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wake me up when it's 2008

Early this morning it was pissing down, I mean really pissing down, as in trying not to chuckle over the chap who was drenched by the massive bow wave the bus threw up over the footpath (because it's not nice and gives me adverse karma). But now it's all blue skies and sunshine and all the later comers are drifting in as fresh and dry as a daisy. It shouldn't be that way.

Ah well. At least I had four hours of peace and quiet to sip my tea and clean out my inbox, so I was, well, happy is going much too far, just not as pouty as I have been. Still grumbling over the coal in my Xmas stocking though. See if I try to be nice this year, bastards. Hmph.

They'll get theirs. Especially as after yesterday's indulgences (a double booking led to two sit down dinners) I'm back onto the old fruit and water diet. Not to mention grumpy, hormonal, overtired and staring down another birthday. I wouldn't want to be the one make me angry, but they never learn, alas.

So New Year's Eve was spent watching Dr Who on UKTV, sad, (deservedly, no doubt) friendless bitch that I am. And, zipping up my anorak tight here, I noticed that the TARDIS did not park on the paving stone as indicated in Torchwood, but rather 2m to the left of it. Stern letters to The Times will be written, mark my words. Also, Bad Wolf: lamest plot arc ever?

And even if Nigel Kneale, that master of British SF (insofar as British SF has done nowt but rehash Quatermass ever since, and yes, RTD, I am looking at you), did pre-empt Big Brother, with, well, Big Brother, that is no excuse for that excreable reality show episode. Gah!

But there was Jack. Ah, for the days when Capt Jack was a charming rogue (way to ruin a decent character, morons). Sigh.

NYD started off gloomy. I'd intended to have my last morning on the veranda with tea and book but no, it pissed down during my alloted breakfast slot, so I skulked indoors watching The Mayor of Casterbridge and Pride and Prejudice (the MM version, though they'd been playing the BBC one all week on Ovation, so I was just about Darcy-ed out, no, never, couldn't happen). I think I actually prefer the film, horrors, in all points but Wickham. Extremely poor casting of Mr W, there.

Then I had to mke up my plates of cold meats and dip 'n' chips (tzatziki and lavash, actually, in my feeble attempt to appear grown up and sophisticated) to take, lest they consider it a charity to feed us, at my annual summons to my Uncle's house. It wasn't too bad at first but alas the wine was in and the wit was out, so I lived up to my reputation, and I meant to try so hard to shut the fuck up. I even had my best frock on, though the posh shoes where quickly abandoned, if only for the fact that I keep sinking into the turf. Sigh. Another year written off as an abysmal failure.

Happily the day was redeemed by a delightful posh dinner at Tommy Thai (don't choke, the resturant that started out all vinyl tables and folding chairs is now very posh indeed, having moved up the road to new especially interior designed premises, bookings required). I had the roast duck and red curry with lychees. Bliss. Excellent company (I do so enjoy folks who can stretch from Saddam to Sontarans and back again), good wine, good food, good service.

Damn, I'll miss 'em. When they move interstate there will go the last shreds of my social life, as everyone will have fled this old town. At least, everyone I liked. Bugger.

Finished off the night with The West Wing, a panadol and a cup of tea. Ah, well.

And now the phone is ringing hot and it's same old, same old. So much for my resolution of "no more buttmonkey".

And, oh, look, the server's gone down again. Happy New Year. Mumble, grumble, grizzle, gripe.

Nevermind, there's a cute pic of Richard below, and Ultimate Force is coming onto UKTV.
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Update: Fucktards! The Sponge wanted to use my net account (oh yes, shiny new PC, so much better than mine, don't you know) but I couldn't remember the password (it logs in automatically) and instead of having a simple form to fill in to get password like every other effing site, they said to phone, so I phoned and said I forgot my password and the bitch changed it. So now I have to change everything only I can't because you have to be online to change it and I can't get online because the bitch changed it and arrrgh!


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