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So I finally got to see Casino Royale. This was after spending the previous day working to You Only Live Twice and Man With The Golden Gun (Renewable energy? You fiend!). And can I just pause to mention how appalled I was at the casual extreme non PC-ness of Man With the Golden Gun. It got so bad we reckoned even Gene would be wincing up the back of the cinema. You Only Live Twice was hokey, but Golden Gun had quite a few jaw dropping 'you can't say that on television' moments. At least it put Gene nicely in context, the very model of a modern Chief Inspector.

Though it also featured the infamous bridge leap. You know, the one I was waiting for Ewan and Charlie to do when they got to that washed out bridge in Long Way Round. ;)

Anyhoo, Casino Royale. Well, what can I say? I knew Daniel would be good and I knew he would be sexy, but OMG, woof. He da man.

Sure my friend complained that the parkour scene was a platform game, but I loved it, and I loved the fact that for the first time ever we had a visceral physical Bond who actually looked like the barely leashed killer he's meant to be. I thought the humanity in the chase was terrific: Bond wasn't perfect: he missed, he fell, he bruised. What a complete change from Pierce or Roger, who never turned a hair.

I also really appreciated how they finally woke up to the fact that a few well placed bullets can be far more impressive than an invisible car, in the scene were James instantly usurped my love for Adam Carter, the scene now indeliably described by a dear friend as "bangbangkillASPOLDEY!*poof*". Heh.

Oh yeah, James Bond was back, and back in my heart, and I had forgotten anyone had ever played the role before (which is something from a lifelong Bond freak with the bookcases to prove it). Oh, James, as the film tottie are always saying.

I was surprised how close they clung to the book, though this of course meant that between the book and the trailer there was precious little plot for me to be surprised by, but never mind, drooling over Daniel did suffice.

And the testicular torture scene? I gotta say, I was surprised when I heard this scene was actually in the film - I never thought I'd see it in my lifetime. Mind you, it lost a little something as all I could think of were those pap shots of the two boys out shopping together in Coppenhagen. Just for once a magazine shot really did impinge on the story, just a bit. And can I just say, wtf was Ian thinking? Sick, sick puppy :)

Sadly, Mads disappointed just a bit. He was a little too arch. I know, too arch for a Bond villain? Is there such a thing? Well, yes, a bit, when Daniel was going for Spooks style near reality.

Loved the naughty school boy thing he had with M. It's vaguely Freudian with a whiff of the old public school nanny thing that was done so well in The Avengers. Ooh, scold me again, M!

And how much did I love Tobias as the new Moneypenny? It'll be so hard to watch him as Brutus after seeing him to the whipped office boy so well.

I liked Vesper and I liked the attempts at old school banter between the two, almost, but not quite North by Northwest (sadly they don't quite get there, but they tried). Though I'm not sure about the whole leaping into the lap of a man whose just had a proper bollocking. Obviously James is made of sterner stuff.

I liked seeing Venice again :) This time, no pidgeon doubletakes. Yay!

This is the first Bond film I've looked forward to in a long time, and the first I've run out to see in a decade. If nothing else, Daniel deserves credit for making Bond credible again. It was a good gamble. Ahem.

It was a grand day out, too. A friend invited me out, we had a fine lunch like actual grown ups, with wine and everything, and then chose the best seats for blue budgie smuggler viewing. These things are important, you know :)

The whole weekend was taken up with spies because it was a Spooks double that night. Now I was/am a huge Tom fan, but Adam has won me over, at last, so this time 'round, when he shows up, I'm a bit like Rose when Jack shows up: "Finally, a professional". Heh. How fickle am I? And it's a bit unfair to compare Tom and Adam because Tom has been pretty much on a slide from super spy since halfway through series one, so he's not on top form, and he certainly never went to pieces like Adam just did, so fair's fair. But this time instead on loathing Adam on sight as the new boy, I was happy to see him, so it has completely spun around my viewing of the episodes.

And Zoe and Danny are complete arseholes, actually, and pretty much deserve what they get, being or so trusting and supportive of Tom. Hmph. I've actually loathed Zoe this time around. Hysterical, disloyal bitch.

So, that's we're we're up to with Spooks on UKTV. Goodbye Tom, hello Adam.

