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I have spoons. I wasn't actually expecting to be rewarded for doing the right thing. That feels, wrong, somehow, though perhaps even more selfishly I was only doing the right thing to prove to myself that I'm not the total c**t people keep telling me I am.

Anyways, the mature aged fan in the now infamous Dan video was so thrilled that I burnt her a dvd (and why on earth would I not?) she bought me a pressie. Aw, shucks, Ma'am.

Btw, she's still high on cloud girlie squee, happily proving that you're never too old.

Which is a comfort. Especially after a weekend on my knees playing at Cinders again (getting way too old for this s**t, and somebody nearly ended up wearing a bucket of opaque water, I can tell you - do not critique the hormonal, unpaid help). Also, the hairdresser declared that they'd have do extra work to manage the grey hairs I've sprouted since my last visit, this before turning me red, which I clearly said I did not want, and doing odd things to my fringe. Gah. see if I go back there again. See if I go back to that mall again, where even the escalators had it in for me, speeding up and slowing down like some candid camera prank. I opted for the stairs. It's probably programmed that way, so send us tubbos onto the stairs (never mind that my knees were cactus after two days of scrubbing).

So anyway, that was my weekend. Scrubbing, polishing, attempting something with my hair, and Mr Bond. A lot of Mr Bond actually, as I had Goldfinger and Never Say Never playing on the telly while I worked on Sunday.

Btw, all that stuff about Daniel being a shortarse is bollocks. He's of average height, I will grant you, but he's no midget freak like many of the celebs on the red carpet and he's certainly heaps taller than Ewan McGregor, though poor Ewan wasn't entirely vertical at the time, so my estimation may be a little distorted - evil smirk.

Anyways, you can see from the film all there was to my experience of Daniel. He's pretty, he was very sweet and he made me forget my aching feet, which these days is pretty bloody miraculous. Can't wait to see the film when it opens for the plebs. I love a Bond film. Been a fan since I was two or three.

Also watched some Avengers (my mega Emma box set finally arrived after a very long tour of Europe) including the very seasonal Too Many Christmas Trees, which features a Goldfinger in-joke. Is it just me, or are all Santas evil in British SF? A curious cultural phenom. One I am deepy amused by.

Speaking of SF, finally have achieved the Sci Fi channel, a decade and a day late. They promised it ten years ago, and the day it was supposed to be launched, Foxtel went off for 24 hours, nationwide. Not even a little blue message telling us not to read a book or get a life. No such chance, though. It was one of those stinky sweltering nights so I just stayed on the couch, watched free-to-air tv, which, I must say, I was impressed by the quality of the signal, I think it's actually improved since the aerial was blown over and overgrown by jasmine. Just Smallville and the last bit of Prime Suspect. At least I got some British coppers on my Friday night (I start shaking if I don't get British bobbies hovering grimly over some crime scene at least once a week). Jack Davenport was on the ABC, but alas that was beyond the reach of the entangled and keeled over coathanger of an aerial. But, still, I paid all that money, had to install the bloody thing myself and then it goes off air. I was mite disgruntled. Or as disgruntled as I could manage on a cauldron hot Friday evening.

Still, it was there on Saturday and I just had it welded to the SF channel for most of the weekend. Sure, I have just about all of it on dvd, but, for reasons of habit I suppose, when I watch a dvd I like to sit there and properly watch it, and hell's bells if anyone disturbs me, but the tv is on to keep me company while working, and so I scrubbed and polished and dusted (not that you can tell at all, more's the pity) to Stargate, Atlantis, Buffy, Farscape, Thunderbirds, etc. Nice Sci Fi channel. Good Sci Fi channel.

I also decked the halls (more spiders!) and hung up the tree. I was delighted to bring out my London Bobby, my Centurion, my Beefeater and the Reverend, etc, although all dangling from the tree now, I realise it's starting to look like a traitor's tree. Heh. It wouldn't be me if my tree wasn't just ever so slightly disturbing.,22049,20870571-5001021,00.html
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