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Oh, you won't be impressed with my viewing habits last night: Top Gear and Ultimate Force (with OZ taped for later). Top Gear was the last for a bit, with a constantly scrolled entreaty to send Richard get well messages, which was sweet. Meanwhile, Guy Pratt popped up, putting together a track of car exhausts (don't ask) and Timothy Spall was the guest du jour. I have a rather soft spot for Mr Spall, as he manages to bring a heartbreaking quality to some of his life's losers characters.

Ultimate Force was dragged out because I'm hip deep in the Professionals, and it's very much like. It's very silly and boys own, but it's brim full of chaps like Jamie Bamber, Tony Curran and Tobias Menzies, and I do so like boyish eye candy running about with big guns. I'm a child of the 70s and, well, this is what happens (pinko commie greenie feminist leanings be damned).

The plots are very, very Spooks like though (which is my next series to watch) and not at all as cringeworthy as I feared they might be (apparently the show jumps the shark in S3, but as those eps aren't out here, what, me worry?). At least not in S1, anyway, which is the only series realased in R4 thus far. Jamie Bamber is cute and rather pointless, Jamie Draven is growing on me, Tony is suitably surly and Tobias amused me mightily by making up for his lack of screentime in one episode by standing in the background and shamelessly scene stealing in the next. Et tu, Brutus? (snerk).

An aside, I like setting the recorder for OZ, because I only have to type in OZ. Those long winded Agatha Christie titles were driving me to RSI, so they were.

Btw, thanks for your complete lack of concern. You'll be (dis)interested to know that no more tree branches have come down and that I found my notebook and disk lying on the floor of my room. Which is where I hoped they'd be but you've no idea of the horrible pause I had before pushing open the door. Muttered prayers were sent in all directions. So, anyone know where I can get some white rabbits, cheap?

This morning I slept through both my alarms, which was very clever of me. So no getting in this morning for a quick and quiet spot of typing. I don't know why I'm being so passive aggressive to myself over finishing this fic. There are other Sam and Gene stories I could write, not just this one, which I've worried to death.

I don't know what's up with me. Aside from a return of the dreaded lurgy, which may account for my actions, and was probably brought on my Sunday's terrors on top of a really hard, punishing week. It's okay for you lot, in your nice big brick mcmansions, you don't live in a flimsey fibro worker's cottage that shook and shuddered and rocked and pitched and tossed like a boat at sea, and I was just waiting to be felled like the seventh little Australian.

But never find. Fic is all duly typed up. It wasn't that great, and no great loss to anyone but myself. Still, I did like the bit where Gene calls Sam a martyr happy suffragette. Sam does get like that when he's in Little Miss High Principles mode.

Another aside, but in all the years I followed Guy Pratt around like a puppy, I never realised he was related to Jeff Randall. Of course he is. Well, it's obvious now, ain't it. Hey, it were the days before wiki, imdb and dvds, 'kay? That and I'm just stoopid.

Mind you, it was a lot harder to get information or a straight answer in those days. Chris Bailey once told me to my face that The Saints had never appeared in an episode of The Return Of The Saint. Well now, I finally have dvd evidence to the contrary. So there. And I'd like a written apology in the post, Chris, if you don't mind. Hmph.

You know, I'm beginning to see an alarming connection between Oz bands of the 70s/80s and ITC shows of the 60s, and not just those wonderful old pub posters, either, which always seemed to feature The Prisoner, The Avengers, etc. Hmmm....
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