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Mr Postman brought me two pieces of joy yesterday. One was an unexpected and delightful pressie from a dear friend (thank you!). The other was a postcard of a giant spud. This postcard had proved more elusive than the Snark, but finally, at last, success. It's being popped on the wall (blu tak willing), pride of place.

I'm not sure though, which is more disturbing: my boundless affection for over large fruit and veg or the friends who happily indulge me - grin. Mind you, the very next day the SMH publishes it's very own pic of a giant spud. Freaky. This week has been brought to you by tubers of unusual size.

Speaking of matters vegetative, forgot to mention that I was listening to Weeds while I was cleaning up yesterday. a friend has been rtying to get me to watch it for a while, but the PR didn't sound promising. I was wrong. I wasn't watching it, but from the sound of it, my gosh, how did something so wicked and subversive spring from the loins of ultraconservative America? I suppose it's a reactionary piece, and a very funny one it was, too. All the guff was about issues of middle class morality, etc (yawn), but basically, I just liked listening to the characters say outrageously cruel things to each other. Sometimes I'm not into that vitriolic sense of humour, sometimes (like labouring late at night), I am.

Last night was another late one, especially as I couldn't find my dvds packed away in the spare room (the light blew and everything, and I wasn't about to go fetch the spider habitat that is the ladder in the dark). So I had to get my fix on tv.

Ultimate Force, which I swear was on Nine the last time it graced our screens, picked up at the start of series two (I hear series three is when it straps on the water skis, alas). This week we still had wee Jamie, giving full range to his various expressions of bafflement, before we get into the Richard action. Ah well. Never mind, because finally, in Teachers, we had arrow boy.

So there I was, watching Teachers, when I heard a very familiar Lancs accent (and it disturbs me that I recognised it right off) and there he was, young Jonas. Very young Jonas. To my utter horror, playing a student, not a teacher. How much of a lech am I? Still, he was playing student shagging a teacher, and I got to seem him all scrubbed up, well, as scrubbed as that scruffy young lad will ever be, pink fluffy towel n all. Pretty.

And now that I've seen him be all flirty and sexy elsewhere, I know when he's being all flirty and sexy with Much. Heh. And he gets very flirty when he wants Much to do something for him (the little sociopath).

Still, it's interesting to see Robin being so much nicer to Much when they're alone together. It's one of the things that bothers me, that Robin condones, joins in and encourages the bullying of Much. I suppose it's because I'm used to, in shows, the more usual template of "I can pick on him til the cows come home but god help any of you bastards if you try". Also, it's not nice.

At least the Sheriff is aware of Much's importance to Robin and tries to use him accordingly. I think Much was very surprised that the Sheriff, if no one else, remembered Robin's broken promises - if only to graphically remind Much to test his loyalties.

I really like that Much wasn't made out to be a complete idiot and that he tried his best, thought on his feet and remained steadfastly loyal to those he cared about, Robin, as always, above all others. I do think Much is underestimated by all, but Sam does seem to be playing him as a Shakespearian fool, the comedy sidekick who sees all and is often more cunning and a man of better quality than the 'hero', more deeply aware of his own flaws, wants and needs, but also able to compensate or work around them.

Okay, so I just really, really empathise with Much being everyone's buttmonkey, 'kay?

Which is probably why I was bemused to see ancient Buffy on the SF channel, with Xander, another unregarded hero, and the preying mantis teacher, which segued so nicely into Teachers, though I was bemused that the teacher was the one behaving like a jilted teen, as they do on Teachers. It's actually quite funny when reversed, funnier than it should be.

Btw, I've discovered, to my surprise, that Jonas went to RADA. Um, not that I was google stalking him or anything, much. But it does loop back nicely into The Bullshitters, which amuses me greatly.

Oh, I think I shall have to watch another episode of arrow boy tonight. Quite possibly the one where he tells Much he loves him, though whether he means it or not, well. I think he does, in his own way.

What's more amusing, right now, is the violent passion the lad seems to have for Richard aka Dick Dastardly. Hmmm.

I mean, never mind Richard's reputation as a man's man, which makes Robin's constant references even more eyebrow raising, but for all of Robin's rhetoric, it's odd that he so worships a king, who, well, let's just say wasn't exactly kind to minorities or the little folk, nor particulary honourable or trustworthy. Robin must be blinded by love, extremely naive or both. (Hmmm, fic idea where Much comtemplates being a sushi sister with the king of England, and wondering when Robin will see Ricard for the utter bastard he is, Robin not being privy to the servant's gossip, but, even still, he should know the sort of man he went to battle for, it's a puzzler).

And I was also thinking there an odd parallel, as yet unexplored, between Guy and Much, both somewhat used and abused and taken for granted and treated like idiots. Though they both offer good reasons for the being treated like idiots bit, one has to realise there's a certain deference built into the whole appearing like an idiot schitck. One does not show up one's lord and master if one can help it.

I could also nitpick the wild historical inaccuracies, the clock references and using the wrong calendar for starters, but that's somewhat churlish considering the setting of Robin in the reign og Richard is a Victorian invention. Previously, he'd been placed with one of the Edwards, as his valet, no less.

Better still to take aim at the woeful costumes, the hardcore panto of Keith and the dire, dire "performance" of Ms Griffith, who reads her lines with the enthusiasm of a checkout chick asking for a price check.

Jonas I wasn't sure about, but he's grown on me, and I'm not sure whether Richard's pained boredom is acting or not, but it kinda works. The rest of the cast aren't worth writing about, something the script writers seemed to have formed consensus on, though I wish more stories featured Much or Allan, as they can, actually, almost carry an episode.

But all this is not getting my LOM fics finished. Sorry. Very busy (time enough to babble a few paragraphs here, but not enough to construct a proper narrative framework and fill it out with prose of rare genius, etc, and yes, I am being silly), and I keep forgetting my disk (which is Freudian enough itself). Gene really needs to be more proactive (I can't believe I just said that). I think I left him sulking on the sofa, in the dark...
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