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The Terror of the Avon Auton Boy

In which I briefly try to explain what I've been up to and why I haven't been having any fun.

'Scuse the complete lack of posting, or anything else online as I've been flogging myself on this housework and it just ain't gonna get done. The whole flu/bucket day/heatwave thang hasn't helped, either.

I am halfway, at least, though several days behind schedule, of tossing out my life from my room. It's dirty, dusty work and also very depressing. It's like I'm dead already, putting all my most personal things in rubbish bags. I'm not one of those declutter no baggage nazis. Everything I own has resonance and memory, so it's been stirring up more than dust. Mind you, that's not to say I've not been glad to see the back of some truly awful 'gifts' (including Avon Auton Boy) and destroying a great number of photos and letters from people I'd very much like to erase. Delete, delete, delete, as those Cyberchaps keep saying.

I'm just annoyed though that I took loads of pics of people who turned out to be rubbish, but hardly any of the ones I really miss. What's all that about, then?

No time at all for telly (ironically hot waterbottle day fell on the hotttest October day ever) but I have caught Daniel in Enduring Love, a young Dougray in Lovejoy, Deadwood, big blue eyed Matthew in Spooks S2, Serenity, Dear Frankie, a shaggy haired Ray Stevenson in City Central (the other night's episode was heavy on the Westerns and Sweeney and written by Matthew Graham, surprise, surprise), The Vice and the Professionals. Oh yes, Saturday's lineup now includes New Tricks, the Sweeney and Minder. that's a shitload of Dennis. Loved New Tricks, very funny. Also been watching repeats of Doctor Who, the big eared, leather jacketed version.

Okay, so there was some telly watching, but most of it Fri/Sat. Oooh, I wasn't 'arf sick, I can tell you.

But I gotta get back to it. No time, no time.

And finally: the hell is Daniel up to in that pic?
Another battle: still one in the eye for Harold
Relic of the Stone Age found within cooee of the city
The lost world on our doorstep
Wealthy lay with the poor in Roman burial ground,,1889362,00.html
Hammond crash may be made into documentary,20867,20518871-16947,00.html
Some like it hot


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