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The postman has been. Thankyou very much for the Life on Mars calendar, the Torchwood and togas and the trolling for mountain lions postcard - snerk.

Cheered me up. Unlike today, where my elders and betters are determined to send me over the edge.

Oy, I think I was a lot happier yesterday, when I was at home, just reading a chapter of Lucy, then falling asleep for hours, then repeating the process all over again. Okay, Midnight to 7am yesterday was fairly dire, but there was City Central (aka not another Manchester cop show), Hawaii 5-0 and Dan'l Boone to keep me company while I hunched over an ancient box of yellowly clippings, sorting them into trash, treasure and e-bay, all the while trying very hard not be sick.

But once the mersies kicked in, it was all mellow yellow. And I managed to finish The Devil In Amber. Not a bad little book (though the inside sleeves are funnier than the actual book, which could be a worry. It was written with a much firmer hand than The Vesuvius Club, and was remarkably less silly in parts. Overall, the effect was of an early Bond novel, or possibly Charteris, rather than an unfilmed Adam Adamant episode, which the previous escapade tended to.

I quite liked it, though Lucifer was older if not wiser, and somewhat sadder and darker, which of course meant he'd lost some, but happily not all, of his charms (and, without giving the plot away, there was a big NOOOOO! moment on page 202, byo hankies). The plot was very silly, but no sillier than found in a Saint, Christie or Bond novel, to which this little tome owed some debt, I suspect, but carried along with such panache that I completely forgave it. My shelves are crammed with the adventures of James and Simon, so I've no cause to object. None. I enjoyed it, and I can't ask for more than that.

Which is more than can be said for Torchwood. Episode three. Gah. Okay, it's an Owen episode, which is my main problem with it. We discover Owen's human side, I'm told in the Confidential thingy. No, we don't. As far as I'm concerned, we don't even get an inkling of his thoughts or motives. The occassional expression akin to a badly digested kebab does not suffice for emotional depth.

You just can't help loving Owen, I'm told. Yes, I think I can. I can't stand Owen. He's even oilier than he was in Bleak House, and I didn't think that was possible.

The macguffin du jour is an alien device that taps into strong human emotions. Genius, smirks RTD at the camera. No, it's complete bollocks. WTF would aliens bother with the R&D and manufacture of a device that taps into human emotions (ie, alien emotions), when I can't even get clothes or shoes that fit? And where did it come from? What was the purpose of the gizmo? Where was it found? Where there more lying about? Who left it? Are they dangerous? Is it dangerous? And why do these morons keep pressing buttons on alien gizmos?

I'm really not warming to any of the characters. They never follow orders, they treat alien tech like a bunch of two year olds with Happy Meal toys, and they stand around gawping, which undercuts their alleged expertise, somewhat. A sloppier, more careless crew of unlikeable dimwits I can't imagine. Jack has lost all of his charm, pout, and as for the team slobbering on each other - please, just stop. If there was some character development, maybe, but it's like the show is being written by eight year olds.

I didn't even recognise Blake in it, recoiling as I was. But everything I want to say about the episode is pretty much summed up here:.

What did Torchwood even accomplish this time around? They prevented the potential murder of a feckless dolt whom the whole estate would have been glad to see the back of anyway; helped to hasten the perpetrator's departure by a probable hour or so, given that he was already on the suicide watch list twice over; and they consigned the first of no doubt many magic-wand devices to the bin with only the vaguest non-answers to its origin, purpose or who the hell even found it in the first place. In short, sod all. So they solved a forty-year-old murder case. Big deal; after they disappear into the shadows again, who's left to know, care or be believed? There's no consequence, and therefore no point. There are episodes of Lost more conclusive than this.

I keep wanting it to get better, but it doesn't. And okay, I was watching it grumpy, but I don't think all the love in the world could make me enjoy an episode where the TW gang pretended to care for five minutes, then got back to the business of mindlessly snuffing pizza guys, etc. Gah.

But don't mind me. I'm just bitter and twisted that what I thought was silver turned out to be just an old wrapper from a crumbling chocolate bar. I guess I'm just going to have to keep watching LOM S1 over and over.

Either that or sit down and check out Dexter, which a few friends have been pimping. Or dive into my recently unearthed stash of yellowy old Brit fic, since Mr Gatiss has put me in the mood.

That is, if they ever let me go home. The circus ramped up even more today.
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