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Arrrgh! WTF does Channel Nine think it's playing at? First they squish two episodes together, then they hack it further to fit in copious ads, resulting in about 70 minutes being lost, and most of that was Titus. Insert gnashing and wailing here. Mark, Brutus, Octavian, Octavia and even Pompey were reduced to mere cameo roles and plot? What plot.

I say again: WTF?

So, can anyone tell me which of the R1 and R2 Rome dvds is superior? I read that the UK version was cut but the US version was dubbed. Can somebody release a director's cut? Please?

And there we are, Titus free viewing last night. Hiss! Weirdly though, although all the Titus scenes I'd come to know and love were cut, there was one scene they left in with happened to feature Titus which I'd not seen before. Somebody needs to splice it all back together. At least Lucius, in his brief appearance, has his brogue back :)

Poor Lucius. His family were so happy so see him - not. You can just see the kid's thoughts: "OMG, he's ginger!" If I were Lucius, I'd be worrying about how none of his kids look even vaguely like him.

Meanwhile: no Titus. Grizzle. Grump. Pout. It was like watching SGA with all of McKay's scenes cut out. And do they not realise it's meant to be Rome through the eyes of Titus. Some private school wanker at EC9 obviously thought Rome was much improved by the removal of the quarrelsome pleb.

Now you know why I call Channel Nine evil. Hate. Loathe. Despise.

Sigh. And I was so hoping for a night night of classical male bonding. As a friend pointed out, Lucius always seems somewhat fond of Titus, despite himself. He may snap and snarl, but he'll let Titus bleed all over the kitchen table, and that's where friendship really counts.

I suspect Lucius has been ogling that mighty tower of man meat for goodness knows how long (well, it had been 7 years and however many days since his last conjugal visit - he was keeping count) :) Oh yes. He sends a rescue party to drag Titus back into the lines, he mutes what should be an immediate execution into a flogging and he picks Titus for what should have been a long and winding mission for the most spurious of reasons. Oh yeah, total man crush there. He also lets Titus get away with being ever so cheeky and only really corrects him when there are other people around and he senses they might be offended to see an underling give such cheek. Sets a bad example, and all that.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd get a bollocking for suggesting Sam was, as Simm himself has said, a bit of a prick. Not so. For as much as we love the boy, he is a hard nasty bastard.

There's not much to like about Sam MKI, pre 1973, if you'll excuse me getting my tenses in a tangle, all the snotty and my way or the highway 'tude and none of the giggles. Sam is extraordinarily cold and dismissive of Maya as well as everybody else, and seems to find emotional displays distasteful. He's the walking embodiment of his kitchen: all cold steel and sharp edges. Look, but don't touch, and never, ever make a mess. Is this the real Sam, or a creature of his own creation? Either way, he's a bit of a shit.

Also, as pointed out, Sam getting involved with an immediately subordinate officer seems a strange thing to do for someone who stresses that they are so very by the book. What is amusing is that, Gene aside, Sam seems to have a taste for underlings. Must be grease for that prickly ego of his.

It was also pointed out that Sam sets great store by his cleverness and its not so much the law of the land that he subscribes to, but the law the way he sees it should be done. It's not so much The Law as The Law According To Sam Tyler and the correct procedures thereof. Sam has reached DCI by being clever, and not just intellectually, but I suspect con man sharp like his father, too, and he prides himself on his intellectual feat of reaching his rank. Sam is very precious about being the smart kid on the block, he is always drawing attention to it, reminding Gene that he's the clever one with the gay boy science. It must be shattering when the dumb prehistoric coppers he sneers at actually get results just by being street savvy and actually knowing their manor.

Then there's the thought that if Sam does unwind in the 70s, will that be a good or bad thing? Sam needs to untwist, but will he blow? And can Gene hold onto him, given Gene's somewhat poor performance in wrangling completely off his nut gun waving Sam in #8?

It's always the quiet ones. I can't help it, but at times I think of Sam going completely darkside, not unlike young Willow whenever she stopped behaving herself. Sam has thirty years of repression waiting to blow, and he obviously doesn't know how to deal with it, having bottled everything up at age four. Much like his job, he just doesn't have the self imposed discipline to keep control once he lets the brake off. He's an all or nothing kind of guy, and considering he's shown every evidence of being Vic's son, if not even worse, I shudder to think. And I'm not merely thinking of of him being nasty, corrupt, or the binge drinking he seems to be indulging in (no half measures for our Sammy) but also his sanity. Okay, what sanity, and that is the question, but I was just reading a bit in D&P where Pascoe was accused of prefering intellectual to emotional because it was the only way he could do his job and stay sane. Much the same with Sam, I suspect. But if he suddenly starts feeling things and deeply, if the hits like Joni and Vic keep coming, how long before he breaks? I mean really breaks, not the short bursts of weeping or temper we've seen so far.

