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Quote of the week:
" unmanly man, a chronic complainer and mentally addled wanker..." - Victoria Times Colonist

Heh. Not that I don't love Sammy Boy to bitty bits, I do, but fair comment, at least re the mentally addled wanker bit. Hee.

Meanwhile, I'm scared that I knew what, or rather whom this article was about: Tea? Coffee? Muffin? Laser beam?

And thirdly, after spending yesterday morning somewhat wickedy wallowing in Spooks and Robin Hood (I was knackered, 'kay?), why oh why was I have dreams about RH and not angsty Adam? Time to smack myself (though I'd have to queue up, apparently). Odd, the way my poor scrambled head worked though, popping back in time ala Goodnight Sweetheart, twixt Spooks and Robin Hood, and the neverending mess that is the Crusades (and the domestic and foreign miseries contained within). Weirdarse dream. But never mind, I was running a fever. That's my excuse. (Must not have mildly slashy dreams involving Dr Who's grandson...)

So, ya wanna hear about U2 and not all the hard labour I was pressed into doing yesterday? Okay then.

When I last signed off midsentence, the storm was violent but oh so brief, and the sun popped out. Now you might be astonished to consider that while I was close enough to the stadium to enjoy the concert from my bedroom the previous coupla nights, it took me nearly three hours to get there via public transport (bus/train/train) on a particularly circuitous route. Not that I'm complaining mind. Well, yeah, I am, but at least the train ticket was part of the ticket price.

Arrived at stadium and queued up outside for two hours. Arrived inside stadium and stood for another three hours (I did try sitting but was kicked and trampled, not the nicest of crowds, it'll dismay Bono to learn). I'm telling this to explain that my poor aching feet were a bit of a boat anchor re my overall enjoyment. And it's not age either, my feet have been causing me screaming agony my whole life. It's a design flaw issue. Frankly, my mother's tiny feet were not meant to support my father's enormous arse, and they should have been banned from breeding. Frankenstein's monster was the result.

Which no doubt explains why the blonde Barbie bitches from hell were giving me such a hard time, kicking, shoving, poking, saying the cruellest most horrid things and referring to me only as it or that. To be sure, they were nasty to everyone else as well, but I took it particularly hard. It rather ruined the whole thing for me, but it was the closest I'd ever been, and I was kinda trapped there until the first encore, whereupon I declared I was about to heave (no lie) and the crowd parted biblically and I got out on the fringes, which still afforded an excellent view, and I was much happier. Too bad Bono's declaration of human rights didn't include anything about the rights of bush pigs not to be picked on mercilessly at U2 concerts.

The sweaty, pushing scrum kinda reminded me of the Caravaggio show I went to in London, and like a big ol' painting, yes, they were worth it (just). They played old stuff, new stuff, middling stuff, stuff I liked, stuff less so (cue one chorus of I like your old stuff better than your new stuff, though with U2 I tend to adore every second album, on average). It was earnest Bono this time 'round, though I wished I'd not seen the Spooks African poverty episode with the snarky line about "anything to get aging Irish rock stars off our backs" when Bono launched into the whole make poverty history spiel. Earnest, well-intentioned, but I couldn't but help a small snigger. Sorry, Bono. (btw, enjoying old Bob's jaunt through Africa, last night on Aunty - I just love his turn of phrase).

Lots of lights and colour, lots of bang for my buck there, and the strutting out into the audience, while cheesy, did afford me an excellent closeup view (oh dear, even Larry's looking old now) and it was kinda exciting. But, to be honest, I think I enjoyed it more on Saturday night, just listening with the Profs on mute. But if you want to see it, I understand there are hundreds of clips on YouTube. I was the only bunny sans camera.

Okay, so I told you about the Profs (Bodie winning the annual prize for least convincing stabbing). The Sweeney, well, I was distracted by U2, but it was a rather bitter story of a past it safe man. Though it did contain some scenes of an eyebrow raising nature. We're at George's birthday pissup and he's leaning up against Jack being all drunk, and the next thing we see if George stretched out on Jack's couch being offered coffee. The morning after the night before brings scenes of even more alarming domesticity including breakfast and the office ringing George at Jack's place. Heh. Now there's a scenario I could happily see in LOM. Never happen, but there's always fan fic, I s'pose.

Spooks, and big thanks, btw! Adam was indeed all angsty this season, as promised, and shagging the nanny, I see. Ah well, he's not the first and I doubt he'll be the last (snerk). Was sad to see two faves exit, and I wasn't sure how I'd take to Hermoine until she snarked about Jo dying of mascara poisoning. Heh. She'll do. I squeed when Matt Day showed up. Okay, sure, he's a bad 'un, but it's nice to see the lad from Country Practice getting work (it's tragic that our tv industry died/was killed in its 50th anniversary year).

Someone had said somewhere that at least Torchwood wasn't as bad as Spooks? Huh? I found Spooks quite enjoyable (the angstier the better) and the near coup was somewhat less ridiculous given the laws that have been passed in my country. Silly fiction in the UK, horrible oppressive reality here, alas. Yes, Spooks is always taking the news and turning it up to 11, but so does L&O, and it's done with such style and panache I can forgive them a great deal. And they make London look so gorgeous. The acting, writing and photography and production values are top notch. This raises it far above poor old Torchwood, which struggles to match the lamest Stargate episodes, as much as I wish it wasn't true (a friend says TW is the show RTD wanted when he was twelve, but to my mind, it's too much like My First Bad Fic, and, as they're 'professionals', there's really no excuse).

So yeah, lovin' the Spooks. Getting almost used to the revolving door though, I must say. They should watch that, as I'm less involved with the new guys, for just that reason. I don't want to suffer through season three again, you know? Some episodes quite upset me. At least my fave self sacrificing spinster wasn't permanently harmed, unlike my fave geek (and I was spoiled for that, so it kinda lost a lot of impact). Poor Harry. I think he's my default fave now, though I've always had a soft spot. Adam is pretty and angsty, but I still don't love him the way I love Harry. Malcolm is a close second.

Robin Hood is bad, but I still can't help myself, even with the cringe inducing pillowtalk scenes with the Sheriff (Much will be sooo jealous, he's already whining about Marion). The Sheriff does have a point, though, Robin is all talk. It is so very bad, but I think I just have a thang for boys called Robin.

Missed Deadwood (my fault entirely, as I cannot set a timer properly), watched Spooks S2 on UKTV (it's a whole 'nother show, really, with dear old Tom having to deal with the CIA and a bunny boiler ex), Doctor Who #9 running around a space station with a boy from Corro (which I only just discovered tearing apart some olde OKs, not having ever watched Corro in my life, that I recall), and can we have some actual alien planets, please?

Fic? She no go. Busy at work and home and too fragged in between to manage anything that I could show people. Plus I'm in the middle of filling in the massive hole that suddenly caved in when I moved scenes about again. Help, I need pickups, stat.

And now I must away if I want to be in any fit state tomorrow (ie not snap and grizzle at/about stoopid annoying people).
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