mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

the voice

It's not everyday I hear a disembodied Irish voice pontificating in the bathroom. But there I was, with a very familiar Irish voice echoing off the tiles.

Twas Bono himself. They were playing not too far away, and playing loud, and I could hear them in my room, but even better in the bathroom. So, U2, live in the crapper. Heh. Mind you, I did have a ZOMG! moment when they struck up New Years Day. I'm such a fogey, it were the oldies I was recognising best (the sound sort of came and went, due to atmospheric conditions and what not).

I'm going tonight. Squee!

Other than, must make this brief as poor Pc is overheating. Professional was Klansmen, which treated us to Tony blair's father-in-law dropping the N Word. and they US Prez's have embaressing in-laws. It's also the episode where Bodir becomes a nasty racist. You know, the LOM guys were spot on. They could make Gene a violent sxist homophobe with an obessession with male bonding, and still make him loveable, but not a racist. Bodie is somewhat less likeable, despite his sickbed conversion.

Watched episodes 2-3 of Robin Hood. There's a half decent show in there, trying to get out. Shame. The costumes, I've noticed, tend to the First Knight school of historical frockery. And there's the Robin/Sheriff stuff that so disturbed my friend. and she just saw the gaol cel scene, turning off before she got to the pillow talk. It's like the outtakes from Robin of Sherwood. Yikes?

Okay, that's thunder, not planes. Must be going.

Watched Spooks, more on that later. Big rumbles now.
Tags: robin hood, the professionals

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