Gene is a good friend, but just how much control he keep Sam under, how much mess could he tidy, considering what happened in #8? Sam has blown up, and really shocked Gene, and I get the horrible feeling that Gene ain't seen nothing yet. When Sam goes, really goes, he's going to blot out the sun. He'll go up like Krakatoa.

Either that or he'll just slide into drink and hookers and the like, with no real compunction to apply the breaks, because he's convinced it isn't real.

But it's not all doom and gloom (as much as I enjoy great dollops of angst). Hopefully Gene will continue to steer Sam as best he can on a steady course. Hopefully Sam will continue to learn how to trust and use his emotions and to think outside the rulebook. Hopefully Gene will continue to act as a guide for Sam in the mad 70s safari park he's ended up in (please keep all doors and windows locked).

For Gene, though, I think the price to pay is almost worth it. Borrowing from Dorinda's thoughts now, I do think Sam's arrival has been a literal awakening for Gene. Suddenly Gene has a confidant, a partner, not an underling. Someone Gene isn't afraid to show his weaknesses to (and what trust that shows, for a man like Gene to confide some of his deep secrets and fears). Sam, for all his arrogance, does actually bring new, workable and effective ideas into the CID and Gene, bless him, isn't too proud or hardnosed to try them, especially once he sees that Sam's mad ideas can work (there was a warming up period, I will admit, though he was pretty quick off the mark in dragging Sam down to the pub).

Even though Sam struggles against losing hope, and he walks on the very edge most episodes, I think agree that he has brought some new light into Gene's life, shining lights into dark corners and making Gene question why he does what he does. Sam, if nothing else, seems to have kicked up Gene's enthusiasm for getting the job done (rather than just going through the motions, much as Sam was), which is demonstrated in press coverage of their successes. They seem to have found a new purpose in each other, and, for Sam at least, a sense of fun. How sweet it is to see two lonely jaded guys bond and forge a formidable team. Certainly there are clashes, but together, shoulder to shoulder, with Gene's heart and Sam's science, they are something to behold (and how bloody classic is that slash pairing, I mean, really. K/S, anyone?).

Dorinda also mention the Whittaker song and her thoughts on how it relates to a disillusioned Gene. I'm wondering if the song wasn't as much about Sam, as Gene, and how far Sam had fallen, particulary in that episode with the money and cigars and hokkers, from the child he was in the photograph.

Btw, I know I just rehashed an email or two here, but I'm a thrashed wee bunny and the cut and paste buttons are my friends.

So, Sam, hero, bastard, confused guy? Journey, destiny, coma, death? Maybe it's all just karmic justice on account of Sam being such a prick - grin.

If so, what on earth have I done to deserve this week, because I'm sure it's the sort of thing I'd remember. I feel somewhat...buffeted. Especially today. I'm like that slave Octavian so casually slaps for being clumsy. I don't know why the actors feel compelled to explain that's how things were. That's how things are, or are they not aware how life is like on the slapped minion side of things? I do, trust me on this.

Btw, very happy with the Ray interviews in the press this week, even if EC9 cut all his lines from the actual show. I was bemused to learn that he was convinced into acting by a drunk Aussie. See, we can be useful for something - grin.

Okay, karma's buttmonkey this week. That site I put in all that insane unpaid overtime? Ain't going live afterall. Picture me like Titus, just sitting in the arena, not wanting to play any more. Btw, for those who watched Rome last night on Channel Nine, this is what Titus looks like.
How TV is wiping out the movies--again
Interview : Ray Stevenson
There's no place like Rome
Flesh and blood to Caesar’s script,23663,20444596-5007183,00.html
Empire strikes back§ionname=rome
Top Gear presenter hurt in accident
TV presenter critical after crash
Top Gear's Hammond critically injured
'Top Gear' presenter in 300mph jet-car crash
Celts descended from Spanish fishermen, study finds
Dinosaur's reputation challenged
'Lucy's baby' found in Ethiopia
Convict rations,,3-2367948,00.html
Man-made toxins are found in even the best diets

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