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Every so often, a Monday feels it has to live up to the legend. First off, I've lost my notebook and disk with all of the fic I wrote yesterday, which was quite a bit as I had nothing else to do as the house shuddered and juddered in 100kph gusts. Hopefully it fell out of my bag at home and not on the bus, or I will be in tears.

Then there was the bus trip itself. I had the eye-watering garlic salami eater breathing down my neck from behind (I'll have to burn my clothes), and the OCD nail clipper in front. This is why I took out my book to read and why I'm panicking about having dropped the Sam pr0n on the bus. Gah. It was early and I was distracted.

Yesterday was not fun. It went from about 9.30 am to 6pm, at which time I braved outside to right pot plants and garden furniture, collect feral buckets and fallen branches. One huge branch (about 2m long) had contained a bird's nest in its crook. We searched on vain for baby birds. Oh well. I have a large pile of kindling now, for whatever purpose, I suppose. Anyone need anyone burnt at the stake?

But you don't want to hear about real life.

Right then, The Vice. Precious little Marc Warren but lots of S&M. British cop shows are so kinky these days - nobody ever uses handcuffs for arresting people.

Doctor Who. The Matthew Graham Olympics one. Okay. Um, I liked the badly parked TARDIS, the delight at edible ball bearings and the Inspector Morse jokes. That's about it. The rather heavy handed abused kiddie plot and the too twee for word torch bit were just, well, it's hard to believe this is the guy who helped create the greatest tv show ever.I liked the episode much better this time, but still. Apparently it also bears some striking similiarities to pplots from other shows and books. Tsk.

The Professionals. In which Poirot goes feral. If you ever wanted to know who would win in a cage match between Bodie and Poirot, apparently the answer is Bodie, but only just. Further to my bemusement, Poirot bitch slapped Bobba Fett, which means, by default, that Bodie is way tougher than Boba Fett (the original). Okay, so I'm being silly, but I can't help that the episode was rife with 'hey, it's that guy' moments. Basically, some of Bodie's old jungle buddies rob a bank to ingratiate themselves with a Mr Big. Why mercenaries would decide to hire themselves out to a dinner jacketed Mr Big rather than some insane epaulet happy war lord, I'll never know. Some spurious background info for Bodie, and a bright red shirt that I found alarming, especially as it was never that red on my old washed out copies on my old washed out telly. More like a pale pink. Bodie, I've come late to discovering, likes a loud shirt.

Weirdly, a chappie showed up wearing exactly the same outfit in The Sweeney, or was it Minder? They all sort of ran together. Especially The Sweeney, which is now up to 1977 so it really did follow seamlessly from the Profs as all the cars and fashions (for want of a better term) are the same. This time George gets involved with the bird of a minor villain who has since vanished. She gets George to try and exhume the case, exhume being the operative word as the body does indeed surface, so Regan follows the crims, keeping George in the dark about the hornet's nest he's stirred up, and there's a big shoot out scene and harsh words are exchanged, but at the end, Regan pulls over and offers George a lift, which George accepts, so all is forgiven. The bird, like all good 70s birds, is, by this stage, completely out of the picture.

Minder was just silly, but that's Minder for you.

Sharpe. Saturday saw Sharpe having his Revenge. Sunday saw an older Sharpe off to India for a bit of Bollywood. Yep, Sharpe's Challenge. On tv. Here. Imagine.

I must admit, nothing made me happier than seeing Sharpe ride onto the screen in his rifle green. Ah, Sharpie, how I've missed ya. There was Wellington, and sneering Simmerson and ever faithful Harper. Toby Stephenson was lacking only a moustache to twirl and the women were either simpering or evil (it's very retro like that). It was amusing to try and pick which bit was from which book, and the mashed up plot was kind of, well, mashed, and I do wonder at the folks just tuning in not aware of the back story, as it certainly presumes a familiarity with Sharpe, perhaps a little too much as there had not been an episode for a decade. Never mind. Sharpe was back, still Sharpe (no pointless revisionism here), and it was authentically dusty and colourful and the bad guys were bad and the good guys good. Plain, simple but jolly good entertainment. And Mister Sharpe still does the business in the swoony stakes, trust me.

Dear Richard - so glad to have you back, just one more time.

Meanwhile, I've renewed my obession with New Order's Here To Stay, playing it over and over and over. Weirdly, it was my muse several years ago. And yesterday it seems. And today, too, had I not lost my fic book and disk - arrrgh! Please don't make me have to re-write those scenes. I won't be able to. It was the time and place. Damn and blast.

Sigh. In an almost cruel irony, it's really quiet today. Great for a bit of typing, only I've nothing to type. And I'm too distressed to write anything further. Please, please, let it just be lying on my bedroom floor, and not anywhere else. Please, please, please. I'm not usually so careless, I was just tired after yesterday. I won't be able to write those scenes again. Rehash them, a bit, maybe, but it won't be the same. It never is.

It was all about Sam and Gene being next to each other, but so far apart. Sam is all closed off and aloof, wrapped up in his own world, and quite cold to Gene, and it's quietly killing Gene, but he won't say anything, because real 70s coppers don't get their hearts broken.

Oh, and I've just read that EvilChannelNine won't be playing any more of Rome, so my week will be even more Titus free than I anticipated.

No luck in the dvd shop for anything I wanted (typical), but I did pic up a magazine with some nice pics of Daniel Craig Squee!

Oh yeah, my coz is sending pics of her kids and I'm squeeing over a magazine. Sadly, my family duties left no room for having one of my own, though I suspect being fat, ugly and opinionated are the main reasons why I find myself so bitterly alone, and always expected never to have a life (or want one) when asked to make sacrifices. Duty and service, such is my existence. And, on rare occasions, enlivened by a few seconds of squee, just to prove I do have a pulse. And now I must work, as I'm not expected to have lunch breaks, either.
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