We also had the end of S1 Dr Who, with the Doctor and Rose being parted - a recurring motif or repetition, I can't decide.

Last's night tv though, where to start? Well, there was State of Play, with big squees over John, Phil and James. Especially Phil for when he leant on the desk, all cranky like (Gene!) and John being ever so slightly weasely (Sam!) and James just being, well, adorable.

Then ah, to choose between Richard and Jonas, I couldn't, especially as I knew they both had very fetching scenes of extreme cuteness in the episodes on offer. I watched one and played the other, it was the only way, lest I go mad like the dog in that Devo song. Teachers had poor Jonas being harrassed by his recently dumped teacher and the dear lad managed some fine looks of wickedness, exasperation and even a baby look of death. Aw. Actually, I really just love him when he's being flirty. Very, very cute.

Richard meanwhile was also being flirty, in that stiff and clumsy and slightly cringeworthy way of his. He always looks like he'd break if he cracked a smile, but my, he is dashing. And brushes up very nicely in a suit, if I may say so.

Stuck on Jonas as I was, though, I popped in another episode of Ghost Squad. Best one yet (I should have stuck at it). Poor Pete is still limited to cryptic comments and lurking in bushes, but the plot about the angry old school copper twisted in a way I anticipated but wasn't expecting (let's just say my expectations of British television have been lowered considerably) so I was pleasantly surprised to find the story awash with greys, conflicts, confusion and fallibility, and deeply appreciating that the story didn't leap to the most obvious conclusions or follow a single-minded track. Bad guys weren't all bad, in fact they were actually rather good, just piss poor at presentation, and good guys weren't quite so good (having their own agendas). The muddied waters, constantly changing perceptions and flawed characters do, in fact, lift this show to an above average score, when it works. I'm giving it a B+.

Now if they could give Pete something to do other than skulking in bushes and stealing food in other people's kitchens (does he have a home to go to?) I'd be happy. And yes, I noticed than whenever he pops up he's often stealing any food that's lying about. For a lad as skinny as Jonas, it's kinda quirky. Ah well, at least they've given him a surname and a quirk. That's something, I suppose. Oh, and I'm still grinning over the "it'd be like shagging a ferret" line. Indeed.

Meanwhile I found a cheap charm necklace in the style of Ruth's and I was wearing it today, being in self sacrificing spinster mode (and I will spare you the tales of how I had to drag the bins back in because precious things of mine were chucked, I'll be dumpster diving tonight, what fun, the many large, large spiders that crawled over me during my first attempt and and the ring cycle quest for impossible items everyone has asked for this Xmas) but I had to take it off because it was heavy and jangling and tinkling and I've a shocking headache (see RL merde) and that was just an irritation too far. Character forming, said a friend, of my jewellery trials. More like a Mediaeval torture, I thinks to myself. Wear that for a day and I'll be confessing.

Oh, and yesterday when I was joking about getting my BBC stuff in brown paper bags? Well, at the ABC shop in the QVB they've finally got Doctor Who S2 but it's kept under the counter and you have to ask for it, FYI. A nod and a wink and they'll slide it across to you suitably bagged.

Just came back from lunch, a great, fabulous lunch with one of the ex-colleagues I dearly miss. This was in return for sending her a card, which rather makes up for the sour grapes elsewhere. Good company, good food, good wine and another smashing game of whose masters are the loopiest. Okay, that was my xmas luncheon. That was my island of happy.

Well, that and watching Jonas late at night. Oh, I had some further rant re Robin Hood but I've entirely forgotten what it was so you're spared today. It was either some comment on Robin's willowyness (though the unkind ferret line comes to mind again) or the abuses of Much's human rights, or studies upon Guy's surliness. Something, anyhoo. I haven't even committed that fic to paper yet and I better soon as I'm about twenty pages in now and I'm starting to forget the beginning.

Fortunately my current D&P book is all about sticking the boot into the archaic landed gentry, so it's giving me lots of ideas. Like how Robin is all very high handed about taxation now, when his income before proscription derived solely from the rents/tithes paid to him by his tennants. It is interesting though that Robin, in the traditions at least, practices his feudal duties by protecting and aiding those who need protection and aid (sadly seen to less effect in the series in lieu of ninjas, but never mind). I wonder when the day for settling accounts was in Locksley?
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