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I'm drinking "afternoon tea" in the am, and thus I'm expecting the tea police to come storming in at any moment in full riot gear. I'm a rebel and I'll never be any good.

Nothing much to report at all today, alas. It's quiet. I should be, ahem, working on projects, but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Indulged in some telly last night. I'm only watching Jericho for the Skeet, because it's pretty lame compared to what the Brits have done with similiar scenarios, but Skeet is pretty and the soapy bits sustain my interest enough to stave off unconciousness. Mind you, I grew up watching bad local soaps (in the dark days before cable and vcr), so my crap tolerance is pretty high.

It's not as much fun as Miracles, though. Not by a long shot. It's not even slashy.

After that, suffering minor pangs for Angel, I ended up watching Bones, Another cookie cutter CSI type show, I'm pretty much just watching for the DB. The plots, alas, are just a little too simplistic and Fox/Bush-era for me (I saw that in a US article so I can use that phrase now, and I said tv would get more Republican, and I was right).

So that was my night: enduring Republican TV for my man candy fix. I am so pathetic, so desperately and obviously in need of a boyfriend and there has to be easier ways.

I think what annoys me most on Jericho is the selishness and the "every man for himself" ethos. Very American, that, so I'm told. Happily, it's not something you see too much of down here - the local version of Survivor was axed because the contestants were too nice, helpful and too cooperative. Gen Y 'tudes aside, I think we're just too isolated to behave like complete dicks. I grew up with food shortages, petrol rationing and power outtages. It's not something I'd freak over.

In fact I was very bemused to find a collection of candles and matches shoved right up the back of my dresser, from the days of rolling blackouts, and those days will come again, according to TPTB (though it amusing that extreme poverty has made me virtuous, as I have neither car nor air conditioning).

And as for being cut off, well, hello tyranny of distance. We had no overseas phonecalls in our area, growing up. I had to wait for all news via clipper ship. In fact, ironically, Jericho is the first ever show on tv here to be shown the same week as the States (at least, that's what the ads say, maybe it's a little further out than that, but it ain't five years, 'cause we're still getting 'new' episodes of Oz).

So Jericho, it's like they've landed a bunch of hapless TV Yanks into 70s Australia. Heh. Or should I say, howzat :D

Told ya! I thought, at last, bugger it, I'm opening up the Word file. A mere 28 words in and it's boss-sign. Gah.

No wonder Gene looks so grumpy:
LIFE ON MARS - BUT NOT AS YOU KNOW IT,,1932111,00.html
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On TV: TGIT: TV race has us on the edge of our couches,,1928015,00.html
An archetype in green
Stationery Porn: Moleskine City
Moleskine_New City Notebooks
Erotic frescoes put Pompeii brothel on the tourist map,,1932494,00.html
Up Pompeii - ancient brothel restored,,3-2422119,00.html
Prehistoric bird that could have swallowed a dog whole
Britain's violent inner cities are living in the shadow of the gun, survey shows
How firearms became weapon of choice for Birmingham's gangs,,1930255,00.html
Antidepressants may make men infertile,,1928021,00.html
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Gays date Republicans
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