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Yesterday. Highs and lows. Lunch and old mate were great, but the apres work shopping and the getting home and the arsehole bus driver taking way me past my stop, resulting in forced march of a few kms with Xmas shopping (groceries and presents) made for an unhappy me.

Still, there was Titus and Jonas, ah, my pillars of escapism. Actually there was Charlie, too, while I was having a tea of whatever cold leftovers I could find in the fridge.

So, Jonas, being fetchingly angsty but sadly still playing second fiddle to the furniture. And, also, he's B plot boy. Poor lad.

Okay, episide 4 of Ghost Squad does play out exactly as expected, almost like clockwork. Amy still isn't the world's most sympathetic character, even less so as she has to lie to folks, and everything seems to be solved by stealing phones and flipping through sent messages (how very Bond) but never mind.

Dear little Jonas was all upset over lying and being ineffectual, which is a shame as that seems to be his sole job description, and I'd be hoping for a Tom Quinn style burnout but I fear Jonas lacks the intensity to bring it off. I'll never know, alas the disk the last two episodes were on got damaged. My bad.

EvilChannelNine are playing Rome again, or bits of it, anyway, but at least there were a few, quite of few of my fave Titus scenes so I was happy. I wuv Titus. The hard bastard with the heart of gold.

Yep, I think we've roughly identified the sort of types I go for now. There's the hard bastard with the heart of gold (Titus Pullo, Gene Hunt, Jack Regan, etc) and the weedy effeminate Blue Peter presenter type, usually overly earnest and given to a great deal of angsting and sulking.

Give me a show with a hard bastard and an angsty snag and I'm there. When is LOM starting, again?

Hey ho. Finally achieved a couple of things on the Xmas wish list. Weirdly, everyone who asked for Jason King (and there were several) is getting Jason King, everyone who asked me for dragon's eggs and singing harps are getting toilets.

I've strung my work area with blinky lights and either folks are too polite to comment or too zombied out to notice. Le sigh.

Ack. Sign me up for traitors r us. I just had one of those terrible conflict of interest moments, doing something for work that I'm 100% opposed to with every fibre of my being. You really can't change the system from within, I'm learning, in hard bitch slappy lessons. There was some bemusement though in the fact that I was picked for my expert knowledge which came from an old high school project (yes, usually we have more expertise on the ground but it's Xmas and everyone else has gone home - see also: self sacrificing spinters). Finally, the one and only time I've used something from a high school project in adult life.

I'm supposed to be off shopping now, my half day, but no. This means grumpiness. And I did wake up Xmassy. See, lights, stupid santa hat, mince tarts. Sigh.

And I hear it's hot as Hades back home, so no Jonas tonight. Whimper.

If Scrooge does let me away from my desk, it's off to brave that 7th circle of Hell that is DJs on Xmas Eve.

Merry frggin' Xmas.
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