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should auld acquaintance be pissed off

Oh, I knew yesterday's post would stir up an ant's nest, but I went and posted it anyways. I guess Ms Coffee Nerves is still in the house, and she's partying with Ms PMS, Ms Sleep Deprivation and Ms Diet.

You know, if I was well slept, stayed off the crank diets and kept away from the coffee I'd probably be a decent person. I'd probably still have friends at any rate. Once upon a time, when my life included more sleep and less coffee, I did have a very active social life, so many invitations on New Years I'd have to pick the best two or three. This year it's me and a hot Milo in front of the tube to watch Farscape. Milo is a choclate drink like ovaltine, not a cute young Italian boy, just in case you thought I wasn't being entirely sad.

Did try to flirt with a cute Greek boy on the bus home last night but I scared him away, and I don't blame him. Ms Coffee Nerves personfified (mad look, hair awry, etc) and I was wearing my comfy Chinese peasant shoes that made all the African ladies at the bustop tsk and snigger.

Re my xmas: had a few remarks so far, mostly sympathetic. Actually, I wasn't posting for pity, just trying to describe my National Lampoon holiday with all the pathos it deserved :D

I was trying for a perfect tv Xmas and ended up with the Simpsons, more or less. [shrug] It happens. Next year I'll try to let go of the bad and hang onto the good, rather than try and pummel the bad into shape. And I've decided that just cause other people are mean, it's no reason for me to be. So I'm going to start being generous again, in small ways, so at least I can feel that I'm trying.

I don't know why I'm so bitter and twisted these days, though as I walked home yesterday it was hard to ponder this over the racket of all the nasty young boys calling me a fat c--t and variations upon that theme as I trudged home. I'm sure I'm allowed a certain amount of miserabubbleness when I'm loudly mocked and insulted the entire trip home. It's demoralising. It makes me want to hurt back. This year, I'm going to try and sit on that impulse again (and probably explode again at an inopportune moment but what can a girl do?)

Updates: having run out of space on the page, and lacking the finaces and wits to set up my own server etc I've started posting to me list, over at Today I posted pics of Orlando, Jason Isaacs, Ewan and Robson to the files section.

Okay, absolutely, positively having my half day off today, cause I have errands to run if nowt else, so I probably won't get any ficcing done, and tis a pity cause it's just me here today - and the urge to TP the place is almost overwhelming - snerk. As it is I actually have some work to do still, sigh.

Max and Michael. Pic nicked from scifi.about.comMax in Steve Kilbey mode. Pic nicked from
Last night's Roswell: We're up to the episode where that blonde bitch Tess steals Max away from Liz. Blondes are always bitches, don't like 'em much myself. It's like being cute and blonde and perky ain't enough, they've got to go steal boyfriends. Grrr. So, anyway, Tess is evil, evil, evil. And the old Max is helpless to resist routine? Oh yeah, I'd like a dollar for everytime I heard that. She bewitched me, yeah, right. If she wasn't so stuck on him I'd be telling Liz to go shopping elsewhere. This is where Max stops being cute and starts being, well, pretty much a scuzzbucket himself and I think it might of hurt Roswell, having a hero who could be so damn unlikeable. Not that it doesn't make for good drama, it's just that when you're aiming at the teeny market I think you need a few redeeming qualities. Weirdly, Michael went from nasty outsider to loveable screwup very quickly. Actually it's kind of funny, that Michael and Isobel started the series as cold fish, yet Max ended it as the cold fish. It's very strange to be watching season 1 on Mondays and season 3 on Thursdays. Hey, at least the characters evolved or mutated, it's better than staying static. I just think Roswell shot it's wad too soon. Understandable, given the constant threat of cancellation, but it glossed over a lot of rich story ideas and it just screams for decent, lengthy, fan fic. Oh oh. No, I've got so many other fics to finish, don't even think about it. Put down the pretty boys and step away from the word processor with your hands up. Now.

Happy New Year!

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