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I know, I know, I'm supposed to be finishing that damn fic but I just can't find a spare minute. Re-writes have also muddied the waters, somewhat. Hence the lack of online progress as I'm scribbling out new bits as the relationship definitely starts to fray under pressure. Poor lads. Of course, right now it's nigh impossible to write anything without "They Wont Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me" playing in my head (sadly not on YouTube, alas, must rectify that).

But enough about me (and the lads). On to TV:

Robin Hood. Poor Much is still being a mjor fire hazard, carrying around that big a torch in the forest. And Robin is still being mean to him. Bad boyfriend issues? You bet. Poor, poor unloved and unregarded Much.

'cause I gonna make you see
There's nobody else here
No one like me
I'm special, so special
I gotta have some of your attention
Give it to me

Of course, I'm reading way too much into it, but one could also say that about Robin's need to get the Sheriff's attention, at whatever cost. Daddy issues? Sugar daddy issues? All I want is a black clad psycho daddy for Xmas? Frelled if I know, but Robin ain't happy unless he's got the Sheriff's attention. It's just damned annoying that they're flirting around the flirting, as it were. They should shit or get off the pot, as me dad used to say, re the homoeroticism inherent within the setup.

I can see why people turned off, though. Trying to make Gisborne just misunderstood? Um, a little late in the game for that, alas, imho, when he was rather more fun being bad. Now any attacks smack of spite and jealously, rather than simply being awful for awful's sake, which is, weirdly, less noble. I dunno, because suddenly he's all needy clingy boy? Who are you, and what have you done with Guy?

In an episode resembling the Proposition, only done ala Maid Marion (I swear they're shooting off old Maid Marion scripts, which would expain Much's jumper, if nothing else) they killed off one of the M.Men I actually liked, replacing him with a knows everything character I loathe (the equivalent of the SF genius kid), and that's sucked 99.999% of the fun out of it, and perhaps even more so as she resembles so closely a very, very ex-friend (or, as they say in German, the bitch, the). Gah. So yeah, annoyance factor is now overtaking the small pleasures of slashiness.

I also think I'm far more sympathetic to Much than I should be, but I grew up with the Troughtons, so there's a lot of goodwill there. Sadly, Much seems to have been sidelined. Which also cuts into one of the few reasons why I was still watching. Btw, Sam is the dead spit of his dad, circa War Games (oh yes, nepotism ahoy). It was my Dad's fave Doctor Who episode, and one of my top five. Lots of goodwill there.

Also, it's like watching the Channel Nine version of Rome. Scenes stop abruptly, plots go nowhere. Bad writing/production, or did they really lose the tapes?

I thought that whole Russian Mafia Stole Our Master Tapes story was a total beatup, but the last two episodes I was had actual missing scenes (the sort of wtf jumps in narrative that I'm used to in our butchered local versions) and badly edited bad takes so I'm beginning to think it was true. Damn. The Russian Mafia stole my slash.

I'm beginning to think this is one of those shows where the fan fic would be more fun than the actual show (provided none of the shows writers write any of the fan fic, mind). One could have so much fun with the whole Much/Robin/Sheriff/Gisborne/Marion trapzoid thang, and with Robin trying to steampunk ideas of socialism, the welfare state (btw, ducks, you'll need taxes for that), fair trade, make poverty history, peace in the middle east, tolerance (nice try, the silly fool) and anything else the modern metrosexual Guardian reading snag thinks he should be quoting over his morning latte. Not that such ideas weren't around then, twas actually a time of great socio-economic reform, but Robin has excruciatingly anachronistic ideas, it should be cute but it just doesn't quite make it. Actually, if they tried some actual proper steampunk ala Wild, Wild West, it's probably work better. It'd at least give Robin something to do other than making pretty speeches (and batting his eyeslashes at the sheriff).

But really, I just want to know if the sheriff has bunny slippers to go with the pjs.

Deadwood: the last of Deadwood. Talk about leaving me hanging. Fek! Talk about seat of the pants viewing. Al made some nice speeches and some nice moves. Ruthless things were done to maintain the status quo, very much like a 19thC episode of Spooks, really. Same kind of concerns re keeping order in a seething mass of armed and vicious monkeys, all with their own agendas, and the hard decisions and the bitter losses and setbacks. Great stuff. It was amusing to see alliances shift and change, too, as first season's antagonists unite against a common foe.

I liked the little window into Al, too, that he wasn't about to kill Trix on account of her having nursed him. Nice to know Al rememberrs a favour. Oh, but to end it there, though. We never even got to see the theatre open, and they had Brian Cox (who could star in his very own game of six degrees, with the volume he occupies in my dvd collection, from Simm to Bean and everywhere inbetween).

The Professionals/The Sweeney: were brought to you by laser sighted rifles. Yep, in one of those weird programming quirks, both episodes featured these newfangled laser sighted rifles, though the one on the Sweeney was more Tubeway Army than anything else (hilarity ensued). Sadly, having watched The Bulshitters, I wasn't taking it all quite as seriously as I could have, which is a shame, because both episodes were pretty good. Doyle was having the usual bad girlfriend trouble (women are always bad news on the Profs) and Jack was having GF trouble of a different sort, having been put on a health kick - I'm surprised it didn't kill him, cutting out the booze and fags like that. The Sweeney actually touched upon the IRA this time, with a rather topical drugs for guns scam that was very realistic part from the minor comedy at the furniture shop. No textual sleepovers for either set of boys this week though, alas. Shame.

I think though I was too busy being amused by all the pretty posing by the CI5 boys. Way too much Bullshitters in my diet. And I've never actually watched them next to each other, so I'd never noticed just how note perfect Jim Broadbent's take on Jack Regan was. Perfect - smirk. How he didn't win a BAFTA I'll never know.

Doctor Who on Saturday upset me a bit - daddy issues, what can I say? Sunday's Doctor Who brought us Jack, back when he was a loveable rogue. Remember when, eh? Before he, too, suffered the horrors of re-tooling. I imagine my poor fave characters being strapped down on the spy splitting table ala Goldfinger, only in the case of Jack and Guy, they really do lose their nads.

Honestly. If they must ripoff Angel on TW, can they not watch the episodes? For all his brooding and dark past angst, Angel had a fey and quirky sense of humour, and the little narcissistic touches always made me giggle (just watch Angel if someone gets more attention than he does, or if they comment on his appearance - it's a tick that even a ham like DB never forgot to play).

Anyway, it was nice to see Jack MKI and realise why I liked the character, because lately, I had wondered.

Okay, gotta go (work merde). Stories of (mis)adventures and sunburn to follow tomorrow .
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