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Gah! This is not boding well for putting together this week's Brit list. The server's up and down like a whore's drawers, as my Dad used to say. The servers have been completely A over T all week, thanks to the pointy headed lads deciding that now, as we race towards end of year deadlines, it'd be a good time to muck about with the servers, you know, like guys used to pull apart their cars over the weekends, just because they could. Like bloody roadworks at Xmas, grumbled a sympathetic colleague.

Of course, I should have spent my brekkie time more productively, for me, anyway, working on some flights of fancy, instead of just wrestling with an effing piece of junk that won't give me what I want, but I'm just stubborn that way.

Besides, I keep telling myself I need to check a few facts first before I commit my loopy ideas to paper (though why I would bother when one considers the source material...).

Btw, last night's episode: !
That's all I have to say on the matter. Well, that and I'll probably be tuning into Ultimate Force tonight (my dvds are all packed away still) to watch Sir Guy take over from Capt. Apollo. And Teachers, too, for the weedy one. Oy, I've got it bad for bad British actors (and I don't care). And besides, last night's episode. Oh my.

Actually, my evening was bookended by arrow boy and his likely lads, et al. Sorta, kinda. Got home extraordinarily early and polished the silver during Time Team (and no, that's not an sly analogy for anything fun, alas). Tony Robinson once played the Sheriff, so that's #1. There was more work and then I treated myself to another episode of the frankly disturbing yet sadly completely crap yet I just can't help myself it's probably the black leather Robin Hood. Another stint of labours and it was time to collapse again, and there was Our Errol, swanning about in uber-metrosexual green tights, with his equally 'special' friend in red.

I'm sorry, it was just a bit too late at night for that degree of candy coloured campness. Oh my, and re the merry men, there should be an age limit with tights as there should be with lycra. I don't think I was drunk enough for Little John's YELLOW tights. Mind you, it's the first time I've seen it on the telly with actual colours (yes, for years I've watched various Robins of the Hood on an old telly that had no green, for my sins).

Funny how Guy starts off as almost menancing, albeit in a vaguely panto way, but he's rapidly degenerated into cartoon villain incompetency over the decades. Mind you, dear Richard does his best to squeeze every drop of angst and conflict from the lemon of a role he's been given. It would actually work if he and Keith were actually playing it as if they were in the same show, if you know what I mean. But never mind (holy cow, last night's episode!).

Btw, if anyone gets any tired and emotional Xmas cards from me, it was v.late and I was distracted by Errol's bright green pantyhose. Sorry.

Not to mention the bright orange - smirk. Curtains for one of the lads, anyway - double smirk (ooh, he scrubs up purty though).

Um, yes. Not entirely sensible today and everything workwise is utterly stuffed. Am going to read Things you have learned from Robin Hood again, because it made me LOL.

And now I shall go back to drooling over Guy, who sadly is getting no action in my fic because I really, really don't want to imagine what goes on in the castle. Some things really are just too disturbing (like big orange curtains...).

PS. Torchwood: Gah. More later when I can compose myself, but we're talking B Ark here.
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