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last night an aging crooner saved my life

I've been accused of being unnaturally chipper for a Friday. Tis true. I've got my mojo back. Sam and Gene are fighting in my fic, I've found Bullshitters clips on YouTube, there were Hugh pics to perve at, the disk fairy dropped off more Robin Hood last night and I have a fistfull of mags with Danny Boy on the cover. My Coz also sent over some pics of her too cute sprogs (the only babes I will ever gush over, even if, or because they are, evil like me). The sun is shining and all is right with the world.

This is a complete 180 from the exhaustion and despair I felt last night (and the bloody thing only made page 7, too, so I guess they knew it was already yesterday's chip wrappers when they gave it to me). All it took was a minor dose of Chris Isaak. I nearly didn't go. The last time he was out here and I had tickets I just went home because work had me so fragged. Big mistake. Sure I was on my chinstrap and sulking and grumping through the first three songs, but by the fifth or sixth I was up dancing. Now that, folks, is magic.

It was a great show, more theatre than anything else, but I do so like a bit of showmanship, so I was happy. I was laughing and clapping and jumping up and down. They did a lot of my faves (I have a lot of faves, he'd be there all night), the spangly suits came out and I really did forget all my troubles, as promised. Truth in advertising. The man could never be a politician, then.

Got my cd signed, hopped straight into a taxi and whirled home in time to watch Atlantis with a nice hot cup of tea. A fine night out (after a c*nt of a day).

So the next morning, my story started moving again. Of course, it usually does when I spin a bit of Chris, and this was better than just a cd. Dear Chris: fic enema. I bet he'd be pleased to know that. But whatever works, right. I am soooo glad I decided to go along, because I so nearly didn't.

I also did a good deed for the day, which should make up for my non PC remarks yesterday. The turkeys need to try harder today. Now, if I could only finish that last scene, then I'll be back onto solid ground again with the fic.

Okay, spoke too soon The turkeys just tried harder. I should have known better than to throw down a challenge like that...

But wait, there was chocolate cake. I think I'll just go home and watch the Bullshitters. Fly me to the moon... (and you who you are, wot started me humming that little ditty).
Fly Me To The Moon
Robin Hood - Keith Allen
England New Order - World in Motion
Conversations: Keith Allen,,1948908,00.html
The spy who buffed up
Daniel Craig: Double oh heaven!
Los Angeles Premiere of HBO's "Ithuteng"
Hardy U2 fans get midnight surprise,,2-2457785,00.html
School bullying escalated into arson attack that killed parents
Chris Isaak

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