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dead horse

Sorry, busy today, with no time for fic or thought. Thems wot must be obeyed are back, and thus my quiet meditative days are over. Sigh.

Also, sunburn is starting to itch. By the end of the week, I shall be looking all scabby and leperous, like an extra from Shaun of the Dead. Perfect time to go shopping. All those thin girls already treat me like a leper (hey, frumpiness is either a moral failure or catching, it can't be both - maybe they think it is, like an STD).

Also, still busy with the massive archaelogical undertaking that is the spring clean. I made the neighbours sneeze last night - heh.

Well, tis toxic dust, after all. They've got de-misters lined along the old UC site, but it's just for show. Wish I'd had my camera though when I saw the family (mum, dad, kids) cycle past the site with the fence and the de-misters. Oh, very nice. Get those dioxins into you, kiddies. Breathe deep now. Lovely.

So, in the meantime, please enjoy these links:
Television Kudos: How we messed with Mossad - and survived
Shame on the lot of you: Paul Abbott on the betrayal of TV drama
Daniel Craig's trouser "monster"
Clocking Off,,2087-2415725,00.html
Hoffman fury at Hollywood 'euthanasia'
Star Trek The Next Generation: Where No One Has Gone Before
Sci Fi
Gay sex forces closure of store toilets
Climate at 'tipping point': Blair
YouTubers cut and paste at their peril
Embarrassments: Where we got it wrong
"Flushed Away" New York Premiere
"Flushed Away" New York Premiere - Outside Arrivals
Tim Minear - "Wonderfalls" Tv Series - Bryan Fuller Interview
Biting the hand that feeds
Viral marketing virus attacks the brain
The (Browncoat) Invoice
Case Study: Universal Pictures / Serenity
Shooting Your Fans in the Foot
10 Big Myths about copyright explained
Hollywood's Master Storytellers Evening with Stan Lee and Kevin Smith
Costume Party at Gotham Comedy Club (Belzer)
The Times BFI London Film Festival 2006: "Hollywoodland" Q&A
The Times BFI London Film Festival: "Hollywoodland" - Outside Arrivals
The Times BFI London Film Festival: "Hollywoodland" - Foyer
The Times BFI London Film Festival: "Hollywoodland" - Inside
The day that changed the climate
Cave fossils are early Europeans
World’s largest bouncy ball archive
Das Lederhosen Museum
Discount stores of the 60s
Airline spoons of the world
Museum of Batman onomatopoeia
MoOM: Museum of Online Museums
Glass House stoned by ABC
I didn't get Glasshouse axed: PM
Torchwood: The Ghost Machine
Mausoleum Club
Torchwood Coffee
Women hate Cruise, says studio boss
Ice-T's nude cover controversy

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