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resistance is useless

That was weird. I was looking up Wiki just to browse for ideas on the duties that might be expected of a young man in the service of a vain and vacuous young lord, and damn me if not three clicks later I'm looking at a picture of Jonas, being all broody and such. Don't mess with the meta, obviously.

And yes, I know Wiki contains much that is inaccurate and hypocryphal, and if I was using it as my primary source in a phd dissertation I'd be buggered, but as I'm just browsing for ideas to flesh out a pwp, and considering the woeful source material which inspired said pwp, Wiki will suffice.

Just as well, as I threw out four folders worth of serious scholary stuff on one R. Hood back in August. Why did I do that, exactly? Never snort and tell the universe you'll never write fic involving men of the forest again, because that's just asking for it, apparently. Never make such dares out loud, or you will be bewitched into watching a man described as "an effeminate Blue Peter presenter who would fall over in a strong wind." Oh, the horror, the shame, the humiliation. (And why isn't Ghost Squad out on dvd, so that I might be completely degraded?).

Please come back, Sam & Gene. Though I'm awaiting S2 with a bubbling mix of delight and dread (no news on a start date yet).

Meanwhile, Xmas? Bah humbug! It's karma, I know. I've been looking for so Sixties it hurts Chrissy paper for years and back in October I finally found it and trotted home with it, tail up, the works. That'll learn me. This year everyone has been either difficult, ie asking for items not in stock and/or impossible to come by or being dreadfully snotty, such as the email reply to one of my cards stating that they would have preferred the money I'd spent on the card to go to a charity. Were they at least charity cards I'd sent, I was asked. No, they were not. So there was me, feeling like a complete and utter shit for sending out Xmas cards. So I bought them a toilet. Nothing says FU like a charity lifesaving toilet. I'll let the higher powers decide which percentage is charitable intent and which percentage is two fingers and a raspberry.

But, does anyone want ducks for Xmas? I want to buy some Oxfam ducks.

Speaking of ducks, it's weather for ducks. Yesterday it was 38C. Today it's 18C, which is cold enough to fell us tropical folks (we're oficially tropical now, and the blue butterflies that danced around me yesterday were proof enough). we're all huddled up with scarves and gloves - very Dickens. But at least it means dvds tonight - grin. It also pissed down while I was out at lunch - typical. Eased back once I slopped back indoors again. Total rain god, me (HHGTTG quote #2).

Yeah, yeah, I'm gagging to see 007 but it's not been a good week for me and I'd be all cross and not enjoy it (HHGTTG quote #3).

Hmmm, I think I might buy a few of those $10 business loans from Oxfam as cheap gifts for cheap bastards, especially as I read it was a good way to help someone (it was a long article on Robin Hood economics but I'll spare you). Better than a box of chocolates, and something positive at least since everyone is being so impossible (like I need impossible, not being able to cope with the demands of work and household as it is). Whatever happened to being happy with a bar of soap?

Last night's telly. Well, it was a hot day so I was supposed to be working but I was all wooby on account of being bus sick again (a great case of effing hell until I remembered eating the cup of cherries G had kindly bartered for a cup of milk) so I just watched telly, which was basically a really, really cheesy Italian detective thing called Don Matteo which was just too, too silly and heartwarming for me, though it was sadly weird to hear a man of faith quietly and genuinely speak of hope, tolerance and forgiveness (instead of the usual fire and brimstone of US evangelists in tv shows these days).

Then I watched Charlie and that was it. There was Rome, but it was on super late and no doubt butchered. I attempted to set the tv to tape it, we'll see how that went tonight, maybe. Good to try it on something I already have, I reckon. Actually, I think I need to top up my Ray watching this week (even if Rome does feature someone from Torchwood - eewww, and hopefully no Risen Mitten for Niobe).
The boss who banned Christmas
Small submarine, big questions
Leading light of the harbour bows out
Arctic ice gone by 2040: scientists,,2-2502630,00.html
'CSI effect' is teaching criminals to cover tracks
Composer Morricone to receive Oscar
Back In Black-Supernatural Style
'Squirrel' was first mammal to fly 125 million years ago
Keats House will be restored to original 19th-century condition
Museums prove a bigger draw than football attraction than football
Ipswich murders: Anatomy of a manhunt
Batman (army)
Robin Hood
Robin Hood and the Monk
Robin Hood
Chinese man's long arms saves dolphins
Spanning three generations, a landmark is honoured
Sienna, it ain't me babe
Life in Elizabethan England 14: Masters and Servants
The Steward in Matters Domestical
12th century
12th Century bathing
12th Century animals
Medicine in Twelfth Century Scotland
12th century underwear
Medieval Medicine
12th Century Life
Resistance is futile

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