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thunder in the mountains

Hey ho. I'm not used to writing a journal entry all in one burst, but as my insane masters du jour are bumping and thumping and stomping away downstiars, I'll just have to try and improvise.

It'll also have to be quick because that rumbling renting the air that I keep telling myself is the 10:15 to Tokyo is, I suspect, actually not.

Actually did the kitchen yesteday. Actually had help. Is that one Xmas miracle or two? Certainly it made it get done quicker, that and my Frank cds, of course.

Further miracles occured when the local takeway actually had roast duck on the menu (I was desperate for duck, but usually it's "Duck's orf, luv"). And it rained this morning, so no getting up at 6am to water the garden and wrestle with giant spiders.

And someone gave me something very schmick for Xmas. Just what I wanted. Okay, so it's not nice to be that materialistic, but fun.

Yesterday I was up at 4am getting in my Jonas fix before it got too hot. I was bemused to see Joseph Millson pop up as a bad cop (he was the mongooses' bitch in Casino Royale. Ah, dear Joseph, always playing screwups. (Well, I understand criminality and incompetence run in the family, heh, or is it just the lower branches - snerk). The other week he was in New Tricks. I really should mention him more as I do like him, but I'm just a bit coy, in this one instance.

Anyways, we did indeed have the burnout copper episode in Ghost Squad and it was very, very Tom Quinn, but it wasn't Pete, who is apparently as shallow as a kiddie's wading pool. No the copper in freefall was played explosively by Jason Flemyng (who also doesn't get enough press on my Brit list, but mainly because I just forget to go looking).

That episode also had the promised sex scene (Jonas had mentioned somewhere that RH is the only sex free role he's had) but it hardly counted. More nudity please.

Never mind. There were some cute Pete moments, but whenever I think he's about to get a bit of plot, he's banished back to skulking in the bushes. Ah well.

Also watched repeats of Spooks and Dr Who on UKTV (tried to stay up for Bodie at midnight but couldn't do it, Morse is tv mogadon for me) and that's about it.

A few blog worthy lines from friends, like the one who thought my saying 'I've just got to give the parrot a biscuit' was a euphenism for something. Sadly, no, it was one of my fave semi-pets peering in through the door hopefully while I was on the phone.

The other one was while I was scanning I noted Dakota Fanning was getting older which could only mean one thing. "Liquor stores?" supplied Peanut Gallery helpfully. Heh, no, I was just thinking no more movies, but I wouldn't say no to anything else the wheel of fortune chose to cough up. Sometimes the schadenfreude can be so good one feels one ought to buy tickets.

Oh, there was one other gem, but it's escaped my poor addled brain entirely. And speaking of addled, AP is getting impossible, though leaving the tin of choccie bickies atop the oven at least removes them from temptation. Too much sugar over Xmas makes me psycho alas, so I am trying to watch it, but it's hard when it's there for the taking.

Okay, will go now. Happy whatever your holiday persuasion (there's a very funny made the press PC run riot story about Xmas in our office, but that's a tale for friends only, I feel, alas).

Oh, and Stranger? Your email account is giving me error messages. Just fyi if you think I've not been replying, it's not been for want of trying.
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