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no more heroes any more

Sorry, 'nother bastard day. Next bit of fic next week, promise.

There's also this wet stuff falling out of the sky. What's that called again? Alas, never over the catchment. We have no water, but no one seems to care.

I'm also a bit annoyed about the Glasshouse getting axed. If Bush axed The Daily Show, there might be some comment, but as we roll on ever forwards towards a loonier leadership than North Korea, nobody says nowt. Now, at least, I know how folks just wake up one morning to find all the windows smashed and people being hauled off in the dead of night. Like me, no doubt, for even posting this stuff.

So quickly, now, back to tv.

Now, I might have been mildly disappointed with Torchwood (and I doubt I'd have been so acutely aware of its flaws had not RTD been smugly trumpeting his brilliance everywhere), but at least it ain't Jericho bad. Why am I still watching this show? Skeet ain't that pretty. Maybe it's the closest I've ever come to watching a reality show, watching in disbelief as these dumbf*ck townies mess about, putting soap before survival.

I mean, the hell? Food and medicine are running out, but they waste medicine on obviously terminal cases and there's no rationing of food or pertrol at all. Worse, they all run around screeching about their own personal psychodramas instead of doing anything that will in anyway extend their lives beyond the last packet of instant noodles. The mother who would rather get drunk and sulk over her relationship issues than ensure food, water and warmth for her children particularly revolted me (and I have the maternal instincts of Lady MacBeth).

I mean, come on, folks. They're in the mid west, yeah? Brutal winters, so I understand, and them with no electricity, probably no petrol by then and no food. Are they growing market gardens? No. Are the chopping wood? No. Are they preserving food via pickling/salting/smoking? No. Are they digging a root cellar? No. Are they preserving ammunition for hunting? No. Are they making candles or warm clothes? No. Are they using horses instead of cars? No.

No to anything that might be called even slightly sensible. In fact, they threw a Halloween party with pumpkins and lollies. Argh! They so deserve everything they get. What a bunch of stupid, selfish self absorbed halfwits. And yet, every week I have to see what else they might do, just so I can shake my head in wonder. Too bad the tv demographics only allow a few oldies (they're all young and pretty and straight out of a minty gum commercial) and no experienced pre-60s buggers with a bit of nouse, else they could be told to get their arses into gear and start stockpiling.

Gah. Stoopid people. To compare and constrast, witness the heroic efforts of my ancestors: No picnic, eh? Btw, the site of the first garden wasn't too far from where I used to work.

Then there's the whole societal decay thang. I discussed this with friends and we all thought it was a good reflection of Katrina. In no other city on earth have we seen such a rapid and complete descent into anarchy in the face of such a large natural disaster. It really was quite frightening (and disgusting). There also seems to be a decided lack of self governance in Jericho, never mind the helping of the less fortunate or anything else that might establish stronger community bonds. It's a worry.

It's like watching a trainwreck, the cast of The OC in a trainwreck, more concerned with shallow immediate needs (diet coke?) than any long term strategy. At least on Lost they did organise water and started a garden. If one had to bet on the two tribes, I'd go with Lost, at least as far as comparing first seasons go, for the most likely to survive (never mind that I've utterly given up on Lost when it became too silly for me, the moment Charlie had his Madonna and child vision).

I know. Repeating to myself it's just a show, but, still. They all need a good slapping, like they used to do to hysterical women on aeroplanes.

Then EC7 decided to throw on two episodes of Bones, instead of the advertised one. No matter, I was only half watching while sorting out crap into the old keep/rubbish/charity bags, so it sort of counted as one. Seven must edit it because it's weirdly less annoying than on the US broadcasts. Cannot work out exactly why (less time with the dweebs or lengthy diatribes?). Maybe I just don't pay attention the way I do when watching ad-free tv.

Anyways, I note David has his Angel hair back, and appears to have been hitting the craft tables again, and it wasn't just a slightly different tv ratio, either. That suit he was wearing in one scene was looking fit to burst. Later on there was a scene where he was working his way through puddings. Not too many takes, I hope - grin. The first episode was your bog standard CSI plot, enlivened only by "the man they call Jayne" showing up and telegraphing that he was the bad guy from his first scene, so imagine my surprise at the plot twist - not. The bonus episode was a rehash of National Treasure. Please, guys, rip off decent films, 'kay? (Aside: the things I'll sit through for Sean Bean).

Then there was Stargate. I fell asleep. It was partially the hour and also, I dunno, I loved this show ten years ago, but I think my tastes have changed since then (and more than a bit). Stargate seems to have dumbed down at the exact same time as I started to enjoy far more sophisticated television: Poliakoff, Abbott, McGovern, anything feauring Simm, Craig, Owen or MacFadyen. You know, State of Play, Shooting the Past, Sword of Honour, The Echo, Perfect Strangers, The Lakes, Second Sight, Spooks, Life on Mars, Clocking Off, Bleak House, Rome, that sort of thing.

Meanwhile poor Stargate ditched its old pyramids of Mars backstory for a new one that's a far more simplistic version of events also echoed in Galactica. Oh dear. I still like it, sort of, but it's been relegated to rainy weekend viewing, somewhat (and we don't have many of those).

Whatever happened to smart TV SF? You know, like Quatermass, stuff that made you think. All we ever get these days, in the last year, at least, seems to be Spock's Brain. Sigh. No more Quatermass, alas. Too bad, because there would be no Doctor Who (or, indeed, Torchwood) without Quatermass.
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PS. I forgot to add, shopping yesterday for bulk b-day pressies (I have an unhealthy number of Scorpios in my life) I was stunned and amazed that shop staff rushed to help me and find the stuff I had on my lists, even giving me free samples. This never happens. I just couldn't work it out. Then, while waiting for the bus, I realised the special treatment must have been because I looked so 'special' what with being blue and all. Sigh.

Nevertheless, managed to get everything and boycott Borders (they've been dismissive and dishonest once too often for y delicate soul). Please shop at Angus & Robertson - they are nice. I had at least half a dozen boys and girls running around on my behalf - I felt quite the memsahib. They were lovely. So much better than nasty old Borders.


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