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Okay, now I'm feeling left out. The laughter and clapping and singing wafting down the corridor I don't mind, I prefer to hear laughter than angry shouts any day, but now we just heard the clatter of empties being rolled into the bin and now I really feel like I'm missing on on the party.

"Classy," remarked a colleague on the rattle of empty bottles, as it's only 10:08.

I promise not to waffle on too much today. Yesteday was a write off on account of a murderous sinus headache, but today I am trying to drill my way through my 80 page LOM opus. I might end up nearer 70 when I'm done, though, as today I find myself more in cutting mode than filling.

Also did a bit on the Hood fic, but I really want to finish these two LOM fics first. Also, trying to swap between the two is doing my poor head in as the LOM one has to be so disciplined, within canon and character and the time period (had to try and excise all use of the word plonker as it only dates from the 80s, apparently). The Robin fic meanwhile, well, considering the source, I have gone completely nuts, uncaring of anachronism, history, accuracy or anything really. It's the ultimate bad fic. And it's kinda fun, though I did agonise over Much having a concept of minutes before clocks, until Peanut Gallery pointed out the Sheriff used the phrase "tick tock", so all bets are off.

Mind you, I was trying to write a Much story, but Guy keeps popping up and scene stealing. Apparently my little muse is hankering for some hot Robin/Guy action, never mind poor long suffering little Much. Oh well, he can suffer unquietly in future fics. Though I hear the series has suddenly throttled back the slash and cranked up the het. Sigh. The campy man love was the only thing it had going for it.

Speaking of man love, there just isn't enough Jack/Ianto to make Torchwood a fun experience. The last episode I watched just filled me with so much bile I was like to explode. These people are reprehensible. I have never, ever seen anything so sleazy, so wrong, on a tv show before. I was in actual cringing horror as I watched, and it was the TW team, not the creatures, that were giving me the dry heaves. Adult does not mean awful. At least, it never used to.

It used to mean shows where actions had very messy consequences, rather than the A-Team type telly I grew up with. Now we're back to A-Team like telly, only with morally repugnent people using rude words for want of wit. Hardly grown up, is it?

But at least Doctor Who is still cool. Finally saw the Xmas special (thanks!) and it was a hoot. I loved Donna (finally, a companion just like me - snerk) and I am cranky that they let her go. She would have been cool, and necessary, the complete opposite of Rose (I was very Rose who?) and exactly what the Doctor needs, not a swoony fangirl but someone who'll stand up to him and, as she said, protect him from himself. She would have been great. But it looks like we're stuck with some hideous GwennieSue type girlie and yeah, I saw her in the Xmas episode. So obvious.

At least Donna was laugh out loud funny and sad, too, and entirely reasonable in her own way. Possibly the most level headed of companions. Perhaps that's why they dumped her. Damn. And for a Martian, he's a typical guy, always preferring them young and dumb. Sigh.

Watched a tiny bit of the Beefcake special (need a copy?). The guy hosting it was way too in love with himself, but the actual clips were fun. as a homage to Gene Hunt, it looks priceless. I mean, not many of my fave tv chaps get slavering fan boy puff pieces. On the BBC, as opposed to YouTube at least.

Why I had to leave off watching Phil was, well, Phil, and John and James and Marc and Bill and David and, well, swoon, sigh. Great story. Ripping cast. Simm making pissed off and flustered faces, not to mention the adorable scene where he writes the letter, and yay to the Bell/Della :) Not to mention James being a little minx of mischief and Marc Warren doing a nice line in stunned.

The it was the terrible Jonas vs Richard choice with Teachers vs Ultimate Force. As always, I flicked. Ultimate Force lured me with the RA shower scene, and Teachers offered up pouty JA. Choices, choices.
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