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Ah, Friday. Last night was the last of Sharpe, alas. And I damn nearly missed it, too, because I was so tired that even though I was thinking about Sharpe, the thought that I was supposed to be actually watching him on telly took a while to intersect. I'd even forgotten Paul Bettany was in it, and how on earth could I forget that, when I even spent an afternoon capping him in it? [shakes head]. Poor old noggin: well past its useby date.

Anyways, Sharpe's Waterloo, which this time around seemed a rushed affair (I think it was cut in places). There was cowardly Johnny, pissing his breeches. There was Jane, being a complete byotch - in fact it was all very Footballers Wives, now that I come to think of it. Which is no end of disturbing, but yet I can find no other way that so neatly describes the plots of the last series of Sharpe. There was young Harry Price, back from the dead, or perhaps his apparent mortal wounding was but only a scratch.

There was that extra again, dying on both lines, again. It's one of those things, once spotted, can never be unspotted. He overacts, do you see, and thus is very noticeable. He dies at the beginning of Revenge, but later showws up on the beach in Naples. At Waterloo he is carried from the field twice as a red coat and once as a Frog. I think perhaps, because I've seen Waterloo so many times now, I was playing spot the extra rather than immersing myself in the plot.

I also find Waterloo somewhat disquietening, not so much for the death of Harris and Hagman, though I always seem to take it far worse than Sharpe does (one glimpse of Boney and all his cares are forgotten), but it's the rather textual, um, male bonding going on between the two that really disturbs me. Some things just shouldn't be slashed. At least, not so overtly. Call me squeamish, but the idea of Harris on Hagman action (or vice versa) just leaves me crying no, please, no.

But I digress. I'm sure I'm just watching it wrong. So the Prince of Orange was classic middle management material (ie an incompetent insufferable prick borne aloft by his own ego), Harper was still looking after Sharpe, Rossendale found his red badge of courage and died three seconds later and Sharpe was very pretty indeed. I'm not sure I agree with him leaving the farm, though. Sure enough he was annoyed, but deserting his men? Tsk.

Meanwhile, my woeful lack of education in 70s politics (it sort of fell down the hole between the gap of history and current affairs, not that I was taught much of either at my poor government school, though I can recite chapter and verse about The Dismissal) has been boosted by many links sent my several dear correspondents.

I kind of figured that The Professionals were dancing around the IRA the way Spooks tends to dance around political situations involving swarthy gentlemen of a certain persuasion, but I'd entirely missed the whole Baader-Meinhof thing and I'm kicking myself for my stupidity. Okay, I'm not up to speed (or first gear, at least) on that one. Bonus points to the friend who managed to combine Baader-Meinhof with boy on boy action. There should be more Spooks episodes like that - snork. Hee! "It was the gay serum, Sir!" - for those of you familiar with The Bullshitters.

Oh yes, lets turn Spooks into the Bullshitters. Um, not quite. But there should be a pisstake. There deserves to be one :D

At least I now know where the pushing a pram in front of the car schtick comes from, though I recall seeing it used in Special Branch four years earlier than actual the RAF job, so that's kinda freaky.

It was also pointed out that Bodie probably had his gun on him because he's expected to, and wants to. I was suspecting that I was supposed to understand he was always on duty, certainly Cowley was making irritated noises to suggest same, but I just wasn't sure. At least that answers the eternal question "is that a gun in your pocket?" :)

Meanwhile, and still on high poltical drama (and I mean high in the sense of brushing up a little too close to arch and flirting coyly with camp across a crowded room) was Battlestar Galactica. The two Battlestars continue to carry on like two fighting fish placed in the same tank. Meanwhile, Adama is getting all goeey with the Pres, which is a startling shift, to my mind, and Apollo is all narky that he's now junior to Starbuck, though the way he behaves, he deserves to be taken down a peg or two, just for a bit. Sometimes I think the 'daddy's boy' cracks aren't entirely unwarranted. And there was the whole POW thread, as well.

And now for some re-heated Life on Mars bits because I'm lazy, as I've suddenly been made aware that, yeah, Sam does indeed do a quick turnaround from a guy about to step off a building to a guy running through Manchester in his speedos. How much time has passed to get him from point A to point B, and what happened to get him there? Has he decided to join in, or is he still coasting along in disbelief? How did he get get from the Sam he was to the Sam laughing on the grass?

For someone who was carrying on such a treat about being stranded, to the point of trying to chuck himself off a building, though that was more from a sense of trying to find the holodeck door, as it were, than a need to self harm, he certainly threw himself into the deep end - literally. Manic behaviour, young Sam? And there's a date thread somewhere that puts the first two episodes very close together, so, it seems, there was a somewhat rapid change of heart.

