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if you haven't got a penny a ha'penny will do

This morning as I plopped my change into the Salvo's box he asked me what I was doing over Chrissie. I told him alas I'd drawn the short straw and I was working over Xmas. He grabbed my hand and said "God bless you". I must admit I was rather startled as I'd never been offered the heartfelt blessings of anyone's deity before. I kind of expected my head to start spinning, but no.

I've not the heart to tell him the real reason I'm so generous is because I just can't refuse his Hallmark-esque grandfatherly appeal, especially as I grew up sans grandfathers. One died before or when I was born, whatever, he was on the other side of the planet so I'd have never seen him anyway, the other died when I was 4 or 5 which was a bummer because he taught me most of my life skills: how to fix a drain, sand wood, hammer, nail, screw things, saw, paint, shuck oysters, gut and scale fish and a lifelong appreciation of films and film stars, just from reading fantale wrappers together. Obviously not adverse to the odd bit of child labour, my (grand)Papa (I was exiled to my grandparents until school age due to, well I've never been told but exiled I was and I wish they'd let me stay there cause it was better than here).

So I'm a sucker for kindly old gentlemen. Still, it's nice to feel charitable, especially at this time of year. One always strives to stay on the right side of Dickens. J

Anyway it was another late night last night as I get scolded should someone ring at 6.15 pm and have the phone not answered. As I was walk into doors tired I gave up on the cms, not wanting to crash it Exxon-Valdez style (and gave up on my own planned work, ditto) and just cleared out my mail. Came home and crashed during the orinal 1930s Mummy movie (the one where Boris looks less cadaverous and scary than most mature aged Hollywood folks these days), which I was enjoying muchly but dozed off until my vcr snapped on to record Dark Angel (cause I knew there was a 100% chance of me snoozing in front of the tv).

So the plots are going somewhere in Dark Angel but this was just more set up, more running around, more dancing around with alliances and friendships etc, and Alec - yum. I probably would have got it more had it not taken me the first ten minutes or so to wake up properly. Maybe on the repeat, eh?

Nic pic nicked from www.leavingnormal.netNext up was Roswell. Thanks to EC9 dithering about it was almost running directly after DA and not opposite it, lucky for me. A Tale of Two Parties, which was kinda cute cause you're supposed to think they all partner swapped, which they really didn't (unless you want to fill in those unaccounted for hours with motive and opportunity) and dear, sweet Kyle was making gooey eyes at Isabel, married Isabel. Poor Kyle. He even sat through Rudolph's Shiny New Year with her - if that ain't love, I don't know what is. Isabel doesn't appear to notice, though. Poor Kyle. He's so damn cute, it's such a waste, and the praying to Buddha for sex - just too funny, and not very buddhist like at all. Tsk, Kyle. Max is suddenly forgiven for everything he's done thus far (a big huh from me over the suddeness of it all, and how come pretty Max gets all the forgiving, oh yeah, right) while everyone glosses over Michael's drinking, which was a change: being American telly I was expecting a stern sermonising. Speaking of Max, while flipping channels the other day I caught him in a bit part on a ye olde JAG episode. [snigger].

After that, being wide awake now, it was Buffy time, again. This was the episode where Angel and Riley snarl at each other. It's amusing and unfortunately for the writers, throwing Angel in there just makes him look so much more classier (and funnier) than Riley. It can't have helped Riley in anyway. And yeah, I hate the way selfabsorbed and selfish Angel gets to be cool while poor Wes and Spike, dear sensitive little souls that they are, are made to suffer for every minor transgression, but I gotta say: Angel, way cooler than Riley.

After that it was the X Files, an episode I remember watching when I was in NY that time. It's a really bad episode, as X Files was starting it's fourth season, but at the time, though disappointed, I was also excited to be watching the X Files live, as it were, because being on a 6-9 month delay show wise while everybody else on the net gets to watch it grated as much then as it does now.

I'm still sulking because the American Hallmark channel is screening M7, just in time for my b-day, no less, while out here we get Water Rats et al. Putting the c--t in Country Practice. Grrr. I think I shall send off another pissy email to Mr Hallmark before I go fix those dud links - my morning chore.

 max and kyle pic nicked from

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