, in their hamfisted way, that Robin is far more damaged than poor Much and his PTSD because while Much's constant snivelling is annoying in the extreme, at least he's not into the bottle/explode cycle that Robin is in.

Although I can tell you which is the more interesting to watch - grin.

Yep, I watched Robin Hood #12 last night. Much was cringeworthy. The buffoonery serves nobody, neither plot, character nor audience, and it's just so jarring. A gentleman's gentleman should just not behave like that, or be so stupid or unwordly (he should be fixer, a manager, a butler and highly skilled and knowing and discrete) and it is jarring to the character who one minute is pratfall guy and the next saying something poignant like "I thought if I surved the Holy Land...".

Okay, the character is a lot like Xander at times (when did Xander stop pratfalling? The Zeppo?) but the delivery is all wrong. A friend agrees if they tweaked the script and toned down the panto it'd be actually watchable. When did kids tv = panto anyway. Not when I was a kid. At least not shows that also included unhealthy amounts of sadism (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Robin's arc has suddenly taken a sharp right turn into het, but that's tradition, so I must put up with it, but, like the ballads, as soon as the chick shows up, all the buddy adventures go out the window, hence the sidelining of all the boys, not just Much. I really would forbear all the Robin/Marian malarky if, perhaps, they had more screen chemistry than Tom and Nic, but they don't. So it really does feel forced, and somewhat sudden as Miss M gave the impression, perhaps too well, that he gave her hives just by appearing.

I see that at least Will and Allan have now paired up. I suspected as much with all the shoving and bickering going on in the last episode. Aw, sweet. Puppy boy love. (btw I had no idea that Joe Armstrong was issue of Alun, but now I see it so clearly I want to hit myself. I do like Joe, he pops up quite a bit in the ol' collection).

Guy's Shining moment was also cringeworthy, but again, it ain't as bad as Fight Club over on Torchwood.

And at least Much doesn't pun. Yes, I'm suddenly back into Adam Adamant and I must dig out the box set again. Now there's some badly acted frippery that is nevertheless fun to watch. But somehow the silliness is charming, rather than cringeworthy. It's a fine balance. Maybe they can bring back Ridley Scott and Brian Clemens.

Oh yeah, I'd like to see what they'd do with RH. Let's see, would Brian start with a whacky dream sequence or a girl stumbling lost and amnesiac across a field? Or how about someone falling from a great height, usually pushed by an unseen assailant?

Speaking of The Avengers, I picked myself up my much coveted retro Sixties tinsel Xmas tree. I promised myself that if they had any left after the Xmas sales I'd give into my heart's deepest desires and buy one. They had one tiny red one left, hiding sadly in the corner, and, having no box, I carried it home in a plastic wet umbrella bag, of which they had under the desk, which was handy. So it's only about umbrella sized, and not a real scarlet, more an autumnal russet laced with silver. Quite fetching, and already beloved. I set it up in my room and now it looks like a real Xmas, with a real, proper Xmas tree (As Seen On TV).

They also had a big white bare armed one in the shop, but it reminded me just too much of Too Many Christmas Trees and I'd no real desire to install the tree of Gondor in the living room.

And I wuv my wee tree. Pretty. Yeah, I gotta take it down tomorrow, but I had one night of admiration.

You know, if we had proper galleries I would need this annual shot of pretty, but we don't, so I do. sorry, been roiling in a severe bout of National Gallery envy all this week. Me want to go to exhibition. Whaaah!

Oh, and apperently according to a mag I flicked through last night, I'm too old for art prints and should be buying actual art instead. Gedorf. On my wages? And I've only just taken down the Duran Duran The Jam.

Oh, and I missed Buffy last night, which sucks because we're into My Favourite Storyline Of All Time, but I did get home in time for Angel to have his "I shouldn't have had that second kebab" moment and stagger out into the rain. Oh, please, do not keep me working back tonight.

Can you believe it? I was so over Buff & Co (the musical really put the nail in that coffin, so to speak) but I am just loving S1 & 2 all over again. I've not seen it for a few years so I'm seeing new stuff with fresh eyes, and stuff that has taken on a different tone due to what I now know comes later (like every fight Buffy has with her mother).

Oh, gotta watch tonight. I am such the sick little Buffy/Angel shipper.
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