Or maybe he just really wanted to see the Gene Genie in his keks? Who knows.

Now they've got me thinking though. Just what sort of indoctrination process did Gene use to get Sam from the uptight stick he was in 2006 to running through Manchester in a pair of budgie smugglers? Makes me glad Gene isn't a cult leader - or maybe he is - it's that kind of brainfucky show. Maybe Sam was going to resign in 2006 - grin.

I think Sam is still operating on the 'it's just a game' level. Because I've always wondered why he waited until they had Trent down at the station to raise questions, when one would have thought the time to raise doubts about the validity or Gene's lack of evidence was when the stakeout was being planned (and there must have been some planning to get all the boys down there in their cosies), or on the way to the baths. But no, Sam waits until Trent is banged up with or without carrot junks before questioning the arrest.

So I'm wondering, was he not taking it seriously until that point? Not paying attention? Just wanting to see Gene sans trews? Or Mmybe we're just missing some scenes.

Seriously, though, I think he wavers, not sure if it's real or not, or if he's doing the right thing or not when get gets Trent out, but what really rocks him is when June is shot. Perhaps that's why he loses it so badly. Suddenly he realises people can get hurt in his little holodeck fantasy world. Which makes me think of that Trek episode. The one with the white rabbit. Why does it always come back to rabbits?

Actually, the whole June shooting bit, ie, blood can be drawn, kind of reiterates the cutting himself on the razor bit earlier, and this show does like to make minor points important later on (it's a Buffy thing). Because this is the episode where Sam's snarky line about Gene solving everything with a punch is echoed later when Gene saves Sam's life with a punch. They love a bit of symmetry.

And, from another topic, is there some connection between Sam involved in serious crime and Sam getting upset, having issues and hallucinations (or bleed through)? Does the city match his moods, calm when he is, agitated when he is?

You know, there probably is room for speculation on whether or not the climate of the city, for want of a better word, is causing or effecting his moods and actions. Aside from the near constant sunny conditions, of which I am torn between beilieving are significant, or just a symptom of the drought while they were filming (highlighted by the necssities of having tight upwards tilted camera angles because of the lack of authentic pre-1973 buildings).

Or is it just a bored Coma!Sam creating crimelords and armed robberies to pass the time? I'll buy that, though it does skirt perilously close to the binge on the box set of The Sweeney paradigm, ie Sam in some sort of Pleasantville setup :)

Interesting, though, the times he's in tizzy mode/most active are the times he appears to be reacting/interacting in the 2006 world, the talking tvs, the tests, etc.

Lots to chew on, but I'm far too full of yum cha now. Sadly I think better on an empty stomach and as I've just eaten my weight in dumplings...oh dear.

And I apologise for the somewhat slashy turn of today's post. I usually try not to, ahem, ram it down people's throats, but we're a wee bit hormonal and we should be writing fic.

And speaking of which, if they ain't gonna do any more Life on Mars, bags this plot: DNA discovery may crack old murder cases.

Btw, if you don't here from me for a bit, that's because I'll be down on my hands and knees, and not in a good way. The house has crossed my tipping point again and I'm taking some banked days off to at least try and do something to drive back the chaos.

Would that I were taking some time off to write. Kicking myself for lolling around bored yesterday instead of finishing off that damned LOM fic. What was I thinking? Aside from waiting for the other shoe to drop - nothing fills up the inbox quicker or brings annoying persons to hover at my desk than me daring to open up a fic doc.

Grump. I suppose I should go make myself a cup of tea. And don't think I haven't counted them, oh sticky fingered colleagues.;jsessionid=E4U0ZLER3RU4NQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2006/10/05/ntea05.xml
Tea soothes a troubled mind, say scientists
Wild things: the weirdest facts from the animal kingdom
Intelligent, emotional, ingenious: the amazing truth about whales and dolphins
Age discrimination laws in Australia,,1887165,00.html
About the lamp and scavenging committee,,1887850,00.html
DNA discovery may crack old murder cases
This is Baader-Meinhof
Red Army Faction
Breaking Comrade Baader Out
Airey Neave
1979: Car bomb kills Airey Neave
Find Out Why Gale Harold Vanished!
Diesel U-Music Awards
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'Monster' fossil find in Arctic
Filming resumes on Top Gear show
Guardian Unlimited Newsroom
Blockbusters are dead, by George
Star Trek memorabilia auctioned
Man fell to his death after 'gay orgy' at Bismarck flat
Exercise 'does not prevent obesity in pre-school children'
You hate us, don't you? How Americans will watch world
Planets give new meaning to space race
Life and death on the air
Tape holds crumbling cathedral together

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